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Travelling from UAE to Oman and Dubai to Oman
Tamsila AliJan 30, 2024 8 min read

Ultimate Guide to Car Rentals from UAE to Oman

Note: At eZhire, we provide car rental services exclusively within the UAE. We do not offer rentals from Dubai to Oman. This guide will help you if you want to rent a car from Dubai to Oman.

Table of Content

Embark on a fulfilling journey of discovery through our blog, Unveiling the Wonders: Your Ultimate Guide to Road Trips from the UAE to Oman. Experience the growing allure of covering the distance from the UAE to Oman, as we uncover an emerging trend that guarantees a perfect fusion of excitement and exploration.

Delve into the crucial considerations for choosing the perfect car rental, ensuring a seamless adventure from the lively streets of Dubai to the captivating landscapes of Oman. 

Our comprehensive guide offers essential insights into various aspects of car rentals, border crossings, and optimal routes, establishing itself as your primary resource for a straightforward road trip from the UAE to Oman.

Embark on boundless exploration using keywords like car rental UAE to Oman and rent a car Dubai to Oman. Discover the convenience and flexibility these phrases offer as you plan your unforgettable adventure from the heart of the UAE to the enchanting landscapes of Oman.

Why Choose a Car Rental for Your Journey

Why Choose a Car Rental from UAE to Oman

Picking a car rental in Dubai to Oman for your trip has great benefits and lots of people like it. First off, renting a car gives you amazing flexibility and convenience. 

You can go wherever you want at your speed, change your route, and not worry about fixed schedules. Also, you get to pick a car that fits your needs, making your travel better

Also, when you check the prices, getting a rental car is usually less expensive than other transportation options, especially if you're with friends or going to many different spots. It's a clever way to use your money wisely.

Lastly, having a rental car lets you find hidden treasures and beautiful routes away from the usual paths. You can explore lesser-known areas, making your journey special and memorable. 

All in all, the freedom, smart spending, and chance to discover cool places make renting a car a great choice for a smooth and awesome travel adventure.

Understanding the Requirements for Cross-Border Travel

Understanding the Requirements for Cross-Border Travel

Let's talk about what you need when you want to drive from the UAE to Oman. It's like a mini adventure checklist.

Visa Check

  • Investigate the type of visa required for entering Oman from the UAE.

  • Ensure your visa is valid for the entire duration of your stay in Oman.

Passport and IDs

  • Collect your passport and any other identification documents necessary.

  • Safeguard yourself by keeping copies of these crucial papers.

Car Papers

  • Gather the authentic documents for your vehicle, including registration and ownership papers.

  • Confirm that all documents are current and registered under your name.

Driving License Stuff

  • Secure an International Driving Permit if Oman mandates it.

  • Verify if your UAE driving license is recognized for driving in Oman.

Insurance and Permits

  • Car Insurance: Validate that your car insurance provides coverage for international travel.

  • Explore the option of acquiring additional coverage if needed.


    • Examine if any specific permits are mandatory for driving from the UAE to Oman.

    • Procure any necessary permits for your vehicle if they are required.

Border Crossing Tips and Regulations

Border Crossing Hours

      • Be mindful of the operational hours of the border crossing.

      • Plan your journey to avoid potential delays caused by border closures.

Customs Regulations

      • Familiarize yourself with customs regulations for both the UAE and Oman.

      • Declare any items as required to steer clear of legal complications.

Safety and Security

      • Ensure your vehicle complies with safety standards in both countries.

      • Equip yourself with emergency supplies and essential tools for the journey.

Currency and Payment

    • Have the local currency on hand for tolls, fuel, and miscellaneous expenses.

    • Confirm the widespread acceptance of credit/debit cards for payment.

There you have it - a comprehensive guide for your road trip from the UAE to Oman! Double-check everything, drive with caution, and most importantly, have an incredible time.

Can I rent a car from Dubai to Oman with eZhire?

Rent a car from Dubai to Oman with eZhire

Planning a cool road trip from Dubai to awesome Oman and thinking about renting a car? 

While eZhire is your go-to for easy car rentals in the UAE. We need to let you know that we are currently not providing car rental services to Oman.

So, if Oman is on your mind, here are some great car suggestions to make your journey not just easy but super comfy too.

Meet eZhire

Get ready for a cool car rental adventure with eZhire, Your reliable companion for discovering the beauty of the UAE.

Whether it's a quick weekend getaway or a chill road trip, eZhire has a bunch of cars made just for you.

eZhire app is super easy to use, making booking a breeze and letting you dive into the excitement of your upcoming trip. Just a heads up – right now, we’re focused solely on the UAE.

Best Car Option When You Travelling Dubai to Oman

  • Toyota Fortuner

    This tough SUV is perfect for covering long distances. With a roomy interior and comfy seats, your journey will be as smooth as velvet. Plus, it's got top-notch safety features and a strong engine for a safe and fun ride.

  • Mitsubishi Prado

    Known for its off-road skills, this car is a great choice for all kinds of terrains. The fancy interior makes for a posh setting, and the high-tech features add a touch of style to your unforgettable road trip.

  • Range Rover

    If you're into luxury and high performance, this is the car for you. With a lavish interior, modern amenities, and a super smooth ride, it's the perfect choice whether you're cruising on highways or exploring diverse landscapes.

While eZhire is sticking to the UAE for now, we suggest checking out these awesome rides if your journey takes you from Dubai to the stunning landscapes of Oman. 

Picking the right car is key for a comfy and easy trip. Wishing you safe and fantastic travels.


Road Safety Tips and Travel Advice


Road Safety Tips and Travel Advice


Traffic Regulations

  • Acquaint yourself with the traffic rules in both the UAE and Oman. Adhere to speed limits, traffic signs, and signals.

  • Drive on the right side of the road in both the UAE and Oman.

License and Insurance

  • Ensure possession of a valid driver's license recognized in both countries. Carry updated vehicle insurance documents at all times.

Seat Belts and Child Safety Seats

  • Mandatory use of seat belts for all passengers in both nations.

  • Ensure appropriate usage of child safety seats for young passengers.

Mobile Phones

  • Refrain from using mobile phones while driving, unless equipped with a hands-free system.

Speed Limits and Penalties

  • Be conscious of and adhere to speed limits to avoid substantial fines.

  • Exercise caution, especially in residential areas and near schools.

Emergency Contact Details and Roadside Assistance

Memorize emergency contact numbers for both the UAE and Oman.

  • UAE: Police - 999, Ambulance - 998, Roadside Assistance - 800-4353 (Etihad Roadside Assistance).

  • Oman: Police - 9999, Ambulance - 9999, Royal Oman Police Hotline - 800-77777.

  • Roadside Assistance: Be informed about available roadside assistance services from your car rental agency. Save the contact information for roadside assistance on your phone.

Vehicle Breakdown

  • If your vehicle breaks down, relocate it to a safe spot.

  • Contact roadside assistance promptly for assistance.

Tips for Driving in Various Weather Conditions

Hot Weather

  • Stay hydrated and carry an ample water supply.

  • Avoid driving during peak heat hours if possible.


  • Exercise caution during sandstorms due to reduced visibility.

  • Pull over to a secure location and wait for the storm to pass.

Rain and Fog

  • Exercise caution on slippery roads during rain.

  • Use low-beam headlights and maintain a safe distance during fog.

Winter Conditions

  • Prepare for colder temperatures in mountainous areas.

  • Check road conditions before embarking on your journey.

Car Rental UAE to Oman

  • Verify with your rental agency that your vehicle is suitable for cross-border travel.

  • Familiarize yourself with any specific terms and conditions related to travel between the UAE and Oman.

  • Always stay updated on the latest travel advisories and regulations, and practice caution and courtesy on the roads. Safe travels.




Q1: Is an International Driving Permit a must for a road trip from the UAE to Oman?

A: It all hinges on Oman's rules. Confirm the need for an International Driving Permit and ensure your UAE license gets the nod.

Q2: What paperwork is crucial for a cross-border journey to Oman?

A: Bring along a valid passport, identification papers, and vehicle registration documents, and double-check that your car insurance covers international travel.

Q3: Are specific permits required for driving from the UAE to Oman?

A: Scrutinize the need for any special permits for your vehicle and make sure you're in sync with border regulations.

Q4: What are the emergency helpline numbers for both the UAE and Oman?

A: Dial 999 for Police, 998 for Ambulance, and 800-4353 for Roadside Assistance in the UAE. In Oman, reach out to 9999 for the Police, 9999 for Ambulance, and 800-77777 for the Royal Oman Police Hotline.

Q5: Can eZhire be used for car rentals from Dubai to Oman?

A: Presently, eZhire operates exclusively within the UAE. Explore alternative options for renting a car for your journey from Dubai to Oman.

Wrapping Up Your Road Trip

In conclusion, this comprehensive guide on car rentals from the UAE to Oman arms you with indispensable insights for a flawlessly orchestrated road adventure. Opting for a car rental, whether it's for "car rental UAE to Oman" or "rent a car Dubai to Oman," promises matchless flexibility, cost-efficiency, and the opportunity to discover hidden treasures. Grasp the essentials for cross-border travel, encompassing visas, documentation, and safety measures.

If eZhire is on your radar for car rentals, be aware of its current UAE-only operations. As you chart your course for excitement, prioritize safety, adhere to traffic norms, and relish the liberty of the open road. 

Plan with assurance, and may your journey from the dynamic streets of Dubai to Oman's enchanting landscapes be brimming with indelible moments.