Monthly Car Rental Dubai

eZhire offers monthly car rental in Dubai at highly discounted and competitive low rates. If you are looking to rent a car on monthly basis, you should always choose the rental car according to your budget. eZhire offers you long term Car rental Dubai with discounted rates, if you are seeking cheap monthly rent a car in Dubai, you should go with eZhire rent a car app, eZhire provides you an easy way to book and order the car with no deposit and also offers you a wide range of vehicles at huge discounted monthly rates.

  • Monthly rent a car Dubai
  • Long term car rental in Dubai with no security deposit
  • Hire a driver in Dubai on monthly basis/hire a car with driver on monthly basis

eZhire is the best car rental company in Dubai, we provide highly discounted rental in UAE.eZhire offers monthly car rental in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman and anywhere in UAE with competitive low rates and have a comprehensive fleet of highly-maintained and well sanitized vehicles are available.

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Dubai Monthly Car Rentals Rates

CarsDaily rate in dhWeekly rate in dhMonthly rate in dh
Nissan Micra996581999
Kia Picanto996581999
Mitsubishi Attrage1056931999
Hyundai Accent1197632399
Nissan Sunny1097351999
Nissan Sentra1197632559
Nissan Altima15910432899
Ford Edge15910432580
Mazda CX315910432580
Kia Sportage18912882599
Nissan Kicks 1.6L1399032599
Ford Explorer29919534599
Nissan Pathfinder29919534699
Infiniti Q5029917503799
BMW 5 Series59936999999


Advantages of Long Term Car Rental Dubai

Renting a car on Monthly basis has so many advantages like you will get the huge discount on monthly rental, you can use your rental car as daily commute and for a business or family trip.

For those, who want to travel from one emirate to another such as from Dubai to Abu Dhabi or Sharjah, a rental car will be the most convenient option to make the journey comfortable, as well as the rental car will be less expensive than any other option, one can make his life easier by booking and ordering the car through eZhire app and after getting the car if someone wants to exchange the car due to some valid reason, he can use the option of exchange the vehicle as well as one can extend the rental days via the app.

eZhire offers cheap car rental in Dubai and all over in UAE as well as eZhire provides the huge discount offers, the discount offers are available on hatchback, economy and SUVs cars without any security deposit.Our car rental service offers customers a great choice of quality vehicles from leading brands such as, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, BMW , Hyundai, Honda , Kia Picanto , Mazda , infinity , Ford etc.

eZhire provides the well-maintained and well sanitized vehicles, we have almost the new cars and we make sure to follow the all-precautionary measures before car delivery.

eZhire has several locations all over in UAE to pick up the car and also eZhire provides the delivery option, the car will be delivered to your door-step anywhere anytime. In case of any issue our customer support team is available to help you 24/7, eZhire make sure to provide the fair quality-based car rental service.

Why Monthly Car Rental is better than Daily and Weekly Car Rental Dubai?

You can saves your budget, hire a car for a month and extend your rental on monthly basis, eZhire provides flexible vehicle exchange as well. The all vehicles are insured comprehensively and we provide a good millage as well.

5 Reasons why to choose Long Term Car Rental

Variety of Vehicles

If you are going to hire a car in dubai with eZhire, you have a great variety and wide range of vehicles to choose a best car rental Dubai. We have a variety of cars and it consists of international brands.

Hassle-free Experience

If you are considering to go for a long vacation or you have some weekly basis planswith family or friends, car rental on monthly basis is the best option, hire a car for a month and get a hassle-free service by managing your rental through eZhire application and it will be a great convenience for you.


Car rental on monthly basis will be cost-effective for you, we offer discount offers on almost all vehicles, you can rent a best car of a best brand such as Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi or whatever you are looking for and get the best prices.


Although we offer the rental period for one month and then customers can extend the rental every month through our app. Also, they can contact to our customer support team, we provide the flexibility to change the vehicle whenever they want to change it.


We believe to provide a transparent car rental service to our customers. We provide the all details of the vehicle while you will book the car. We mentioned our Terms & Conditions clearly, one can read and understand before hiring a car.

eZhire offers the cheapest monthly car rental in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and in Al Ain, with eZhire app you can order a car in few minutes and you can get a best fast and convenient monthly rent a car service in Dubai, there is just need to add your location and the car will be delivered to you, those who are looking to rent a car in Dubai for a month, we have the best promo offers on all car category from small cars to big SUVs, as well as there is a great variety of sports, electric and Luxury Car Rental as well..

eZhire works with the aim to provide the best rental cars at the best rates and excellent services to make our customers happy and stress-free. eZhire insures to provide value-based service to its customers.

If you are planning to visit Dubai and planning to stay for a long period and want to see the attractions in Dubai as Dubai has famous world-class places to explore, obviously there you will need a transportation and rental car is a perfect choice, it might be confusing to get a rental car as you are not well aware of the city, especially if you are a visitor in Dubai , tourists from all over the world love to visit Dubai every year for few weeks or months and to stay in Dubai for a long time requires a vehicle so that you can explore the destinations with freedom.Using public transport is not a good option as it has a lot of hassle and also it will cost you more as compare to a rental car.For visitors, the best option is to find out the best car rental company that can offer you the option to rent a car on a monthly basis with affordable rental.

Getting help from google is always a good way but when you search on google by writing rent a car in Dubai, there are so many car rental companies in Dubai and you will again get confused to choose a good car rental company, it’s better to choose an app-based car rental company like eZhire rent a car, eZhire is an on-demand rent a car app-based company in Dubai which offers rental cars at any time anywhere in Dubai! You can get the car delivered by adding your location. Renting a car is no doubt a great way to explore the city and get around comfortably without any hassle.

Long-term rental allows you to experience a new car for a long-term and knowledge about the car whether it is a good and suitable car for you which fulfils all your requirements like if your rental has good enough space for your family,or if it has advanced features? Always consider a company which offers you discounts on long-term car rental in Dubai or long-term car lease in Dubai. An ideal car rental company always gives preference to its customer’s needs and requirements, and always works on it to provide them the best services at reasonable prices. If you are looking for monthly car rental in Dubai,eZhire rent a car will provide you the best discounted rates on new and well sanitized cars. Renting a car with eZhire provides you the best saving options if you will rent a car for the long-term.

You will get the discount according to the car model, year as well as it depends on the car category and mileage limit you choose as we offer 2500 to 500 km per month mileage. eZhire made everything flexible and convenient so that you can start your journey comfortably. By monthly car hire in Dubai, you can keep the car for one to several months, and renew the contract according to your needs. If you want to return the car before the end of the contract,eZhire gives you the flexibility to end or extend the contract through ezhire app.

Rent a car on monthly basis in Dubai or looking to rent a long-term car rental in Dubai or want to consider monthly car lease in Dubai and seeking for a good reputed car rental company in Dubai with good rates and brand-new cars but facing trouble to find out it as there are so many rent a car companies in Dubai, most of the people always looking to rent a Affordable monthly car rental in Dubai and they don’t consider other things like car model, car condition, policies and term and conditions of a car hire companies which is so important to know before selecting a rental car company because you will only consider the cheap rental or leasing charges for long-term car rental in Dubai

Renting a car is so easy if you rent it through an app like eZhire,eZhire is an app-based car rental company in Dubai which offers rental cars for as many days as you want like daily, weekly and monthly,if someone is looking to hire a car on leasing like for monthly car lease in Dubai,eZhire provides low-cost monthly car rental in Dubai and also monthly car lease in Dubai with no security deposit and with affordable rates.

Benefits of Renting a Car for the Long-term

Renting a car for the long-term has many benefits,whether you prefer to go with leasing or renting option it doesn’t matter, there are also so many advantages of leasing a car in Dubai eZhire rent a car provides the great discount offers on long term car rental in Dubai and on monthly car hire in Dubai and anywhere in UAE,eZhire has wide range of vehicles and almost all cars are from latest models of famous brands, here we are going to mention some advantages of renting a car for long term car rental.

By using long-term rental there is no need to pay for maintenance costs or go for repairing in case of any accident when you rent a car on a long-term basis the car hire company will cover all the costs of repairing and maintenance. They will also provide you with a replacement of the car in case of some issue regarding your hired vehicle.

Rent a car companies like eZhire provide you vehicle choice if you want to exchange the vehicle because of any valid issue with your hired car for long-term rental. Renting a car for the long-term gives you discount offers also it gives you loyalty points and with loyalty points you can get more discount in the future whenever you will rent a car with the same company.

Monthly Car Rental in Dubai will gives you the following advantages

How to Rent a car Monthly near Dubai Airport Terminal

eZhire has counters at Dubai airport terminal, for example, travelers who arrived at Dubai airport terminal and they are looking to rent a car, they can make a booking in advance before departure from their country and after arriving at Dubai terminal can get the rental car at the airport and can start the journey from the airport, as well as a tourist who arrived at the airport can generate the booking at the airport and can provide the location of his hotel, the car will be delivered at the hotel as well, the person who is going to generate a booking must have an international driving license with passport and stamped visa page.

Can we rent a car in Dubai for a Month without a deposit?

Yes! You can,eZhire car rental offers rental cars with no security deposit, mostly in Dubai rental car companies charge you a heavy security deposit but eZhire provides you the rental cars with no deposit.

When it comes to monthly car renting in Dubai, several things come in mind

when you are planning to rent a car in Dubai, several things come to your mind, where to go for renting a car, how to check and compare the rental charges, which is the best car hire in Dubai, how can I rent out a car online, maybe they have some hidden charges or what kind of vehicles they deliver, etc, so don’t you worry about all these things, you have a great option to rent a car in Dubai via eZhire car rental App, renting a car was a headache and full of stress in the past but now eZhire made it so easy, with eZhire app you can rent a car on daily, weekly and monthly rental with no deposit, it is the only app in Dubai which works smoothly and quickly also eZhire application manages all things regarding the rental car so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

Requirements to rent a car

If you are a resident of Dubai, you must have an emirates id, driving license, and debit or credit card, if you are a tourist in Dubai, the rental car requirement consists of an international driving license, passport with a visa page, and debit or credit card.

Why to choose eZhire for long-term rental

eZhire is an app-based rent a car company in Dubai, it has a great fleet size, you can choose your required car and get it delivered, all through eZhire app,eZhire has great discount offers on long-term rental,it is very easy to get a rental car through eZhire app, it does not matter in which part of UAE you are,eZhire app works all over in UAE,eZhire gives you a unique way to rent a car through a mobile app, wherever you are you can make a booking and order the car, even you can take the rental car in Dubai and can drop it in any other city of Emirates, we have branches in all cities of UAE, you can also add an additional driver’s detail in your booking if you want,eZhire provides the option of an additional driver as well. we provide our rental car service 24/7, you can also contact our customer support team anytime, we provide the option to chat with us as well. After generating a booking through eZhire app, you can also pay the rental charges online via eZhire payment gateway, through checkout we provide you a safe and secure payment method, so there is no need to go anywhere, just use the ezhire app and get your dream car at your door-step.


When you choose a long-term car rental option like for one month or 6 months to one year, it will be most relaxing for you to use the option of long-term car rental. If you want to drive your dream car, simply rent it for the long- term, you will feel like owning a car and can enjoy driving in Dubai.

choose eZhire car rental app for that, through eZhire you can get many discount offers an easy and fast process for renting a car, rent a car for long-term is very beneficial for the users as it gives you time and money-saving way, through long-term car rental you can get comfort and peace of mind. Hiring a car through an application like eZhire is more convenient than choosing a traditional way of renting a car by visiting a car rental shop and staying there in long line for hours and also you are not sure about the availability of required car, they will give you a lot of paperwork and you have to show them many documents, if you forget to bring any document it will be a great hassle as well to go back and bring it, so avoid all these troubles and just download eZhire car rental app and get registered with it, after getting registered you can check and choose the car with a number of days then you can add your location and the rental car will be delivered to you within one hour. As well as eZhire has many locations in Dubai like in Marina, Jumeirah lake towers, Al Barsha, Discovery Gardens, Dubai internet city, Business Bay, Deira, Bur Dubai, etc,eZhire also has rent a car counter at Dubai International Airport so that one can rent a car by himself upon arrival.

eZhire rent a car provides you with a great variety of vehicles at reasonable prices and we offer discount offers on monthly rental. You can choose your favorite car from our large fleet of vehicles, we ensure to provide you hassle-free rent a car service with the easiest process to rent a car through eZhire app.eZhire also has a well-trained customer support team which is available to assist you 24/7. As well as if you want to chat with us you can chat with our team by visiting our website. After returning the car if you have any issue regarding our service, you can contact our customer support team, we have a separate department that works to resolve the customers issues.

EZhire is now operational in all gulf countries such as Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, and also in Pakistan, soon eZhire is going to be operational in Saudi Arabia,eZhire is expanding its branches in other countries to provide the hassle-free rent a car service in the region.


Well it depends on your trip requirements, like how many people you are, luggage and mandatory stuff to carry, an economical car is always the best option for a small family as the economical car will consume low budget and fuel or a mid-sized or big sized suv can be a great option if you have more luggage or a large group of people,eZhire offers a variety of vehicles from small cars to big suvs in affordable car rental and also eZhire have discount offers on monthly rental.

Yes, you can,eZhire car rental has an online payment gateway through check out,a user can use debit or credit card for payment.

eZhire has comprehensively insured cars, In case of an accident, if it is not your fault and you provide eZhire a ‘Green Report’ from the Police, there will be no charges. However, if it is your fault and you provide eZhire a ‘Red Report’ from the Police, there will be exess insurance charges which depend on the type of car and the extent of damage. For normal sedans and SUVs, the maximum charge is AED 1500. One can add full insurance on the app while booking the car. This ensures that you pay nothing for excess charges in both Green or Red report scenarios.

Absolutely not, eZhire offers an affordable rental with no security deposit.

There is an option in the eZhire app to increase the days of rental,one just needs to select the number of days and extend the rental contract without any fee and will receive a confirmation notification via email.