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Eye Test Centers for Driving License in Abu Dhabi
Tamsila AliJan 10, 2024 7 min read

Best Eye Test Centers for Driving License in Abu Dhabi

Table of Content

Acquiring a driving license in Abu Dhabi hinges on a critical requirement: a thorough eye examination. The imperative nature of clear vision in upholding road safety renders the eye test an indispensable stage. 

This blog serves as a compass, aiding individuals by underlining the significance of these tests and furnishing insights into leading assessment centers in Abu Dhabi. Given the paramount importance of road safety, ensuring optimal vision stands as a necessity. This comprehensive guide accentuates the precision of vision evaluations and the accessibility of various testing locations.

It endeavors to assist driving license applicants in Abu Dhabi in discovering the finest eye test centers. Delve into the article for a seamless and triumphant driving license pursuit.


Importance of Eye Tests for Driving License

importance of Eye Test

Under Abu Dhabi regulations, an eye test stands as a mandatory step in securing a driving license. Stringent visual acuity and field of vision criteria, set by authorities, prioritize road safety. These assessments gauge the ability to discern details, estimate distances, and react swiftly while driving.

The pivotal role of eye health in accident prevention and fostering secure driving practices cannot be overstated. 

Optimal vision is fundamental for identifying road signs, anticipating dangers, and making prompt, precise decisions on the road. Upholding these benchmarks is the authorities' commitment to reducing risks, and ensuring a safer driving environment for all. 

Routine eye check-ups not only fulfill legal prerequisites but also significantly enhance personal safety and communal well-being.

Criteria for Selecting Eye Test Centers

When choosing the right eye test center for a driving license in Abu Dhabi, several key factors should be considered. Firstly, how close the center is to your location matters greatly for easy access during the testing process. It ensures convenience for applicants.

Secondly, it's crucial to confirm that the center is accredited and follows Abu Dhabi's driving license regulations, ensuring they meet the required standards.

Equally important is assessing whether certified optometrists and advanced diagnostic equipment are available. This indicates the center's ability to perform thorough and precise eye exams meeting the official requirements for driving license applicants.

Lastly, taking into account feedback from previous applicants through reviews offers valuable insights into the center's reliability and efficiency. 

Taking these factors into account aids in making a well-informed decision, ensuring that you choose the most appropriate eye test center to meet your requirements for a driving license in Abu Dhabi.

Top  3 Eye Test Centers in Abu Dhabi

Best Eye Test Centers for Driving License in Abu Dhabi

In Abu Dhabi, whenever you're renewing or getting a new driving license, there's a mandatory eye test that drivers need to take.

While there are plenty of spots where you can do this test in the city, it's super important to pick one of the eye test centers that got the thumbs-up from the RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) specifically for driving licenses in Abu Dhabi.

These places differ in how good they are and where they're located. To make your decision-making easier, we've gathered a list of the coolest RTA-approved eye test centers in Abu Dhabi.

This list spills the beans on stuff like where these centers are placed for your Abu Dhabi driving license eye test when they're open for business, and what services they've got in store for you. Armed with this info, you can pick the eye test center that fits your needs and timetable the best.

1. Yateem Groups 

Yateem Group stands out as an excellent option for getting your driving license eye test done in Abu Dhabi. They provide a diverse range of international eyewear brands and have been in the business since 1910. Operating nearly 100 outlets across the GCC, their goal is to introduce high-quality eyewear brands to the residents in this region.

  • Address:
    Hamdan Bin Mohammed St, Zone 1, Abu Dhabi
  • Operating Hours:
    Open every day from 10 am to 10 pm
  • Contact:
    Phone: +971568995205
  • Website:

2. Al Jaber Optical

  • Address:
    Abu Dhabi Mall, Abu Dhabi
  • Operating Hours:
    Sunday to Thursday: 10 am to 10 pm
    Friday to Saturday: 10 am to 12 am
  • Contact:
    Phone: +97126456111
  • Website:
    Al Jaber

Al Jaber Optical is another remarkable choice, having served since 1982 and gaining recognition for delivering exceptional eye care services in Abu Dhabi.

They act as a comprehensive destination for all your vision care necessities, showcasing a wide selection of high-quality eyewear. Their services extend beyond mere eye tests; they also provide specialized eye testing and vision prescriptions to enhance your eyesight.

Plus, they've got services like fitting contact lenses, consultations for eye surgeries, and helping out those with low vision. If you want an optical store with seasoned pros and a bunch of services, Al Jaber Optical is a great choice.

3. Vision Express 

  • Address:
    Dalma Mall, Abu Dhabi
  • Operating Hours:
    Sunday to Thursday: 10 am to 10 pm
    Friday to Saturday: 10 am to 12 am
  • Contact:
    Phone: +97126120765
  • Website:
        Vision Express

Vision Express stands as a spot in Abu Dhabi where you not only get your eyes tested but also discover trendy eye gear. Given the RTA's approval, they're genuinely reliable. Alongside eye examinations, they provide a diverse selection of products including sunglasses, reading glasses, contact lenses, and more.

Their eye test journey unfolds across four stages, making it a cool experience to dive deeper into understanding your vision. 

First stop: the eye checkup. Then the exciting part kicks in – choosing your snazzy new glasses! After that, they ensure those glasses fit you just perfectly. Finally, it's time to pick up your brand-new eyewear.

Throughout this journey, they're your guides, providing all the necessary information and guidance to keep your eyes healthy. Whether it's about getting stylish glasses or looking after your eye health, they aim to help you make the best choices tailored to your needs.

Preparation Tips and Expected Expenses for Eye Tests for Driving License in Abu Dhabi

Here's a practical guide to help you prepare beforehand and understand what to expect during the eye examination process:

Preparation Tips:

  • Essential Documents: Don't forget your Emirates ID and any previous eye test reports.
  • Give Your Eyes a Break: Refrain from prolonged screen use the night before the test to reduce eye strain.

  • Eyewear Consideration: If you typically use contact lenses, think about opting for glasses since certain centers might ask you to take off your lenses during the test.

  • Reading Test: Assessing your vision by reading letters or symbols from varying distances.

  • Side Vision Check: Verifying your peripheral vision for safe driving.

  • Color Vision Test: Ensuring proper color perception, is crucial for recognizing traffic signals.

  • Eye Health Examination: Special tools might be used to check the health of your eyes.


Expected Expenses:

  • Eye Test Costs: Eye test fees for a driving license in Abu Dhabi typically range from [AED 100]. However, prices may vary among different test centers.

  • Expectations and Results: Pass/Fail Outcome: Immediate notification of passing or need for corrective measures like glasses.

  • Advice Provided: If glasses are required, the optometrist will issue a prescription.

    Moving Forward: Upon passing the test, continue with your driving license application.

    Otherwise, follow the given advice and reattempt the test.

Remember to bring the required documents, rest your eyes before the test, and prepare for various vision assessments during the examination. Best of luck with your eye test!


Q1. Where can I find eye test centers for a driving license in Abu Dhabi?

A.Eye test centers are located throughout Abu Dhabi. Check local directories or online platforms for centers near you.

2. What documents should I carry for the eye test?

A. Ensure you have your Emirates ID and any previous eye test reports.

Q3. Are there any specific criteria for selecting an eye test center?

A. Consider factors like the center's proximity, accreditation, presence of certified optometrists, advanced equipment, and positive reviews from previous applicants.

Q4. What costs can I expect for the eye test for a driving license in Abu Dhabi?

A. Eye test fees for a driving license in Abu Dhabi may vary among different centers. Prices typically range from [cost range here].

Q5. How will I know if I've passed the eye test?

A. You'll receive immediate notification of your test results. If glasses are required, the optometrist will issue a prescription.

Q6: How can I confirm if I've passed the eye test?

A. You'll get instant notification of your test results. If you need glasses, the optometrist will prescribe them accordingly."


This guide has navigated through the importance of these assessments, the criteria for selecting reliable test centers, and highlighted top-rated eye test centers in Abu Dhabi approved by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

By adhering to essential preparation tips and understanding the expected costs, applicants can approach their driving license eye test confidently. Remember, optimal vision not only fulfills regulatory requirements but also significantly enhances personal safety on the road. Choosing the right eye test center aligned with your needs is crucial for a successful driving license application process. Good luck with your eye test and safe driving endeavors ahead.