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Places to visit in Palm Jumeirah for free in Dubai
Tamsila AliMay 1, 2024 13 min read

Places to visit in Palm Jumeirah for free in Dubai

Places to visit in Palm Jumeirah for free in Dubai

Table of Content

Dubai's architectural mastery and luxurious living are showcased in Palm Jumeirah. This human-made wonder, shaped like a palm tree, symbolizes wealth and luxury. But beyond its grand appearance, there's a wealth of free attractions waiting to be discovered. Our guide reveals the charm of Palm Jumeirah without emptying your pockets. From beautiful boardwalks to pristine beaches and fascinating landmarks, learn how to enjoy the essence of this famous spot without spending too much. Come along as we explore the wonders of Palm Jumeirah, where luxury and affordability intersect in Dubai's core.

List of places to visit in Palm Jumeirah for free


1. The Crescent

Explore the captivating charm of The Crescent, the grand outer circle of Palm Jumeirah. Dive into an adventure of discovery and calmness. This famous walkway gives you a fantastic view of Dubai's impressive skyline. You'll see tall buildings touching the sky, right next to the calm Arabian Gulf. The sea's blue waters meet the sky in a beautiful mix of nature and modern life.

Walk onto the Crescent and experience a mix of sights and sounds. It'll capture your senses. Whether you love running, cycling, or just wandering around, The Crescent has plenty of free things to do. Feel the soft sea breeze as you run along the paths. Or enjoy the colorful view while cycling at your own pace. Or simply take a relaxed stroll along the walkway and enjoy new views at every step.

As you walk The Crescent, let yourself be amazed by Palm Jumeirah's magic. It's where incredible buildings blend perfectly with natural beauty. Whether you're a visitor or a local, this magical place invites you to relax and escape from city life. It's a haven for your soul. So, come, explore The Crescent, and find ultimate relaxation and luxury against Dubai's stunning skyline and the calm waters of the Arabian Gulf.

2. The Boardwalk

The board walk

Walking along the Palm Jumeirah Boardwalk, you instantly feel drawn to its charm. What stands out most is how easy it is to get in, welcoming everyone without any fees. This makes it feel like a place for everyone, bringing people together to enjoy its beauty.

The boardwalk isn't just easy to access, though. There's a lot to do around here as well. Along the path, there are many cafes. These cafes send out delicious smells. You can relax there, have a snack, or drink while enjoying the stunning views of the Arabian Gulf. The atmosphere is vibrant but relaxed. It's ideal for individuals exploring alone or for friends looking for a chill time together.

Among all the hustle and bustle, shops catch your eye with their cool stuff, from local souvenirs to fancy clothes, catering to all tastes. Plus, there are artsy displays scattered around, adding a creative vibe to the place.

As you continue walking, it's impossible not to appreciate the beauty of Palm Jumeirah, with its tall buildings set against the backdrop of the blue sky.

The boardwalk isn't only a pathway for exploration; it's also the perfect place to admire the impressive buildings that make this location so unique.

In short, the Palm Jumeirah Boardwalk has a great blend of easy access, diversity, and breathtaking scenery. It's a spot you absolutely shouldn't overlook, whether you're a tourist or a resident.

3. Beaches

Beaches in Dubai

Palm Jumeirah boasts a plethora of free public beaches, each offering a unique experience amidst its clear waters and pristine sands. Below, discover a curated selection along with their distinctive features:

Al Sufouh Beach: Nestled on the trunk of Palm Jumeirah, this beach unveils soft, golden sands kissed by calm waters. Refresh after a swim with convenient showers, indulge in sunbathing on provided loungers, and seek solace in shaded areas to evade the scorching sun.

The Pointe Beach: Situated at The Pointe, this beach presents breathtaking vistas of the Atlantis hotel and Dubai skyline. Facilities include showers and changing rooms, with beach chairs and umbrellas available for rent. Dive into the crystal-clear waters for a rejuvenating dip, and unwind on the soft sands for ultimate relaxation.

Club Vista Mare Beach: Located on the east crescent of Palm Jumeirah, this beach exudes a vibrant ambiance with its array of beach clubs and restaurants. While some sections may entail charges, certain areas welcome the public free of cost.

 Enjoy amenities like showers, beach loungers, and access to exhilarating water sports.

Riva Beach Club: Primarily a private beach club, Riva offers a public beach area for a nominal fee. 

Revel in the convenience of showers, changing rooms, sun loungers, and umbrellas. Additionally, delight in a freshwater swim at the beach club's pool.

These public beaches on Palm Jumeirah serve as idyllic sanctuaries for leisure and aquatic adventures. Designed to elevate your beach escapades, the amenities ensure a memorable day by the serene sea.

4. The Atlantis, The Palm

The Atlantis, The Palm

Situated beautifully on the famous Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, Atlantis, The Palm isn't just a fancy hotel; it's a whole world to explore. While the hotel offers lots of fancy stuff to do, there are also cool things to find outside Atlantis, often for free.

Start your Adventure by taking a Walkthrough 

The Avenues is a cute outdoor shopping area right at the entrance of Atlantis. Here, you can check out all sorts of fancy shops, from expensive fashion to cool souvenirs, surrounded by pretty gardens. It's a nice place for a relaxed walk or just to look at stuff in the windows, with the hotel's cool architecture in the background.

Next to The Avenues is The Royal Walk, a pretty pathway by the water looking out over the Arabian Gulf. It's got palm trees, fancy lights, and awesome views of the Dubai skyline and the nice beaches of Palm Jumeirah. Take a leisurely walk, feel the sea breeze, and look at the big fancy boats parked nearby.

And while you're exploring outside Atlantis, make sure to take some pics of the amazing buildings. From the fancy entrance with big arches to all the cool Arabian-style designs, Atlantis is super fancy everywhere you look. There are lots of spots to take cool photos, whether it's the impressive front or the amazing views around.

Exploring outside Atlantis, The Palm is a fun time with lots to see, cool buildings, and awesome views. So, take your time, enjoy the vibe, and make some awesome memories in this fancy resort.


Crescent Rd - The Palm Jumeirah - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

5. The Palm Monorail

Get on the Palm Monorail! It's a cheap and enjoyable way to travel, and you'll get to see some amazing views of Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. Get ready for an experience you won't forget!

So, picture this: as you hop on, you'll be treated to stunning views of Dubai's skyline and the crystal-clear waters of the Arabian Gulf. It's like nothing else!

The monorail smoothly glides along Palm Jumeirah, showing off all the fancy resorts, fancy villas, and super cool buildings. It's a man-made marvel, and you'll feel like you're in a dream world.

No matter if you're new to Dubai or a seasoned traveler, you'll be blown away by the panoramic views. And don't forget your camera! You'll want to snap some shots of Atlantis, The Palm, which is a big deal around here.

As you cruise along, you'll also get to see the Dubai Marina skyline and the amazing Burj Al Arab. They're like postcard-perfect views!

The Palm Monorail stops at different places, so you can easily hop off and check out the sights. Want some watery fun? Get off at Atlantis Aquaventure station. Or head to Palm Gateway station for The Pointe, where there's tons of cool stuff to do.

If you're into free stuff (who isn't?), get off at Al Ittihad Park station. It's a peaceful oasis with lush greenery and a nice sea breeze. Perfect for a relaxing stroll!

As you keep riding, soak in the vibes of Palm Jumeirah. There's so much to see, from busy streets to beautiful beaches. Whether you're up for an adventure or just want to chill and enjoy the view, the Palm Monorail has you covered. And the best part? It's easy on the wallet for everyone!


King Salman Bin, Abdulaziz Al Saud Street - Dubai

6. Parks and Promenades

Palm Jumeirah, famous for its fancy hotels and beautiful views of the water, also has calm parks and walkways for people to enjoy. 

  • Al Ittihad Park: It's right in the middle of Palm Jumeirah and is full of greenery. 
    There are over 60 kinds of plants in the UAE. Walk around the paths under the palm trees, relax, and look at the pretty views of the island. There are playgrounds for kids, so it's great for families. People like to have picnics or just chill with a book here.
  • Golden Mile Galleria: This place runs along the Golden Mile on Palm Jumeirah's main part. It's a nice walkway, perfect for strolls or jogging. On one side, you see the Arabian Gulf, and on the other, you get the Dubai skyline view. It's great for people who love working out or just want some fresh air. 

There are cafes and shops along the walkway, so you can grab a snack or do some shopping after exercising.


The Palm Jumeirah - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

7. Street Art and Sculptures

Welcome to Palm Jumeirah! It's not just about fancy resorts and amazing views here. We've got some awesome art waiting for you to find. And guess what? You can check it out for free!

Let's start at Crescent East. You'll find "The Palm Fountain" there. This fountain is super cool. It dances to music and lights up the night sky. You can't miss it!

Next up, head down the promenade to see "The Tree of Life." It's this huge sculpture surrounded by lots of greenery. It stands for strength and growth, reminding us of how beautiful nature is.

Then, over at the Shoreline Apartments, look for "The Diver." It's this big sculpture celebrating adventure and the sea. It's a nod to the island's history as a maritime spot.

Keep walking to the Boardwalk. You'll see these awesome murals on the walls. Each one tells a story and adds a pop of color to your walk.

Last stop, Atlantis, The Palm. Check out "The Lost Chambers Aquarium." It's not street art, but it's still cool. You'll see sculptures inspired by ancient times and mythical creatures.

Whether you're a fan of art or just looking for some inspiration, Palm Jumeirah's art scene is fantastic. So, put on your shoes, grab your camera, and let's go check it out!

Don't forget to share your finds with #PalmArtWalk!


Within City Walk Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

8. Local Markets and Souks

When you go to nearby markets and souks, you can experience the culture firsthand. It's like diving into the daily life of the city. The Pointe Market and Nakheel Mall Souk are two spots where travelers can really get to know a place through its busy markets.

The Pointe Market, located in Dubai, is a charming waterfront area. It mixes traditional souk charm with modern comforts. 

Walking through its narrow streets, you'll find various stalls selling handmade crafts and exotic spices. Plus, with the Arabian Gulf in the background, it's a magical place to explore.


Center of Palm Jumeirah - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

9. Al Ittihad Park

Dubai is home to Al Ittihad Park, an oasis blending nature and city life. Spanning 1.1 million square feet, it's a green haven in the bustling city.

As you step in, colors and scents welcome you. There are lush lawns, winding paths, and colorful flowers. Palm trees provide shade, and flowers fill the air with fragrance.

The park showcases 60+ local plant species, like the tough ghaf tree and fragrant jasmine. Each plant adapts to survive in the desert.

For fun, the park offers jogging tracks, yoga sessions, and picnic spots. Kids have play areas, and there's outdoor gym equipment.

Apart from nature, the park has cafes and kiosks for snacks. Guided tours explain its ecological importance, promoting conservation.

Whether you seek nature or a break from the city, Al Ittihad Park welcomes everyone. It's a serene spot with stunning views and plenty to do, reflecting Dubai's dedication to nature and community.

10. The Palm Fountain

The Palm Fountain amazes people. It's in Dubai on The Palm Jumeirah. It's huge and charming. It's even in the Guinness World Record.

At night, the fountain lights up. It's beautiful and big. It has music and water shows. People of all ages love it.

The Palm Fountain is in Dubai Marina. It's tall and stunning. The water moves with music and lights. It's like a colorful painting in the sky.

People can see it from many places. They can walk around or eat at nearby restaurants. It's a mix of tech, art, and nature.

The Palm Fountain shows Dubai's creativity. It's huge and stunning. People from everywhere come to see it.

If you're looking for a romantic evening or just want to witness something incredible, make sure to visit The Palm Fountain. It's an experience you won't forget.



Q1: Are there any entrance fees for visiting the attractions in Palm Jumeirah?

A: No, most of the attractions mentioned in our guide are free to access, allowing visitors to enjoy the beauty of Palm Jumeirah without any entrance fees.

Q2: What are some of the best free activities to do in Palm Jumeirah?

A. You can explore The Crescent for stunning views of Dubai's skyline, walk along The Boardwalk for a vibrant atmosphere, relax on the free public beaches, and admire the street art and sculptures scattered around the area.

Q3: Is there public transportation available to explore Palm Jumeirah?

A. Yes, the Palm Monorail offers a convenient and affordable way to travel around Palm Jumeirah, providing panoramic views of the surroundings.

Q4: Are there any green spaces or parks to visit in Palm Jumeirah?

A. Absolutely! Al Ittihad Park offers a serene oasis amidst the city, with lush greenery, jogging tracks, and picnic spots, providing a refreshing break from the urban environment.

Q5: Are there opportunities for shopping or experiencing local culture in Palm Jumeirah?

A. Yes, visitors can explore local markets and souks like The Pointe Market and Nakheel Mall Souk to experience traditional Arabian charm, browse handmade crafts, and indulge in authentic local experiences.


To sum it up, Palm Jumeirah in Dubai has a bunch of free things to do. You can enjoy the beauty and luxury of this famous spot without spending a lot of money.

From strolling along The Crescent to relaxing on the pristine beaches, exploring vibrant street art to experiencing the tranquility of parks like Al Ittihad Park, there's something for everyone to enjoy. 

If you're a tourist wanting adventures or a local wanting to relax, Palm Jumeirah invites you to explore for free. So, come and enjoy the charm of Palm Jumeirah, where luxury and affordability meet in the heart of Dubai.