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Top 6 Reasons People Fail the Driving Test in Dubai
Tamsila AliDec 5, 2022 3 min read

Top 6 Reasons People Fail the Driving Test in Dubai - eZhire

Even though it’s easy to drive in Dubai, passing the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) driving test is no simple task. The examiners can be strict, which certainly stands to reason – after all, they have to make sure you won’t cause any harm to yourself or others. To ensure you can successfully acquire your driving license, we’ve compiled a list of reasons why people fail their driving test in Dubai. 

Taking Too Much Time To Adjust the Seat and Mirrors

Adjust the Seat and Mirrors

Adjusting the seat and mirrors correctly is an important part of the driving test. It’s necessary to tailor the vehicle to ensure you can reach the pedals perfectly. It’s also important to ensure you can see clearly through the mirrors. While adjusting the seat and mirrors is crucial, taking too much time to do so can also reduce your chances of passing.

Some people believe that they have to be extremely meticulous and prolong the process just to impress the examiner. In reality, taking too long to adjust the seat and mirrors will only indicate that you’re not confident and have doubts about your driving. 

Not Paying Attention to the Examiner’s Instructions

What  if you are not Paying Attention to.examiners instructions.

While driving in Dubai during the test, it’s vital to pay attention to the road signs and perform all maneuvers correctly. However, sometimes examiners might provide instructions that aren’t necessarily in line with the rules. If you know that they are asking to do something that’s not allowed, you can always disagree with them and explain why. Such requirements might also be part of the test. 

However, if they insist on doing something that you don’t agree with, follow their instructions. They decide whether you’ll fail or pass, so you should do what they say at all times. 

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Stopping Suddenly and Inadvertently

It’s common for new drivers to stop suddenly whenever they notice a pedestrian on the street. Though you should let pedestrians pass on dedicated crossings, stopping without checking the cars behind you isn’t a good idea. While driving in Dubai, you should look in the mirrors to make sure there’s a safe distance between you and the car behind. If stopping at that particular moment is safe for everyone, you can turn on the hazard lights and let the pedestrian cross the street. Otherwise, it’s better to continue driving.

Hesitating While Changing Lanes

Hesitating While Changing Lanes.

Changing lanes is an important component of daily driving, as well as the RTA test. However, it can also be a dangerous maneuver without the right precautions. Before changing the lane, you should always look in the mirrors to check whether the lane is clear or not. If too many cars are passing, you should wait until the road has cleared up before you proceed with the next steps. You should also avoid speeding up and slowing down unnecessarily because such actions will alert the examiner and force them to fail you. 

Failing To Control the Car Properly

To pass the test of driving in Dubai, you should display confidence while driving the car. You should have full control over your maneuvers to make sure you drive safely. Not being able to control your movements will result in immediate failure. For example, if you’re unable to slow down whenever needed, fail to maintain the steering wheel steadily, or do something that results in a car crash (or creates a situation that could lead to a car crash), you’ll certainly fail your test. 

You should never forget that the point of the RTA road exam is to test your ability to adapt to the changing conditions on the highway. If you panic and make inadvertent movements, it will cause harm to your and others’ health and properties. 

Accelerating When the Car Is in Neutral

Accelerating When the Car Is in Neutral.

When the car is in neutral, attempting to accelerate without changing the position can not only be dangerous, but it will also lead to the failure of the test. If the car is in neutral and you press the accelerator, you could damage the gearbox and other components of the car. Moreover, you won’t have control over the vehicle which increases the risk of getting into an accident. Therefore, before you start driving, you should shift from neutral to driving. 

After you pass the RTA exam, you can rent a car from eZhire and improve the experience of driving in Dubai. Make sure you know perfectly how to drive and remember all the rules before you jump behind the wheel. Good luck!