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Abu Dhabi Road Speed Fines Rules
Tamsila AliJan 3, 2024 7 min read

Understanding Abu Dhabi Road Speed Fines, Rules and Regulations

Table of Contents

Enforcing road speed fines in Abu Dhabi plays a critical role in upholding safety and order across its roads. Understanding these fines involves navigating through a complex system that outlines penalties for surpassing speed limits. 

These fines are set by the local authorities and carry considerable importance for drivers as they are a key aspect of the traffic regulations in the emirate.

Knowing the exact fines for speeding on Abu Dhabi's roads is highly essential for drivers. It assists them in adhering to speed limits and promotes the development of safer driving behaviors.

This blog aims to explain in detail the rules and guidelines related to these fines in Abu Dhabi. This blog will explain well about what these fines are and  how important it is to know about them, and it will provide  a complete guide  to help the  drivers 

After reading this they'll be able to drive with more responsibility, can avoid fines, and they will be a part of making the roads safer for everyone. 

Why Should You Understand Abu Dhabi's Road Speed Fines and  Rules 

Why Should You Understand Abu Dhabi's Road Speed Fines and  Rules 

Knowing and following the speed rules in Abu Dhabi is super important for a few reasons.

First off, it keeps you and everyone else safe on the roads. If you know how fast you're supposed to go on different roads and in different areas, it helps stop accidents and makes it less likely for anyone to get hurt.

Following Abu Dhabi's speed laws also stops you from getting big fines and punishments. There are different fines for going too fast in certain places or breaking the rules.  

Learning about the speed rules in Abu Dhabi gives you helpful info about how fast you should go on specific roads and zones.

Paying attention to signs that show these speeds is really important. Not knowing them could accidentally get you in trouble and fined.

Understanding how they figure out fines can help you make smart choices. It depends on how much faster than the limit you were going. Knowing this stuff helps you drive responsibly and follow the rules.

Here's a breakdown of how the system of speed fines operates in Abu Dhabi, encompassing the legal aspects, penalties, and available actions if you're issued a speeding ticket:

Legal Framework for Speed Fines in Abu Dhabi

In Abu Dhabi, speed fines follow the guidelines set in traffic laws and regulations. Different monitoring devices, like radar cameras, are used to identify speeding instances, and the entire procedure of issuing fines is overseen by the traffic authorities.

Consequences of Late or Non-Payment

Delaying or neglecting the payment of speed fines can lead to significant repercussions. This might entail heightened fines, temporary or permanent loss of driving privileges, confiscation of your vehicle, or facing legal consequences impacting both your driving history and financial stability.

Penalty Points and Their Significance

When you get caught speeding, you might end up with penalty points added to your driving record. If you collect too many of these points, your driver's license could be suspended, or you might face other penalties, depending on Abu Dhabi's traffic rules. The seriousness of the speeding violation decides how many points you'll get.

How to pay speed fines online in Abu Dhabi

How to pay speed fines online

There are multiple platforms to pay online Abu Dhabi traffic fines.

1. Ministry of Interior Website and App

To pay Abu Dhabi speed fines online via the Ministry of Interior:

  • Download the official MOI UAE app from iTunes or Google Play Store.

  • Access the 'Traffic and Licensing' services within the app or website.

  • Navigate to the 'Payment of Traffic Fines' section.

  • If seeking more information, select 'View More'; to initiate the payment, click 'Start Service'.

  • Sign in using 'UAE Pass' if you have an account. If not, register by selecting 'Sign up with UAE Pass'.

  • Use your traffic profile, vehicle plate, and license numbers to view outstanding fines.

  • Select the specific fine to pay and click 'Pay Fines'. For penalty details, click on the 'Actions' icon.

  • Enter payment information and beneficiary details to proceed.

  • Complete the payment using a credit card.

  • Receive an e-receipt confirming clearance of your traffic fine dues.


To pay Abu Dhabi police traffic fines online via TAMM:

  • Visit the official TAMM website and access the 'Vehicle and Transportation' section.

  • Click on 'Traffic Violations and Fines' to pay fines. Have your Emirates ID and vehicle registration number handy.

  • After payment, receive an e-receipt.

  • Payment methods include debit/credit cards or E-dirham.

3. Abu Dhabi Police Official Website and App

To pay traffic fines in Abu Dhabi using the official Abu Dhabi Police platform:

  • Access the Abu Dhabi Police website or Abu Dhabi Police app.

  • Search using traffic number, Emirates ID, vehicle plate number, or driving license number.

  • Register within the Abu Dhabi Police system to access online traffic payment and other e-services.

  • Ensure a valid Emirates Identity Card and an active Federal Traffic and Licensing System traffic profile during signup.

  • Log in as a registered member to make online Abu Dhabi traffic fine payments.

Follow these steps based on the platform you prefer to use for paying speed fines in Abu Dhabi online.

How  to Avoid Speed Fines

How to avoid speed fines

To prevent getting fined for speeding while driving, follow these straightforward guidelines:

  • Adhere to Speed Limits: Always keep an eye on road signs indicating speed limits. Stick to these limits to steer clear of fines.

  • Stay Vigilant: Always be attentive to your surroundings and always monitor your speedometer. 

  • It's advised to stay focused on the road to avoid unknowingly exceeding speed limits.

  • Utilize GPS and Apps: Make sure to use the  GPS navigation systems or mobile apps displaying road speed limits. 

    • Maintain Your Vehicle: Make sure that your vehicle is well-maintained and there are no mechanical issues that may lead to unintentional speeding.

    • Avoid Hurrying: Plan your journeys in advance  to reach your destination. Hurrying can lead to reckless driving and inadvertently breaking speed limits.

    • Drive Responsibly: Foster a habit of responsible driving. Always Understand that speed limits are mandatory to follow for safety reasons and adhere to them for your safety and that of others.

  • Stay Informed: Always be aware of any changes in speed limits, especially in areas where fines are strictly implemented, such as Abu Dhabi. Be familiar with local regulations and specific speed fines in that region.




Q1: Why is it crucial to understand Abu Dhabi's road speed fines and rules?

A. Understanding the road speed fines and rules in Abu Dhabi is important for a few key reasons. Everyone should understand that it's all about safety.

 When we follow these rules and stick to the speed limits, we decrease the chances of accidents and keep everyone safe on the roads. 

Secondly, it helps us dodge those big fines and punishments that come with speeding. And lastly, knowing these rules lets us make smart decisions while driving. It encourages us to be responsible behind the wheel and ultimately makes the roads safer for everyone who uses them.

Q2: What are the consequences of late or non-payment of speed fines in Abu Dhabi?

A . Delaying or neglecting payment of speed fines in Abu Dhabi can result in severe consequences. This includes increased fines, potential suspension of driving privileges, confiscation of the vehicle, and legal ramifications affecting both driving records and financial stability.

Q3: How can drivers in Abu Dhabi pay speed fines online?

A. There are several methods to pay speed fines online in Abu Dhabi:

  • Ministry of Interior Website and App: Download the MOI UAE app, access the 'Traffic and Licensing' services, select 'Payment of Traffic Fines,' and follow the steps to pay via credit card.

  • TAMM: Visit the TAMM website, navigate to 'Traffic Violations and Fines,' input necessary details, and make payments using debit/credit cards or E-dirham.

  • Abu Dhabi Police Official Website and App: Access the Abu Dhabi Police platform, register, and log in to pay fines using various search criteria or specific identifiers.


Knowing and following Abu Dhabi's road speed fines and rules is super important. It's all about keeping the roads safe, avoiding penalties, and making sure we drive responsibly. When we stick to the speed limits, it helps prevent accidents and keeps us away from getting those big fines or facing legal trouble. 

By utilizing available online platforms for fine payment and following guidelines to avoid speeding, drivers contribute to creating safer road environments for themselves and others. Staying informed, vigilant, and adhering to traffic rules are integral aspects of promoting a secure driving culture in Abu Dhabi.