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Parking in Sharjah
Tamsila AliMar 16, 2023 6 min read

Guide to Parking in Sharjah: SMS Parking Timing, Rules, and Violations

How to Pay for Parking in Sharjah via SMS 

There is an outstanding infrastructure and business opportunities in Sharjah, the most populous and largest UAE city. Although the higher authorities of the city cover extra miles to hasten the parking system, finding a parking slot in Sharjah can be challenging due to its heavy traffic.

To request parking in Sharjah via SMS, send a text to 5566 using the following format:

Plate source <plate number> <duration>.

Example: SHJ 1234 1

If you would like to receive a virtual permit in Arabic, start your message with the letter "A". For example, instead of typing "SHJ 1234 1", type "A SHJ 1234 1". Send your SMS to 5566 and wait for a confirmation message. This message will serve as your virtual parking permit and should not be deleted.

Parking your car in Sharjah is strenuous, but the city has 5,000+ paid parking spaces in different localities. The Sharjah Municipal Corporation imposes hefty fines and penalties for violating parking laws. A convenient parking system is continually being developed by the authorities to make it easier for car drivers to park. A touchless payment method for parking in Sharjah has made life easier for drivers.


If you’re a resident of Sharjah, here is your complete guide to parking in Sharjah. This guide will give you valuable insights into avoiding Sharjah parking fines and penalties.

Here you can review traffic fines in Sharjah.

Parking Options in Sharjah

Sharjah offers both free and paid parking solutions to facilitate drivers. Usually, parking in Sharjah is a paid service 8 am to 10 pm, Saturday to Thursday. The city has adopted a three-day weekend of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Paid parking timing in Sharjah remains unchanged even during the weekend shifts. Parking services in Sharjah are only free on Fridays, except in the zones with blue information signs. Parking services in Sharjah are also free on special occasions and public holidays.



Long-Term Parking Options in Sharjah

Sharjah authorities also offer long-term parking options. You can get a “Parking Subscription” from the official website of the Sharjah City Municipality. By using the Sharjah airport parking facility, you can park your car for 24 hours to 30 days. But to enjoy the long-term parking facilities in Sharjah, you need to be travelling by air from the same airport. 

You may expect to pay AED-2000 for parking your cars at Sharjah airport parking facilities for 30 days.

If you rent a car in Sharjah, and you happen to incur a parking fine, rental companies such as eZhire will be notified by the concerned authority, and they will settle the fine on your behalf.

Major Paid Parking Zones in Sharjah

The emirate has more than 5,000 paid parking spaces in different localities. Some major Sharjah parking zones include:

  • Umm Al Tarafa

  • Al Ghuwair

  • Inner Streets in AI Shuwaihean

  • Al Nabaa

  • Areas of Al Ghuwair

  • Al Majarah

  • Samana

  • Al Zahra Street in Al Musalla

  • Semnan

  • Areas of Al Jubail

  • Al Marija Street in Al Marija  

  • Al Khuzaimah

  • Areas of Al Jubail

  • Halwan

  • Al Abar

  • Al Mahata

  • Al Munakh

  • Du Dang

  • Al IIya


Parking Facilities in Sharjah

Sharjah has different parking facilities to help drivers find suitable slots to park their vehicles. The common parking facilities in Sharjah include:

  • Multi-Storey Car Parks

Sharjah Municipal Corporation claims the city has 8 multi-storey car parks in 6 Al Majaz districts, Al Soor, Al Jarafah, and Al Qassimia. This type of parking facility aims to solve the lack of parking spaces, especially in the older parts of the city.

  • Underground Parking

Sharjah also has underground parking facilities to accommodate more vehicles during the immense traffic.

Parking Rates in Sharjah

Sharjah parking fees depend on the location of your parking facility and the duration you're parking for. In Sharjah, you can pay parking fees per hour using different parking machines located throughout the city.

Time (Hours)

Payment (AED)










What is the best way to pay for parking in Sharjah?

You can use the following ways to pay your parking charges in Sharjah:

  • Parking Machine

You will find several physical parking machines throughout the city to pay and print charged parking tickets. These machines take 1 to 500 AED coins to pay your charges and print the ticket.

  • Website

You can use the official website of the Sharjah Municipal Corporation to pay your parking car subscription charges. You just need to follow the following procedure:

  • Visit the official website and navigate to the "Smart Service" page.

  • Go to “Public Parking Department Services”.

  • Select “Parking Subscription” and sign up for a user account.

  • Follow the steps and pay your parking charges.


Bank Account

You can use your registered bank account to pay your annual, semi-annual, and quarterly parking subscription charges in Sharjah. You can use any bank account registered and working in the UAE to pay directly from your debit card.

SMS Parking in Sharjah

Pay by SMS parking is a cashless parking facility, making life simpler for drivers. This intelligent parking solution allows you to pay for your parking free through a registered UAE number by sending an SMS.

When you send a message, your credit card or post-paid mobile bill will be charged for a virtual parking permit in Sharjah. The Sharjah parking SMS service is only available to Etisalat and DU subscribers.

The following steps can be taken to create a Sharjah parking SMS:

  • The source of the plate (space), the plate number (space), and the duration of the plate.

  • Type "A" as the first word if you want your parking permit in Arabic.

  • Send your SMS to the number 5566 to purchase your virtual permit.

The virtual parking permit in Sharjah will be issued to you once you have completed these steps.

sharjah parking sms


Conditions for Sharjah Parking SMS

When you use SMS parking services, Sharjah Municipal Corporation imposes the following terms and conditions:

  • The balance in your account must be sufficient to prevent a "Transaction Failed" error.

  • For each SMS, Sharjah parking SMS services charge 38 fils.

  • There is only a one-hour extension available for SMS parking bookings. The parking rates will automatically be calculated if you neglect the time duration.

Rules and Regulations for Parking in Sharjah

The Sharjah Municipal Corporation imposes strict rules and regulations for its parking facilities. If you violate these laws, it may result in the following penalties and fines:

  •  500-AED for washing your car in parking areas.

  •  1000-AED for purchasing a parking spot without a driving license.

  •  1000-AED for parking in handicapped reserved parking facilities.

  •  500-AED for misusing any equipment in parking facilities.

  •  100-AED for exceeding the specific parking time.

  • ·150-AED for not purchasing a parking ticket.

Tips for Avoiding Parking Fines and Penalties in Sharjah

  • Don’t Park your cars at spots reserved for people of determination.

  • Avoid double parking.

  • Maintain the designated lines when parking your cars.

  • Avoid parking in front of a bus stop.




Q1: How do I pay for parking in Sharjah?

Answer: You can use physical machines, a bank account, or Sharjah Parking SMS to pay your parking subscription charges.


Q2: How do I extend my parking time through SMS parking in Sharjah?

Answer: Reply with "Y" to the confirmation SMS from 5566 to extend your parking for another hour.


Q3: What is the maximum duration for parking in a single spot in Sharjah?

Answer: At Sharjah airport, you can park your car for 30 days in a paid parking facility.


Q4: What should I do if I lose my parking ticket in Sharjah?

Answer: You will have to pay a fine of AED 150 for not showing your parking ticket in Sharjah.



The Sharjah Municipal Corporation imposes strict parking laws for the citizens. Violating the Sharjah parking rule and regulations can result in heavy fines and penalties. You can use Sharjah Parking's SMS service or parking machines to pay your parking fees.

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