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If you want to comfortable and convenient travel between cities in the UAE, our drop-off service is the one for you.

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Tamsila AliApr 26, 2023 6 min read

How to Pass Your Driving Test in UAE: A Comprehensive Guide

Table of Contents Obtaining a UAE Driving License Preparing for the Driving Test in UAE ...
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Tamsila AliApr 24, 2023 6 min read

Abu Dhabi Driving Test Tips: Common Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Table of Contents Driving Test Preparation in Abu Dhabi Common mistakes during the test ...
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Tamsila AliMar 29, 2023 10 min read

Need To Check Driving License Online In The UAE? Here’s How.

Table of contents  How to check your driving license status online in the UAE What to do ...
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Tamsila AliMar 27, 2023 10 min read

Ultimate Guide: Getting an International Driving License in the UAE

Table of contents  Obtaining an International Driving License in the UAE Benefits of an ...
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Tamsila AliMar 20, 2023 8 min read

How To Renew Your Dubai Driving License in 2023

Table of contents  Importance of renewing your driving license on time Steps involved in ...
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Tamsila AliMar 15, 2023 11 min read

Getting a Dubai Driving License in 2023 - Everything You Need to Know

Table of contents Types of Driving Licenses What is the Cost of a Driving License in ...
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Tamsila AliMar 7, 2023 13 min read

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Get an Abu Dhabi Driving License

Table of contents  
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Tamsila AliJan 20, 2023 7 min read

Driving Adventures in Dubai: 4 Things You Must Add to Your List

Introduction Dubai is a city that is known for its luxury, glamour, and adventure. With ...
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Tamsila AliDec 5, 2022 3 min read

Top 6 Reasons People Fail the Driving Test in Dubai - eZhire

Even though it’s easy to drive in Dubai, passing the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) ...
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Tamsila AliOct 21, 2022 2 min read

How to convert an existing Driving License to Dubai Driving License

Find out how to exchange your non-Emirates Driving License for an Emirates License:
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