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If you want to comfortable and convenient travel between cities in the UAE, our drop-off service is the one for you.

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Tamsila Ali


Blog Post by Tamsila Ali

Tamsila Ali27/03/23 13:0210 min read

Ultimate Guide: Getting an International Driving License in the UAE

Table of contents  Obtaining an International Driving License in the UAE Benefits of an ...
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Tamsila Ali22/03/23 16:5710 min read

10 Surprising Facts About Ramadan that You Didn’t Know

Table of Contents   Introduction The Importance of the Moon Fasting Not Only from Food ...
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Tamsila Ali20/03/23 15:338 min read

How To Renew Your Dubai Driving License in 2023

Table of contents  Importance of renewing your driving license on time Steps involved in ...
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Tamsila Ali17/03/23 16:2510 min read

What to Expect During Your First Ramadan in Dubai 2023

Table of Contents Introduction Preparing for Ramadan in Dubai Observing Ramadan in Dubai ...
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Tamsila Ali16/03/23 16:446 min read

Your Guide to Parking in Sharjah: SMS Parking, Rules, and Violations

There is an outstanding infrastructure and business opportunities in Sharjah, the most ...
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Tamsila Ali15/03/23 15:3712 min read

Getting a Dubai Driving License in 2023 - Everything You Need to Know

Table of contents Types of Driving Licenses What is the Cost of a Driving License in ...
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Tamsila Ali09/03/23 10:472 min read

Fuel Price in UAE March 2023 - eZhire

The cost of fuel can be a major expense for many households in the UAE. One of the unique ...
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Tamsila Ali07/03/23 16:2513 min read

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Get an Abu Dhabi Driving License

Table of contents  
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Tamsila Ali02/03/23 13:298 min read

Step-by-Step Guide to Ajman Traffic Fines (Including List)

Table of Contents The Most Common Traffic Fines in Ajman How To Check Your Ajman  Traffic ...
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Tamsila Ali02/03/23 12:098 min read

Guide: How to Check, Pay, or Dispute Sharjah Traffic Fines (+ List)

Table of contents   Introduction & The Most Common Traffic Fines in Sharjah How To ...
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