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Traveling Dubai Metro to Sharjah
Tamsila AliMar 5, 2024 5 min read

Car Rental Tips for Traveling Dubai Metro to Sharjah

Table of Content

Traveling from Dubai Metro to Sharjah offers a convenient commute, but exploring Sharjah's gems may require flexibility beyond public transport. This blog delves into cost-effective car rental solutions tailored for this journey.

Firstly, it provides a brief overview of the efficient Dubai Metro system, highlighting its connectivity and benefits. Despite Sharjah not being directly connected by metro, the system serves as an essential starting point for travelers. Then, the focus shifts to cost-effective car rental in Sharjah. Among them, eZhire Car Rental stands out for its affordability and reliability. 

By opting for car rental, travelers can seamlessly transition from the metro to explore Sharjah's attractions at their own pace, making their journey both convenient and economical.

Advantages of Using Dubai Metro

Advantages of Using Dubai Metro

The Dubai Metro system has many benefits that make it a top choice for lots of commuters.

Among its main benefits is its cost-effectiveness, allowing travelers to save money on transportation expenses. Additionally, the metro's strong dedication to environmental sustainability helps reduce pollution levels and contributes to creating a cleaner urban environment.

Moreover, the Dubai Metro stands out for its unmatched convenience and accessibility. With numerous stations spread across the city, it provides easy access to various destinations, making commuting hassle-free for residents and tourists alike. Whether someone's destination is a shopping mall, a business district, or a tourist attraction, the metro serves as a convenient and effective mode of transportation. 

Limitations of Dubai Metro for Traveling to Sharjah

Getting to Sharjah isn't as straightforward as one might expect. The Dubai Metro primarily covers areas within Dubai and doesn't extend comprehensively into Sharjah. Consequently, reaching your ultimate destination in Sharjah may entail utilizing buses or taxis.

Using the Dubai Metro to travel to Sharjah might take longer compared to other transportation methods, particularly if there are no direct routes available. This could pose challenges, especially if you're pressed for time.

It can be difficult to adjust your travel plans easily when using the Dubai Metro to go to Sharjah due to the fixed routes and schedules. It might be tricky to match up with where you need to go in Sharjah.

To sum up, even though the Dubai Metro is handy for getting around Dubai, its limits on where it goes, the time it takes, and not being flexible could be tricky for trips to Sharjah.

Cost-effective Car Rental: A Viable Alternative


Cost-effective Car Rental: A Viable Alternative

Dubai's a busy city. Getting around can be tough. The eZhire Car Rental app in Dubai is a convenient solution for both residents and tourists alike. With just a tap on your phone, you can easily rent a car whenever the need arises, making traveling across the UAE a seamless experience.

Comparison of costs between Dubai Metro and eZhire Car Rental

The Dubai Metro is great for daily travel. But sometimes, it's not the cheapest option. eZhire Car Rental often offers better prices, especially for groups or trips to places like Sharjah. With eZhire, you get the flexibility of a private ride without spending too much.

Flexibility in travel plans and destinations

eZhire Car Rental lets you decide where you go. You're not stuck to train schedules like the metro. Feel like going to Sharjah on the spur of the moment?

No problem. With eZhire, you can explore wherever you want, whenever you want.

Comfort and convenience of private transportation

eZhire makes sure your ride is comfy. They've got a bunch of cars, from small ones to fancy SUVs. No more crowded metros or waiting around. With eZhire, you're in charge of your journey, making travel a breeze.

In short, the Dubai Metro is okay, but eZhire Car Rental gives you a fantastic option. It's cheaper, more flexible, and much more comfortable, especially for trips outside Dubai, like to Sharjah. With eZhire, your journey turns into a personalized adventure just for you.

Tips for Using eZhire Car Rental for Traveling from Dubai Metro to Sharjah

Tips for Using eZhire Car Rental for Traveling from Dubai Metro to Sharjah

Here are some pointers for using eZhire Car Rental when you're traveling from Dubai Metro to Sharjah:

  • Reserve in advance: It's a good idea to book your rental car early. This way, you can be sure to secure a car, especially during busy times.

  • Choose the perfect car for you: Consider your needs and budget. If you're with family or friends, you might need a bigger car for extra room. Also, opt for a fuel-efficient option to save on gas costs.

  • Check out extra perks from eZhire: See if there are any other benefits or services that eZhire offers, like insurance, roadside help, or rewards programs.  These can make your rental experience even better and give you peace of mind.

  • Think about safety and reliability: Make sure the rental car is safe and well-kept. Check reviews or ask about how reliable and helpful the company is. By keeping these tips in mind, you can have a great time with your eZhire Car Rental when traveling from Dubai Metro to Sharjah.



Q1: Is It Much Cheaper To Rent a Car From Dubai Metro to Sharjah Than Using Public Transport?

A. Yes, renting a car might seem expensive at first. But if you look closer, things like traveling with friends and getting to explore different places make it worthwhile. So, in the end, renting a car often turns out to be the cheaper choice.

Q2: Can I Drop Off the Rental Car Somewhere Else in Sharjah Instead of Where I Picked It Up?

A. Some car rental companies like eZhire car rental offer you to drop the car at different relevant locations in Sharjah. But it's important to double-check it.

Q3: Does eZhire Have Any Age Requirements for Renting a Car for This Trip?

A. Different companies and places have their own rules about age. Usually, eZhire requires you to be at least 21 years old to rent a car. But it's always best to check their specific policies to be sure.


In summary, getting from Dubai Metro to Sharjah is full of options, especially when it comes to affordable transportation like eZhire. While Dubai Metro is great for city travel, it doesn't cover all of Sharjah. That's where eZhire comes in handy with its personalized services. 

By planning and making smart choices, travelers can explore all that Sharjah has to offer by renting a car. This allows them to go beyond regular public transportation and truly experience the UAE with a sense of adventure.