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Is It Possible to Rent a Car in Dubai for AED 500
Tamsila AliSep 8, 2023 7 min read

Is It Possible to Rent a Car in Dubai for AED 500?

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Dubai, with its dazzling skyscrapers, luxurious lifestyle, and vibrant mix of cultures, is undoubtedly one of the most exciting cities in the world. 

Exploring this emirate often involves navigating its expansive landscapes, and for many, renting a car seems like an ideal way to do so. 

However, the perception of Dubai being an expensive destination can leave travelers wondering if it's possible to rent a car without breaking the bank.

As we delve into the intricacies of the car rental market in Dubai, we'll explore various options, share tips and tricks, and uncover the potential for budget-friendly car rentals in this opulent city.

Join us as we demystify the world of car rentals in Dubai and discover if your dream of cruising through this desert oasis can become a reality for just AED 500.

The Reality of Renting a Car in Dubai

Renting a car in Dubai unveils a dynamic blend of convenience and complexity. The city, renowned for its bustling tourism and thriving business environment, witnesses an incessant demand for rental vehicles. 

Visitors and entrepreneurs alike seek the flexibility and autonomy that comes with having a car at their disposal. 


However, the notion of securing a rental for a mere AED 500 is, for the most part, an elusive dream. 

While rental companies often tantalize prospective customers with the promise of such affordable rates, the reality is a tad more nuanced.

Dubai's rental market is indeed competitive, but several factors conspire against the possibility of securing a car for AED 500. 

These enticing offers typically come with a web of conditions, including stringent mileage limits and minimal insurance coverage. 

The fine print frequently discloses that the AED 500 rate typically pertains solely to the tiniest, most poorly equipped cars, which usually happen to be much older and of subpar quality, potentially not meeting the requirements of most renters.

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Upgrades, additional services, and fees can quickly inflate the final cost. Moreover, during peak seasons or special events, rates tend to skyrocket due to heightened demand.

In summary, while Dubai's car rental scene caters to a diverse clientele, the allure of an AED 500 rental is more illusion than reality.

Savvy renters must navigate the intricacies of pricing structures and carefully evaluate their needs to strike a balance between budget and convenience when seeking a rental car in this vibrant Emirati city.

Reasons Why AED 500 Rentals Are Unrealistic

renting a car in Dubai

There are several compelling reasons why AED 500 rentals in the United Arab Emirates are often considered unrealistic and unreliable. 

Firstly, the cars offered at this price point are frequently in poor condition, lacking proper maintenance and safety standards. 

This can pose significant risks to the renters in terms of vehicle breakdowns and safety hazards. Additionally, these rentals typically demand substantial security deposits, which can be a financial burden for many customers, tying up their funds for an extended period.

Moreover, hidden charges, such as insurance fees, mileage limitations, and fuel surcharges, are often associated with such rentals, making the final cost far higher than the initial AED 500 advertised price.

As a result, it becomes evident that these seemingly affordable rentals often come with a host of drawbacks and hidden costs, making them an impractical choice for those seeking reliable and transparent car rental options in the UAE.

eZhire Car Rental: A Reliable Alternative

eZhire car subscription

When it comes to car rentals, eZhire stands out as a reliable and trustworthy alternative. What sets eZhire apart is its commitment to providing customers with peace of mind. 

They offer a fleet of new cars, ensuring that you never have to worry about the condition of your vehicle. 

What's even more appealing is that eZhire doesn't burden you with a security deposit, making their services accessible to a wider range of people. 

Whether you're a resident or a visitor in need of transportation, eZhire has you covered. Plus, they offer some of the lowest rates in the market. 

Here are some incredible deals on cars with their monthly promo rates (all prices are subject to 5% VAT):

  • Mitsubishi Attrage: Drive away in the Mitsubishi Attrage for a mere 1599 AED per month.
  • Nissan Sunny (or similar model): Experience the Nissan Sunny or a similar model for only 1699 AED per month.
  • JAC S3 2023: Embrace the cutting-edge technology of the JAC S3 2024, priced at only 1929 AED per month.
  • JAC J7 Turbo: Get behind the wheel of the JAC J7 Turbo for just 2099 AED per month.
  • MG ZS: Add style to your journey with the MG ZS, available at 2199 AED per month.

 With eZhire, your car rental experience is reliable and remarkably affordable.

eZhire Car Subscription Model

eZhire's Car Subscription service – a game-changer for long-term car rentals. We simplify the process, offering an affordable, convenient, and flexible mobility solution. 

Imagine selecting your desired car, paying a simple monthly fee, and enjoying it hassle-free, with the option to cancel after one month. 

Plus, longer subscriptions come with lower monthly rates, saving you money.

eZhire is a top car rental platform with an innovative car subscription service. It's a flexible way to access a vehicle for months or more without the commitment of ownership. 

Compared to traditional car rentals, eZhire's model offers cost benefits for longer bookings, making it financially appealing. 

Avoid upfront costs and budget confidently with predictable expenses. 

We reward loyalty with reduced fees and exclusive perks for extended subscriptions eZhire's car subscription combines affordability, flexibility, and savings for a superior alternative to traditional rentals.




Q1. Is it really possible to rent a car in Dubai for AED 500?

A. Renting a car in Dubai for AED 500 might sound appealing, but in reality, it's highly improbable.

Most rental companies that promote such low rates typically offer older vehicles in poor condition. These rates usually pertain to the most miniature, basic cars with limited features.

Moreover, there are usually additional charges, hidden fees, and stringent conditions that can quickly inflate the total cost.

Especially during peak seasons or special events, prices can skyrocket. Thus, while not entirely unattainable, discovering a trustworthy, safe, and well-maintained rental car at this price point is exceedingly rare.

Q2. Why do some car rental companies claim to offer AED 500 rentals in Dubai?

A. Some car rental companies in Dubai may advertise AED 500 rentals as a marketing tactic to attract customers. 

However, these deals frequently come with limitations and concealed expenses, along with the issue of their vehicles being in poor and old condition.

It's essential to read the fine print and carefully evaluate the terms and conditions before committing to such deals.

Q3. What are the hidden charges that often accompany AED 500 car rentals in Dubai?

A. Hidden charges commonly associated with AED 500 car rentals in Dubai include mileage limitations, insurance fees, fuel surcharges, and additional service fees. 

These extras can significantly inflate the total cost of the rental and make the advertised price misleading.

Q4. How does eZhire ensure the quality and condition of their rental cars in Dubai?

A.eZhire stands out by offering a fleet of new, well-maintained cars to ensure the quality and safety of their vehicles. 

Unlike many other rental companies, eZhire doesn't require a security deposit, making their services accessible to a broader audience.

Q5. Can you explain more about eZhire's car subscription model and how it can save money for long-term renters in Dubai?

A. eZhire's car subscription model is a flexible, cost-effective alternative to traditional rentals. 

Customers can choose their desired car, pay a monthly fee, and enjoy the vehicle with the option to cancel after just one month.

Longer subscriptions come with reduced monthly rates, making it a financially appealing choice for those in need of a car for an extended period. eZhire's car subscription combines affordability, flexibility, and savings for a superior alternative to traditional rentals.


In conclusion, securing a rental car in Dubai for just AED 500 may appear enticing, but it often proves to be an unattainable dream in this bustling Emirati city.

Dubai's fiercely competitive car rental market, despite its diverse offerings, harbors hidden complexities and undisclosed expenses.

The allure of budget-friendly rentals quickly fades when one delves into the fine print, which reveals stringent conditions, minimal insurance coverage, and concealed fees that rapidly inflate the overall cost. 

It's important to note that opting for a rental at AED 500 often means settling for older, poorly-maintained vehicles, further diminishing the appeal.

During peak periods or special events, prices surge, making it even more challenging to secure a rental for AED 500. 

However, for those in search of a dependable and transparent alternative, eZhire emerges as a beacon of reliability.

With its fleet of new, well-maintained vehicles and the absence of security deposits, eZhire offers residents and visitors in Dubai a hassle-free, affordable, and trustworthy car rental experience.

Additionally, their innovative car subscription model caters to long-term renters, providing flexibility, predictability, and significant cost savings compared to traditional rentals.

While AED 500 rentals remain scarce in Dubai's car rental landscape, eZhire stands as a dependable, cost-effective solution, ensuring you can explore this captivating city comfortably without straining your budget. Opt for eZhire and embark on your Dubai adventure with confidence.