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Petrol Prices in Dubai and UAE
Tamsila AliMar 5, 2024 4 min read

Petrol and Diesel Fuel Prices in Dubai and the UAE - Live Updates

Fuel Price for April 2024

  • Super 98: AED 3.15 ↑ 3.9% from AED 3.03
  • Special 95: AED 3.03 ↑ 3.7% from AED 2.92
  • E Plus 91: AED 2.96 ↑ 3.8% from AED 2.85
  • Diesel: AED 3.09 ↓ 2.2% from AED 3.16

In April 2024, fuel prices experienced a moderate increase compared to March 2024. Super 98 rose by 3.9% to AED 3.15, Special 95 increased by 3.7% to AED 3.03, and E Plus 91 saw a 3.8% increase to AED 2.96. 

However, Diesel prices decreased slightly by 2.2% to AED 3.09 from AED 3.16 in March.

Fuel Prices for March 2024

Fast forward to March 2024, fuel prices went up. Super 98 was AED 3.03 per liter, a jump of 5.02% from February. 

  • Super 98 = 3.03 per litter,5.02 percent up to AED 2.88
  • Sepcial 95 =2.92 per litter,5.8 percent up from AED 2.76
  • E plus 91 =2.85 per litter,5.9 percent up from AED 2.69
  • Diesel = 3.16 per litter,5.7% UP from AED 2.99

Special 95 and E Plus 91 also increased, now at AED 2.92 and AED 2.85 per liter, respectively. Diesel prices rose to AED 3.16 per liter, 5.7% higher than last month. 

This increase might be because of changes in how much oil is needed, tensions between countries, and rules about fuel. So, keep an eye out because it could affect how much you spend on gas and other things.

Fuel prices for February 2024

  • Super 98: AED 2.88,  AED 3.03 per liter, increased by 5.02% from AED 2.88 in February
  • Special 95: AED 2.76, Special 95: AED 2.92 per liter, increased by 5.8% from AED 2.76 in February
  • E Plus 91: AED 2.69, AED 2.85 per liter, increased by 5.9% from AED 2.69 in February
  • Diesel: AED 2.99, AED 3.16 per liter, increased by 5.7% from AED 2.99 in February

In February 2024, fuel prices changed a bit. Super 98 was AED 2.88 per liter, slightly up from January. Special 95 and E Plus 91 were AED 2.76 and AED 2.69 per liter, showing a small increase. Diesel prices stayed about the same at AED 2.99 per liter. 

Although February didn't bring big price swings like January, it could be due to things like how much oil there is globally and what's happening in different parts of the world.


Fuel prices for January 2024

  • Super 98 =2.82 per litter, 4.7 %, down from AED 2.96
  • Special 95 =2.71 Per Litter, 4.9 %, down from AED 2.85
  • E plus 91 = 2.64 per litter, 4.7%, down from AED 2.77
  • Diesel= 3.00 per litter,5.9 % down from AED 3.19

In January 2024, fuel prices dropped compared to December. Super 98 went down to AED 2.82 per liter from AED 2.96, a decrease of 4.7%. Special 95 was AED 2.71 per liter, down by 4.9% from AED 2.85. E Plus 91 also fell to AED 2.64 per liter, a 4.7% drop from AED 2.77. 

Diesel prices were AED 3.00 per liter, which is 5.9% less than last month. This means you might've noticed lower costs when filling up your tank.

As of December 1, 2023, petrol prices in the UAE are AED 2.77 for EPlus 91, AED 2.85 for Special 95, and AED 2.96 for Super 98. These rates will remain in effect until the end of December.

However, it is important to note that petrol prices in the UAE change every month. In November, motorists in the UAE experienced a significant decrease in petrol prices, providing some relief from the high fuel costs.

In November, there was some good news for motorists in the UAE as petrol prices saw a significant decrease. The prices dropped by up to AED 0.41, providing some relief for drivers who have been grappling with high fuel costs.

This decrease in petrol prices was accompanied by a decrease in diesel prices as well, with a reduction of AED 0.15. Now, in December, we are witnessing a further drop in petrol prices, albeit a smaller one, with a decrease of up to AED 0.08. Diesel prices have also seen a substantial decrease of AED 0.23.

This marks the second consecutive month of declining fuel prices, which is certainly good news for motorists across the country. With prices changing every month, it will be interesting to see what the new rates for January 2024 will bring.

Before 2015, the UAE government heavily subsidized fuel prices, ensuring stability. However, a significant change occurred in September 2015 when the decision was made to liberalize fuel prices, aligning them with global oil price fluctuations.

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