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Top 10 Car Rental Companies in Sharjah -2
Waqar AhmedDec 14, 2023 2 min read

Top 10 Car Rental Companies in Sharjah | eZhire

Sharjah, a city renowned for blending cultural richness with modern flair, offers an array of car rental options for those seeking convenience and mobility. From eZhire's innovative approach to traditional players in the industry, this guide will help you navigate the top car rental companies in Sharjah for a seamless travel experience.

List of Top 10 Car Rental Companies in Sharjah

  1. eZhire
  2. Dollar Dubai
  3. Europcar
  4. Alamo
  5. Goldcar
  6. Hertz
  7. Sixt
  8. Enterprise
  9. Avis
  10. Thrifty

1. eZhire - Redefining Car Rentals: At eZhire, we prioritize simplifying the car rental process. Our app-driven service offers hassle-free booking, on-demand delivery, and a no-deposit policy, setting us apart in the Sharjah market. Committed to customer satisfaction and accessible transportation, eZhire embodies convenience and innovation in car rentals.

2. Dollar Dubai: Dollar Dubai is a go-to option for budget-conscious travelers. They offer a broad range of vehicles at competitive prices, ensuring reliability without breaking the bank.

3. Europcar: Europcar combines international standards with local know-how, providing a diverse fleet that caters to various needs, from compact cars for city tours to luxury vehicles for special occasions.

4. Alamo: The Alamo is particularly popular among tourists, offering convenient services like easy airport pickups and helpful guides for navigating Sharjah’s attractions.

5. Goldcar: Goldcar stands out for its value-for-money offerings. Their competitive pricing and variety of rental plans make them a favored choice for both short and long-term rentals.

6. Hertz: Hertz offers a blend of quality and variety, presenting a wide range of well-maintained vehicles. Known for their excellent customer service, they cater to both leisure and business travelers.

7. Sixt: Sixt is synonymous with premium cars and top-notch services. They offer an impressive selection of high-end vehicles for those seeking luxury and comfort.

8. Enterprise: Enterprise is renowned for its personalized customer experience. They provide tailored rental solutions, ensuring that each customer finds the perfect vehicle for their needs.

9. Avis: Avis is a name that resonates with consistency and reliability. Their extensive network and dependable service make them a trusted choice for car rentals in Sharjah.

10. Thrifty: Thrifty offers versatile rental options, including daily, weekly, and monthly plans. Their convenient booking process and range of vehicles cater to a variety of preferences.



Each of these car rental companies in Sharjah brings something unique. While eZhire leads with its innovative, app-based rental service, the others offer a mix of affordability, luxury, convenience, and personalized services. Whether you're visiting for business or leisure, you’ll find a rental company that suits your needs, allowing you to explore the captivating city of Sharjah with ease and comfort. Remember, the right choice can greatly enhance your travel experience. Happy driving!

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