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View the full range of cars available from eZhire. Our large fleet includes everything from small hatchbacks to large SUVs and exotic supercars.

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Long-Term Subscriptions

Enjoy the flexibility of having a car without long-term commitments of ownership or leasing, all paid in monthly instalments.

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Chauffeur Services

Our car with driver option is great for convenient business travel or important personal trips. Travel in style with all the comfort you need.

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Traffic Fines
Learn how to check, pay and appeal traffic fines across the UAE.
Driving License
Discover how to get a UAE driving license and start driving.
Parking Guides
Understand how to pay for parking across the UAE and avoid hefty fines.

Car Rental Tips & Tricks

Check our blog for the latest car trends and tricks on car rental and travel hacks all over UAE.

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Unveiling 3-Month, 6-Month, and Yearly Parking Fees in Sharjah

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