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Learn how to check, pay and appeal traffic fines across the UAE.
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Discover how to get a UAE driving license and start driving.
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Understand how to pay for parking across the UAE and avoid hefty fines.

Sharjah Airport Car Rental

Going through Sharjah International Airport is super important for lots of travelers starting their journey. It's a busy place, buzzing with activity, and it's like a main entrance into the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Among many choices, eZhire stands out as a super reliable and trustworthy option for car rental at Sharjah International Airport.

Kia Picanto
HatchbackKIA PicantoRates in AED
  • Daily 99
  • Weekly 659
  • Monthly 1,699

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Mitsubishi Attrage
Sedan Price dropMitsubishi AttrageRates in AED
  • Daily 105
  • Weekly 699
  • Monthly 1,599 1,999

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Nissan Sunny
Sedan Price dropNissan SunnyRates in AED
  • Daily 99
  • Weekly 669
  • Monthly 1,699 1,999

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Mitsubishi ASX
SUVMitsubishi ASXPrices in AED.
  • Daily 139
  • Weekly 969
  • Monthly 2,199

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Arrival and Departure - Car Rentals Made Easy at Sharjah Airport (SHJ)

Getting to and from Sharjah Airport can be tricky. Public transportation is available, but it might not match your schedule or where you need to go, especially if you arrive late or have multiple stops. Renting a car right at the airport is super easy. You can skip waiting and get going on your trip right away.

If you're on vacation or a business trip, renting a car at the airport gives you freedom and flexibility. You can drive at your own pace or stick to a tight schedule.
Families love having plenty of room in rental cars for their stuff and being comfortable while traveling. If you're traveling alone, you can explore off the usual paths without worrying about bus or train times.

Business travelers find renting cars efficient for smooth operations. It helps them move quickly between meetings or events. Renting a car at Sharjah Airport meets the different needs of travelers, making their whole trip better.

Why Rent A Car at Sharjah International Airport with eZhire?

No Security Deposit
Our customers don't need to provide a deposit and we offer the most competitive prices in the region.
No paperwork
No paperwork is required, Hassel-free booking through eZhire App.
Skip the line / save time
Streamline your journey with eZhire. Simplify and enjoy your ride hassle-free with our efficient services.
Dedicated Customer Support
Our 24/7 customer support team is always ready to help with roadside assistance, extension, returns, and more.

How to Order Your Car for Pickup at Sharjah Airport

  • 01 Choose your car
  • 02 Tell us how long your want it for
  • 03 Add your documents
  • 04 Select add-ons
  • 05 Confirm order
  • 06 Pick up car once you land

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What Documents Do You Need to Rent a Car at Sharjah Airport?

Car rental document requirements at Sharjah Airport are strict and hefty fines can be imposed for not meeting the requirements. In order to get a car rental, you'll need the following:


UAE Driving Licence
Emirates ID
Credit Card


International Driving Licence & Permit
Valid Passport & UAE Visa
Credit Card

Navigating the Roads of Sharjah

Traversing the complex network of streets in Sharjah poses a significant challenge and an exciting opportunity, especially for newcomers to the region. It's essential to grasp the nuances of traffic regulations as violations can result in substantial fines. Before embarking on any driving ventures, obtaining a valid driver's license in Sharjah is essential; however, individuals from other countries might face additional assessments. 

For temporary visitors, renting a vehicle from Sharjah Airport offers a convenient way to explore the diverse urban scenery and nearby attractions. Reassuringly, Sharjah offers plenty of parking facilities spread across the city, making vehicle accommodation convenient for everyone. 

Understanding the local driving culture, following signage protocols, and being aware of traffic patterns promote personal safety and make journeys smoother. Despite occasional traffic congestion, Sharjah's roads are generally well-maintained, facilitating seamless travel to important destinations within and outside the city limits, ensuring a hassle-free driving experience.

eZhire: Your Reliable Sharjah Airport Car Rental

Renting cars in Sharjah? We understand. Renting should be straightforward, inexpensive, and fantastic. That's our focus - ensuring your rental experience is effortless and trouble-free. We're big on convenience. With us, it's really easy. Just a few taps on your phone, and you're ready to roll. No more waiting or paperwork. Our app? Really easy to use. Pick your car, choose how long you want it, and bam! It's delivered to you in a flash.

We keep it real with our prices. Competitive? You bet. And our cars? Top of the line. From small city cruisers to big family SUVs, we've got something for everyone. Why are we special? 'Cause we're all about quality. Our cars? Always in tip-top shape, only the best brands here. Got questions? Our support team's on standby 24/7. We've got you covered. So why us? 'Cause renting with eZhire is a breeze. Try us out today and see for yourself.


How does eZhire Work?

Are you searching for a car at Dubai International Airport? It's a breeze with eZhire. You can book in advance using our app or visit a rental kiosk in the arrivals hall.
What kinds of cars can I rent at Dubai Airport?

eZhire has all sorts, from budget-friendly to fancy ones. Small cars for the city or big SUVs for the desert, we've got it all.

Where can I find car rentals at Terminal 3?

Terminal 3's got spots for rentals right inside. Grab one when you land and drop it off before you leave

Can I get a fancy car at Dubai Airport?

Sure thing! We've got luxury options too. Sports cars, classy sedans – take your pick.

How do I return the car at Dubai Airport?

Easy! Drop it off at one of our marked spots in the terminals before you go.

Are there any hidden charges?

Nope, our prices are clear. No surprises, just good deals.

Can I rent at Terminal 1 with the eZhire app?

Absolutely! Book ahead with the app and save time when you arrive.

Why choose eZhire at Terminal 1?

We've lots of cars and make renting easy. Your trip will be smooth sailing from start to finish.

How come you don’t require a deposit?

At eZhire, we believe in breaking down barriers to car rental, which is why we've eliminated the need for deposits.

We want to make car rental as accessible and hassle-free as possible, without forcing our customers to tie up their money with unnecessary deposits. With eZhire, you can enjoy the freedom of the open road without any hidden costs or surprises.

Can I extend my order?

You can absolutely extend your rental from the app. In fact, I always recommend that people do it ahead of time to avoid any possible issues.

However, please keep in mind that you have to do it at least 3 hours before the end of your rental. That way, you're not left scrambling if something comes up.

Download The App at Dubai International Airport

Get a rental car delivered, hassle-free. No deposit is required.