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Dubai to Abu Dhabi by Bus
Tamsila AliFeb 19, 2024 6 min read

Dubai to Abu Dhabi by Bus: How to Travel Between Emirates

Table of Content

Heading from Bur Dubai to Abu Dhabi is quite the journey. You'll pass through two lively Emirates in the UAE. It's not just a trip between cities, but a peek into different landscapes and cultures. Getting there efficiently matters, with about 140 kilometers to cover. 

Whether you're a visitor or a local, knowing your travel options is key. You can go fancy with a private car or keep it simple with public buses.

Let's explore how to travel between Bur Dubai and Abu Dhabi for a smooth ride and exciting adventures.

Traveling Dubai to Abu Dhabi by Bus

Traveling Dubai to Abu Dhabi by Bus (1)

Let's talk about how buses work in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Their authorities will look after the transportation in both cities. In Dubai, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) takes care of the buses. In Abu Dhabi, it's the Department of Transport (DoT). These bus systems are like intricate webs in the city, connecting different places and helping people travel between cities.


  • Economic Efficiency: Bus fares present a budget-friendly alternative compared to pricier options like taxis or personal vehicles.

  • Ubiquitous Reach: Extensive bus routes ensure accessibility across diverse city areas, catering to the needs of residents and tourists alike.

  • Environmental Responsibility: Opting for buses contributes to mitigating carbon footprints per passenger, in contrast to solo driving.

  • Reliability: Bus timetables adhere to regular schedules, furnishing commuters with a dependable mode of conveyance.


  • Time Consumption: Bus commutes may elongate, particularly during peak traffic periods, in contrast to the swiftness of private cars. Fixed Routes, Limited Flexibility: Predetermined bus paths may necessitate additional walking or supplementary modes of transit to reach final destinations.

  • Congestion Woes: Peak hours often witness crowded buses, inducing discomfort among certain passengers.

  • Minimal Amenities: While buses offer basic conveniences, they may pale in comparison to the comfort afforded by taxis or trains.

Locating the Nearest Bus Stop

  • Identify the closest bus station within Bur Dubai, utilizing digital maps or local guidance to pinpoint the nearest halt.

Consulting Bus Schedules and Routes

  • Access official websites or mobile applications provided by RTA or DoT to scrutinize bus timings and pathways from Bur Dubai to Abu Dhabi. Jot down the departure time of your desired bus.

Procuring Tickets and Fare Information

  • Proceed to the bus station and locate ticket counters or automated vending machines. Secure the requisite ticket for your Abu Dhabi expedition, ensuring readiness with cash or a prepaid card for payment.

Boarding Protocol and Onboard Facilities

  • Position yourself at the designated boarding area within the bus station. Upon the bus's arrival, confirm its destination is Abu Dhabi before boarding. Select a seat upon boarding, bearing in mind that buses typically furnish passengers with basic amenities such as air conditioning, comfortable seating, and sporadic Wi-Fi connectivity.

Strategies for Enhancing Bus Travel Comfort

  • Get to the bus station early to get the best seats, especially when it's busy. Bring water and snacks for the trip. Keep an eye on your stuff to keep it safe.

  • Considerate Engagement: Opt for headphones if indulging in personal entertainment, preserving a harmonious atmosphere for fellow passengers.

Respect other passengers and follow any rules set by the bus company to make sure everyone has a good trip.

By following these directions and suggestions, you can have a smooth and enjoyable bus ride from Bur Dubai to Abu Dhabi.

Advantages of Rental Car When You Travel Dubai to Abu Dhabi

Advantages of Rental Car in the UAE

Traveling from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates requires finding the right mode of transportation. Some opt for buses, but there are perks to consider when renting a car.

  • Why Renting a Car is Better Than Taking the Bus

    Renting a car offers freedom and convenience, especially for travel between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Instead of relying on bus schedules, you control your speed and can make stops as you please. Plus, it saves time, perfect for a busy itinerary or specific destinations. No need to wait for buses or stick to fixed routes; you manage your time effectively for a fantastic journey.

  • What eZhire Offers

    eZhire makes renting a car in Dubai simple. They have a bunch of well-kept cars and an easy booking system, so both residents and visitors find it hassle-free.

  • Convenience and Good Prices

    eZhire makes travel simple and budget-friendly, ideal for those journeying from Bur Dubai to Abu Dhabi. With transparent pricing and great offers, there are no hidden fees to worry about.

  • Different Cars for Different Needs

    Whether you're solo or with family, eZhire has the perfect car for you. They provide a range of vehicles with modern features and safety precautions for a secure and comfortable ride.

  • How to Book and Get Help

    Booking a car with eZhire is easy. Just use eZhire Mobile app, choose your car, pick it up in Bur Dubai, and say how long you need it. If you need help while you're using the car, their support team is there 24/7.

Comparison: Bus vs. Rental Car


Cost Analysis:

When you're planning a trip from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, it's important to compare the costs of taking the bus versus renting a car. At first glance, bus fares might appear more affordable, but they might not include additional expenses like getting to and from the bus stops or unexpected fees.

Rental car rates, however, are more straightforward, with most costs included upfront. Platforms like eZhire offer competitive rates with no hidden charges, making it a wallet-friendly choice for your trip.

Time Efficiency:

Travel time matters a lot when picking between a bus and a rental car. Buses follow schedules but often stop many times, making the journey much longer. 

On the flip side, using the eZhire app to rent a car allows you to travel at your own pace, avoiding unnecessary delays. With direct routes and the flexibility to decide your departure time, rental cars offer a quicker and more effective means of reaching Abu Dhabi from Dubai.

Comfort and Convenience:

In terms of ease and practicality, opting for an automobile rental service via eZhire stands as the optimal choice. Public transport, such as buses, often presents a scenario of congestion and discomfort; conversely, procuring a rental vehicle affords you both seclusion and convenience.

 Equipped with amenities such as climate control, adaptable seating arrangements, and entertainment provisions, your journey to Abu Dhabi promises a serene experience. 




Q1: How long does it take to get from Bur Dubai to Abu Dhabi by bus?

A. The bus ride from Bur Dubai to Abu Dhabi usually takes about 1.5 to 2 hours. It depends on traffic and any stops along the way."

Q2: Are there buses directly from Bur Dubai to Abu Dhabi?

A. Yes, you can catch direct buses from Bur Dubai to Abu Dhabi. They're run by the RTA or DoT. These buses make the trip easy and hassle-free between the two places.

Q3: What's the price of a bus ticket from Bur Dubai to Abu Dhabi?

A. The cost of a bus ticket from Bur Dubai to Abu Dhabi changes depending on the type of bus and any discounts available. Generally, bus fares are cheaper compared to other ways of traveling.

Q4: Can I reserve bus tickets ahead of time for my trip from Bur Dubai to Abu Dhabi?

A. Yes, you can book bus tickets beforehand using some bus services' official websites or mobile apps. This can guarantee you a seat and make your journey smoother.


Traveling between Bur Dubai and Abu Dhabi offers different choices, each suiting various preferences. While buses are affordable and accessible, rental car services like eZhire provide convenience and flexibility.

Considering factors such as cost, time, and comfort, many travelers prefer renting a car. With eZhire's easy booking system and various vehicle options, traveling between the two Emirates becomes smooth and enjoyable.

Ultimately, whether you choose the simplicity of bus travel or the independence of a rental car, traveling between Dubai and Abu Dhabi demonstrates the efficiency and vitality of transportation in the UAE.