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The list of Dubai RTA fines you must know 
Tamsila Ali21/10/22 15:45

The List of Dubai RTA Fines You Should Know

Before renting a car in Dubai, it's crucial to familiarize yourself with the city's strict traffic rules and regulations. In this article, we'll cover all the essential information you need to know about traffic fines in Dubai.
The Roads and Transportation Authority (RTA) are highly efficient in implementing traffic rules and regulations. To avoid fines, it's important to be aware of your surroundings and always follow the rules while driving in the Emirate. This ensures the safety of all road users. It's essential to familiarize yourself with important Dubai Traffic fines to avoid any violations.
By familiarizing yourself with these rules and regulations, you can ensure a safe and smooth driving experience in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. So, before you rent a car in Dubai, be sure to check out our guide to UAE traffic fines.

Salik  Fines

Salik  Fines in Dubai

The Salik tag is a sticker that needs to be placed on the windshield of your car. Salik tags can be bought online or one can buy them from the petrol stations in Dubai, the government has mandated that Salik be used for all road transportation. It is important for all road users to comply with regulations such as taxis, courier services, rental companies, retail delivery, and car and bus rentals in the UAE. All of them must have these stickers. Each vehicle is identified when it crosses the Salik toll plaza.

Salik Dubai uses the Radio or RFID Frequency Identification technology to charge toll fees. All road users must purchase a Salik tag and RFID installed at various Salik toll points to detect and scan it.

Whenever your car passes through a Salik gate, the fee will be deducted from your prepaid toll account automatically.  Additionally, Salik account holders have to pay for each trip through toll points.

Speed limit


speed limit in Dubai


Always make sure that your speed limit is according to the traffic sign boards. Over-speeding not only causes you to pay fines and penalties as well as it’s also risky for your life. The general speed limit is 30-40 km/h in the streets of Dubai and the maximum speed is 60 km/h on the main roads.

If someone crosses the speed limit in Dubai there is an AED 300 to 1000 fine for speeding, it varies on the type of road. This also adds 6 to 23 black points to the driver’s license and the vehicle can be seized for up to 60 days. Dubai’s speeding fine for driving a vehicle below the minimum speed limit will be AED 400.

Other Factors

Driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or other substances that can affect brain activity is also considered a criminal offense and the person has to pay a large sum. The court will decide the charges and the 24 black points will be added to the driver’s license. The vehicle will be confiscated for 60 days.

Driving without Valid documents

Driving without Valid documents

Driving in Dubai requires that you have all the necessary documents with you, like a valid driver’s license, registration papers, and vehicle insurance. If you are driving with an expired driving license, you will have to pay AED 400. If you are caught driving a car without valid insurance or registration, you may be fined AED 500 and your vehicle may be seized for seven days. Driving without a license in the UAE is a serious criminal offense and you may be fined AED 50,000 or face imprisonment for three months.

Blocking other vehicles

If you are creating a particular situation to block other vehicles by stopping suddenly on the road, you will be liable to pay AED 200, moreover, if you are blocking the way of pedestrians, you will pay an AED  400 fine.

Parking in prohibited zones

If you park your car in a specific parking area that is reserved for certain people or services, you could be fined AED 1,000 with six black points on your license. If your vehicle is parked improperly, you will need to pay a Dh500 fine. For parking, you need to pay AED 400 on the pavement.

Fine more details about parking in Dubai

Entering prohibited areas

Entering the prohibited areas in Dubai

Always make sure that you are not going to enter prohibited areas. The fine for entering restricted areas is AED 1000 including 4 black points.

What if someone jumps the red signal


jumping the red signal fine in Dubai


Jumping the red signal crossing fine is AED 1000 for cars and motorcycles with 12 Black points and vehicle retention for 30 days. Those who have jumped the red signal with heavy vehicles, have to pay AED 3000 and their driving license will also be blocked for a year.

Alert! You need to be careful about non-rental charges.

If you have rented the car through the eZhire car rental app,   you will be obliged to pay non-rental charges in order to certain specific conditions such as traffic fines, Salik, and others, the amount will be deducted from your given credit card. The non-rental charges may deduct a few weeks after the rental end, it depends on RTA or supplier updating system.

Final Words

In conclusion, if you are going to rent a car in Dubai or anywhere in UAE, you should be aware of the RTA fine list as the Road and Transportation Authority (RTA) works very efficiently to make the Roads and Transportation system more safe and smooth, for that there are some specific rules and regulations, there is a wide range of penalties such as Salik fine, over speeding fine, driving without valid documents, parking in a prohibited area or jumping red signal light, etc.

If you have rented the car through eZhire, the fine charges will be deducted from your given credit card, it’s called non-rental charges and they may deduct several weeks after the end of the rental. This depends on the RTA or supplier’s update system.