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Best Free Places To Visit in Dubai
Tamsila AliApr 8, 2024 5 min read

A List of All the Best Free Places To Visit in Dubai

Table of Content

Are you looking the places to visit in Dubai for free?  Stop your search! Find a list of Dubai's best free attractions, from calm beaches to thrilling desert safaris.

Delve into the lively culture by exploring Old Dubai, art galleries, and cultural festivals. Discover the city's fascinating history at heritage sites, grand mosques, and the iconic Dubai Creek.

For family fun, explore exciting activities for all ages and indulge in retail therapy at various shopping destinations. Get ready to experience Dubai without breaking the bank.

You can rent a car in Dubai to visit all these free places in Dubai.

Best Free Places to Visit in Dubai


A list of all the best free places to visit in Dubai


Beaches in Dubai

Dubai has a variety of free attractions that are perfect for visitors looking to explore without breaking the bank. 

Among these are the city's free beaches, where you can relax and soak up the sun without spending a penny. JBR Beach and Kite Beach are particularly popular choices. 

At these spots, you can enjoy activities like swimming, sunbathing, beach volleyball, and water sports, all at no cost. If you're looking for places to visit in Dubai for free, especially at night, these beaches offer a serene and beautiful setting to unwind with family or friends.

Whether you're seeking daytime fun or an evening stroll along the shore, Dubai's free beaches are sure to provide a memorable experience for everyone.

Parks in Dubai

Dubai creek  park Dubai

Get away from the busy city life and dive into nature by checking out Dubai's parks. Safa Park and Creek Park provide beautiful green spaces, running paths, and areas for picnics. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and activities, these places are recommended to visit with family for free in Dubai and are ideal for spending a calm day with loved ones.

Desert Safaris  in Dubai

Dubai Desert Safaris

Discover the mesmerizing beauty of Dubai's desert landscape through self-guided desert adventures. 

There are multiple free places to visit in Dubai, many areas offer free access to explore the vast expanse of golden sand dunes. Additionally, adventurous souls can opt for free desert camps and experience the allure of the desert under the starry night sky, following safety guidelines to ensure a memorable yet secure experience.

Cultural Activities in Dubai

Dubai Cultural activities

Old Dubai

Embark on a journey through time with a serene stroll in the ancient Al Fahidi area, also recognized as Al Bastakiya. Experience its delightful allure, showcasing classic wind-tower designs and meandering pathways.

Discover the Dubai Museum without spending a dime. Immerse yourself in the captivating narrative of the city's intriguing past and dynamic cultural shifts.

Art Galleries

Dubai's art scene is bustling and accessible for free. Visit Alserkal Avenue. You'll see many galleries and creative spots featuring modern art and unique exhibitions.

Dive into Dubai's art culture. Experience the city's lively cultural expressions yourself.

Explore these places to visit in Dubai for free at night or by metro, ideal for families looking for free and entertaining activities.

Cultural Festivals

Discover Dubai's cultural richness through yearly events like the Sikka Art Fair and the Dubai Food Festival. These celebrations honor local art, food, and customs, giving visitors a taste of the city's diverse cultural heritage. 

With art displays and delicious dishes, there's something for all to savor without any admission fee.

Historical Attractions in Dubai

Historical Attractions Dubai

Discover Dubai's rich heritage by exploring its historic sites. Visit Bastakiya Quarter to see traditional architecture and cultural heritage. Wander through its maze-like streets, adorned with historic buildings and art galleries, to experience old Dubai. Additionally, explore Al Seef District, where history meets modernity. Stroll along the creek and enjoy the nostalgic ambiance. These are great places to visit in Dubai for free, especially at night or by metro, ideal for families looking for free attractions.

Mosques in Dubai

Jumeirah Mosque Dubai

Islamic architecture and culture's beauty can be found by visiting Dubai's famous mosques.

Jumeirah Mosque stands out with its stunning architecture. During your visit, follow respectful guidelines to encourage mutual respect and appreciation.

Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek

Experience Dubai's maritime past by exploring the famous Dubai Creek.

Observe the busy scene along the waterfront, where traditional dhows are still active, transporting goods to different places.

Visitors can engage in complimentary activities by the creek, like watching the dhows sail past or leisurely walking along the promenade, enjoying the captivating views of the city skyline.

Exploring Family-Friendly Fun and Shopping Delights

Exploring Family-Friendly Fun and Shopping Delights


Family-Friendly Activities

Dubai has many free attractions perfect for families with kids. You can discover large parks with playgrounds, museums where you can interact, and cultural centers. Dubai has plenty of enjoyable activities for families, and you don't need a lot of money to enjoy them.

Families can make special memories together here without having to spend a ton.

Shopping Destinations

Explore Dubai's traditional souks for a special shopping trip. Places to visit in Dubai for free at night offer a unique experience. 

You can negotiate prices and find hidden treasures. Aromatic spices, beautiful textiles, and crafts await you. These markets provide a peek into Dubai's lively trading past.

 Dive into these lively markets and discover the city's rich cultural mix. Places to visit in Dubai for free by metro give you easy access. Free places to visit in Dubai include these vibrant souks. 

Places to visit in Dubai for free are plentiful. Enjoy family outings to these free attractions in Dubai.



Q1: Are these free attractions open to everyone?

A. Yes, the majority of the listed attractions are open to the public without any entry fees.

Q2: Can I visit Dubai's beaches at night for free?

A. While some beaches may have restricted access during nighttime, certain public beaches remain accessible for stargazing and evening walks.

Q3: Are there free transportation options to these attractions?

A. Dubai's metro system provides convenient and affordable transportation to numerous city attractions, including those mentioned.

Q4: Are there any restrictions for visitors at cultural sites like mosques?

A. Visitors should dress modestly and behave respectfully When visiting cultural and religious sites in Dubai.

Q5: Are these attractions suitable for solo travelers?

A. Certainly, solo travelers can explore these free attractions at their own pace and immerse themselves in Dubai's rich cultural offerings.


In summary, Dubai isn't just about luxury; it also has a range of free attractions for all types of travelers. Whether you're into outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, or historical sites, Dubai offers an unforgettable journey without breaking the bank.