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Rent a car in Qatar – Cheap Rent a Car in Qatar
Tamsila AliOct 22, 2022 4 min read

Rent a Car in Qatar | Cheap Rent a Car in Qatar

Renting a car is always a good option to make your journey more comfortable, if you are looking to hire a car in Qatar, there are several car rental companies that offer rental cars with a wide range of vehicles, whether you need to rent a car for a day, for a week or for a month, for the purpose of a business trip, family or friends trip whatever the reason is, you can find out best rental cars according to your need and choice. 

Due to covid-19, nowadays people don’t have time to go to car rental shops and check the availability of the vehicle, compare the rates and submit the hard copies of the required documents, so it’s better to choose a car rental app and enjoy the comfort and ease to get your rental car delivered to you,eZhire rent a car app is the best choice to go with,eZhire car rental app offers a great range of vehicles in an affordable rental with no security deposit.  

eZhire Service in Qatar

By rent a car in Qatar with eZhire, you will get a vehicle that makes it easy for you to travel throughout the country. Our fleet is filled with a variety of different rental car categories for you to choose from, including sedans, luxury models, sports cars, and SUVs. eZhire offers flexible rental periods like renting a car for a day, renting a car for a week, and renting a car on monthly basis. 


Best places  to  visit  in  Qatar Car Rental Doha

Doha-rent-a-car (1)

 Doha is the Capital of Qatar,  one can visit and explore modern architecture and historical mosques.  

Al Wakrah:

Al Wakrah is a  beautiful fishing village, Al Wakrah has beautiful gardens, and many local markets with a great culture. Visitors can enjoy fishing, local culture, and the natural beauty of Al Wakrah. 

Al Khor:

You can explore many places to visit in Al Khor,  this beautiful city has so many attractions. Al Khor has marvelous things to explore, simply it is the best place to visit and discover new things. 

Al Rayyan: 

 Al Rayyan is known for its beautiful natural beauty, there are attractive beaches, deserts, and landscapes, and visitors can explore so many attractions and historical places here.  

You will need to check out some important things before renting a car in Qatar. 


Driving License Requirements for Qatar Residents: 

  • Copy of valid Qatari ID / Copy of valid passport 
  • Duration allowed to drive in Qatar: Until the expiration date 
  • Copy of valid Qatar driving license.


Driving license requirements for Non-Residents: 

The allowed duration to drive in Qatar is valid till the expiry date.

GCC Driving License  for Nationalities other than Gulf Nationals

The allowed duration to drive in Qatar is 14 days from entry to Qatar.

International Driving License from Country of Origin for all nationalities

The allowed duration  to drive in Qatar is 3 months from entry to Qatar 

Age requirements

Although 18 years is the minimum age requirement to apply for light motor vehicle licenses in Qatar, for renting a car the minimum age for drivers is 21 years. It depends on the company’s policy. 

Payment terms 

Most car rental companies require a security deposit to rent a car in Qatar, it also depends on the company’s policy but mostly the security deposit starts from QR 1,000 to QR 1,500 in Qatar. 

 The security deposit will be refundable after  14 days of returning the car. The rental charges will be according to the car’s model and brand.  

The Rental price will be different for daily, weekly, and monthly car rentals. 

There is a need to check the promotional or discount offers as most car rental companies offer discount offers on long-term rentals. 

eZhire Rent a Car Service

eZhire Rent a Car Service

Besides 24/7 customer service and roadside assistance, some car rental companies offer added services including but not limited to: Additional drivers, child seats, extended roadside protection, and accident protection. You can inquire about these added services from the respective sales professional. Other information related to traffic violations, road accidents, car damage, car maintenance, etc., will be discussed with you and is also written in the rental agreement form. 

Experience rent a car with eZhire 

eZhire offers a great range of cars from almost all brands so that one can get their favorite rental car in Doha. Users can generate the booking through the eZhire app and can select the number of days and locations. 

 eZhire has huge discount offers on monthly rentals, and users can choose the car through the app,eZhire offers all categories of rental cars from small hatchbacks, and economy cars to mid-sized and big-size SUVs, sports, and luxury cars. 

EZhire provides well-sanitized and clean cars at your doorstep, no need to submit any security deposit or any fee except rental charges. All cars are comprehensively insured and new. 

What vehicle type is right for my trip? 

  • Sedans are a great choice to travel in comfort and are perfect for long road trips between cities. Sports cars and convertibles are a fun way to trip and bring instant glamour and excitement to the drive. 

  • SUVs are ideal for a range of roads and their ample cargo room is helpful for shopping trips. 

  • Station wagons and minivans are the best options for family vacations or group travel, providing the right amount of leg and luggage room.

Advantages of renting a car with eZhire

  • Rent a car through the eZhire App.

  • No security Deposit

  • Rental car delivery

  • Monthly promo Offers

  • Affordable Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Rental

  • Wide range of cars

  • News models of sanitized cars