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Rent a car in Georgia

Rent a Car in Georgia

On-Demand Delivery, 24/7 Across The UAE. No deposit required. 

Freedom. Simplified.

How to Rent a Car in Georgia?

Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, is a city that is full of surprises. With its mix of old and new, East and West, Tbilisi is a fascinating place to explore. From the bustling markets to the leafy parks, there is something for everyone in this vibrant city.

When renting a car in Tbilisi, Georgia, you will need to have your driver's license and a credit card. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of the rental agreement carefully before signing. When you arrive at the rental car agency, you will need to show your driver's license and credit card. You will then be given a key to the car and a map of the area. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the controls of the car before driving away.

When returning the car, be sure to fill up the tank with gasoline and return the car with the same amount of gas that it had when you picked it up. You will also need to return the key to the rental car agency.


eZhire rent a car in Georgia

eZhire is a car rental service that is perfect for those who are visiting Tbilisi, Georgia. With eZhire, you can easily rent a car in Georgia and have it delivered to your location. eZhire offers a variety of cars, including sedans, SUVs, and luxury cars.

eZhire is the perfect car rental service for those who want convenience and affordability. With eZhire, you can easily find the perfect car for your needs and budget. Reserve your car today and enjoy your trip to Tbilisi, Georgia!

How to rent a car in Georgia

Why Rent A Car with eZhire?

No Security Deposit
Our customers don't need to provide a deposit and we offer the most competitive prices in the region.
On-demand Delivery
We'll deliver to your location within a couple of hours–registered, insured and ready to drive.
Large Fleet
We offer a wide and diverse fleet of cars ranging from a Mitsubishi Attrage to a Rolls Royce.
Dedicated Support
Our 24/7 customer support team is always ready to help with roadside assistance, extension, returns, and more.
How To Book

On The App

  • 01 Choose your car
  • 02 Tell us how long you want it for
  • 03 Add your documents
  • 04 Input delivery location
  • 05 Select add-ons
  • 06 Confirm order

Choose car


tell us how long you want it for






Ad ons









What documents do you need to rent a car in Georgia?


Georgia Driving Licence
Georgia ID
Credit Card


International Driving Licence
Valid Georgia Visa
Credit Card

Rent a car on Self Drive in Georgia

There are plenty of reasons to rent a car and drive yourself while in Georgia.

First, it's a great way to see the countryside. Georgians are known for their hospitality, and there's no better way to experience it than by chatting with locals while on a road trip.

Second, rental cars are affordable and can be found throughout the country. And finally, self-driving gives you the freedom to go where you want, when you want – without being restricted by someone else's schedule. So if you're looking for an adventure, rent a car in Georgia and hit the open road!

Rent a car with driver in Georgia

There are many reasons to rent a car with driver in Georgia. Some of the top reasons include convenience, safety, and time savings.

When you rent a car with a driver in Georgia, you can relax and enjoy the ride while someone else takes care of the driving. This can be especially helpful if you are unfamiliar with the area or if you are on a tight schedule.

Additionally, having a driver can provide an added level of safety while you are on the road. If you are looking to save time while in Georgia, renting a car with a driver is a great option.

Rent a car with driver or self drive in Georgia

Rent a car - Tbilisi Airport

If you're looking to rent a car from Tbilisi Airport in Georgia, there are a few things you should know before you go. First, the airport is located about 17 kilometers outside of the city center, so it can be a bit of a trek to get there. Second, there are a limited number of rental car companies available at the airport, so it's important to book in advance if you want to be sure to get what you want.

Despite these considerations, renting a car from Tbilisi Airport is still a great way to see all that Georgia has to offer. The roads are well-maintained and relatively easy to navigate, and with a car, you can explore some of the smaller villages and towns that are off the beaten path. So if you're planning on visiting Georgia, renting a car from Tbilisi Airport is the way to go.

β€œI never realized ordering a rental car could be so simple."

Check our reviews given by our valuable customers after using eZhire to order a car.

β€œBest rental car app ever! custom service and readiness to accommodate unlike any other rental companies I've ever dealt with. they send someone to pick you up right at the airport terminal and drop you off as well. and NO time wasted with pick up and drop off, altogether 10 minutes experience.”
Joseph Anderson
Joseph Anderson
β€œFrom the beginning to the end it was a great experience. I was a bit hesitant how to rent the car , where to rent car, one of my friends has recommended me eZhire and I decided to try it and I am very happy its an excellent rent a car app. Their car was nice and clean. I will definitely be coming back.”
Maria J. Salmon
Maria J. Salmon
β€œAmazing Service Check out eZhire car app before renting a vehicle anywhere. Best rental experience I have ever used. Convinced my colleague to rent on our trip after one ride. Excellent company!”
Liam Williams
Liam Williams
β€œThis was our first time using eZhire and won't be the last. Pick up and drop of the car was so easy. Communication with eZhire customer support team was great. The response time of texts emails was prompt. Price of rental and quality of the car was amazing. If you want to rent a new and clean car, it's the only way to go!”
Alex Wison
Alex Wison
β€œThe cars are phenomenal! It's stress-free, receiving the vehicle you actually chose while not waiting in line. They're professional and allow me to feel safe with their cleaning procedures.”
Juhi Arora
Juhi Arora
β€œI rented an infinity Q 50 for my daughter's 6th Birthday. Its my daughter's favorite car so it was really great to be able to experience her dream car. The car was clean and fast, it was so luxury. The rent was very affordable, with no deposit and no stress to go any shop, just downloaded the app and order the car, the app was great.”
Ronnie Schacht
Ronnie Schacht
β€œeZhire made hiring a car easy and enjoyable. The car selection is great and the price is very fair. Pick up and drop off was much easier than a traditional rental car company delivery option is also available, recommended”
Mark Watts
Mark Watts
β€œI have had such an amazing experience by their vehicle delivery in 25minutes, The car was extremely well managed with the latest model and features and their app is very easy to use and loved their quick responses. I would definitely recommend this to each and every tourist visiting Dubai.”
shahaz Official
shahaz Official
β€œGreat app and very good customer service, they always really helpful anytime I need to rent a car, they always answer my queries and I must appreciate the team of customer service. The prices are reasonable and the app has all options to manage the rental from booking to delivery and collection options, highly recommended.”
yash joshi
Yash Joshi
β€œI never thought about to book and rent a car can be so easy and simple, I absolutely love eZhire. I have so many choices of different cars from small to big and they have discount offers on monthly rental so I booked the Nissan Sentra for one month and the App was so easy to use, one can book a rental car anywhere anytime. Highly recommended!”
Paris Joy
Paris Joy

Renting a car in Georgia - What To Know?

What is eZhire? eZhire makes it easy for you to get a rental car β€” from ordering and delivery to customer service and extension, our app features are powerful alone, but they're even better together. No deposit required.
How is eZhire different from traditional car rental?

At eZhire, we don't require customers to provide a deposit on any car rental. This makes it easy and convenient for our customers to get the car they need when they need it.

We're committed to making your car rental experience as frictionless as possible.

That's why we don't require a deposit when you rent with us. We believe that deposits for car rental are a thing of the past, and we're excited to offer our customers a simpler way to rent.

eZhire offers the fastest delivery, anywhere, on-demand, 24/7 as well as free pickup from one of our many locations in the UAE.

When you're planning a trip, the last thing you want to worry about is transportation. With eZhire, you can easily order a car rental online, so you can focus on what matters most: enjoying your trip.

We're breaking down the barriers to car rental for as many people as possible. By making it more affordable and accessible, we're opening up new opportunities for everyone.

eZhire wants to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to order a car, regardless of their background.

We believe that everyone deserves the chance to enjoy the freedom of the open road.

Unlike traditional car rental companies, we accept debit cards as payment for ordering a car.

How do I order a car rental?

You can order a car rental on the eZhire app, and get it delivered, on-demand. The app offers an easy way to compare prices and find the best deal for your needs. You can also order a car for as little as one day or for as many months as you like. So if you need a car for a short trip, or if you're planning a longer vacation, the eZhire app has you covered. Plus, there's no need to worry about hidden fees or add-ons; all of our rates are upfront and transparent. No deposit required. 

Can I extend my order?

You can absolutely extend your rental from the app. In fact, I always recommend that people do it ahead of time to avoid any possible issues.

However, please keep in mind that you have to do it at least 3 hours before the end of your rental. That way, you're not left scrambling if something comes up. For more, please check out the extension and collection policy.

Can I make an order and get it delivered at night? Yes, our delivery service is available 24/7. Simply order your car through the app, and choose the delivery time that works best for you. We'll take care of the rest!
How long does delivery take? It usually takes a couple of hours for your rental car to be delivered. You can track the delivery on the app.
Do I need to be present during the delivery of vehicle? Yes, you will need to be present when we deliver your car. We will need to confirm your identification in order to complete the delivery. Thank you for your cooperation!
Can I pick up the car? Yes, you can pick up your vehicle from one of our many locations for free.

Do you want to rent a car in Georgia?

Don't worry, we have got you covered. Check out our available cars here.