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Ordering Your Rental Car Through the eZhire App
Tamsila AliFeb 22, 2024 8 min read

Guide on Ordering Rental Car Through the eZhire App

Table of Content

In this expansive manual, we explore the seamless procedure of reserving your hired automobile via the groundbreaking eZhire Application. Delving into the complexities of vehicle rental has never been more straightforward, all thanks to the easily navigable interface and systematic directives presented by eZhire.

From handpicking your preferred vehicle to finalizing the reservation, each phase is meticulously delineated to guarantee a trouble-free encounter. With the eZhire Application at your disposal, acquiring a rental car transforms into a straightforward endeavor, conserving both time and energy. 

Join us as we delve into the convenience and effectiveness of utilizing the eZhire Application for all your rented car necessities.

Benefits of Using eZhire App for Car Rentals



eZhire Application proffers an array of advantages for individuals seeking expedient and economical automobile rental solutions.

  • Expediency: eZhire streamlines the process of car rental, furnishing unparalleled convenience. Users can procure a vehicle at any time and place, directly through their handheld devices. Whether domiciled, stationed at the workplace, or on the move, an extensive array of vehicles is readily accessible.

    This obviates the inconvenience of traversing multiple rental agencies or enduring lengthy queues to secure transportation. With merely a few taps, users can secure a vehicle, promptly delivered to their doorstep, thus economizing valuable time and exertion.

  • Economical Efficacy: eZhire is steadfast in providing competitive pricing and cost-efficient advantages to its clientele. The application presents transparent pricing devoid of concealed fees or surcharges, ensuring optimal value for users' expenditures. 

    Moreover, eZhire periodically extends discounts, promotions, and exclusive offers solely through the application, facilitating further savings on car rentals. By mitigating the overhead expenses affiliated with traditional rental agencies, eZhire transfers these savings onto its patrons, rendering it an affordable choice for all categories of travelers.

  • Multifarious Options: An eminent advantage of utilizing eZhire is the broad spectrum of vehicles available for rental via the application. Whether necessitating a compact automobile for urban commutes, a commodious SUV for a familial excursion, or an opulent sedan for a special event, eZhire caters to diverse requirements. 

The application encompasses a vast assortment of vehicles from leading automotive manufacturers, ensuring users can procure the ideal vehicle tailored to their requisites and inclinations.

Step-by-Step Guide to Ordering a Rental Car via eZhire App

Got an Android phone? Head to the Google Play Store. Got an iPhone? Go check out the Apple App Store.

  • Search for "eZhire" and install the mobile app.

  • Once installed, open the app and hit 'Sign Up.

  • Enter your details: name, email, phone number, and create a strong password.

  •  Simply tap on 'Create Account' to finish signing up.

  • Join or Log In:

  • Open the eZhire app and choose to sign up for a new account or log in if you already have one.

  • If signing up, enter the required details or use your Google or Facebook account.

  • For existing users, simply enter your email/phone and password to log in.

  • Upon logging in, browse through available rental cars.

  • Use the search bar and filters to find the car you want based on its type, brand, or features. Click on a car to see more information like rates, specifications, and photos.

  • Pick when and where.

  • After you choose a car, decide how long you want it for by saying when you'll start and finish.
  • Say where you'll pick it up and drop it off. also you can get it delivered to your door-step. You can type in an address or let the app know where you are.
  • If your plans mean you'll pick up and drop off in different places, make sure you choose the right options.


Check and say yes

  • Look at all the details of your booking. Check the car you've picked, how long you're keeping it, and where you're getting it from and dropping it off.

  • Make sure everything's right.

  • If it looks good, tap "Book Now" or "Confirm Reservation." You might need to put in your payment details and agree to the rules before you finish booking.

Additional Features and Services Offered by eZhire App

Additional features

eZhire is an app many people use to rent cars. But guess what? It's not just about renting cars. Nope, it offers more cool stuff too!

First up, they've got Chauffeur Services. Ever heard of those? In essence, one has the option to enlist the services of a proficient chauffeur in conjunction with the rental vehicle.

Exceptionally convenient should one find oneself disinclined to personally operate the vehicle, be it to attend a professional engagement, a social gathering, or merely seek relaxation.

Relax and unwind while you journey.

Following that, there exist Monthly rental options. Indeed, you have the opportunity to rent a vehicle for an entire month or more. Ideal for individuals requiring a vehicle for an extended duration but prefer not to purchase or commit to a lease agreement.

When it comes to Airport Transportation, have you ever landed at an airport and wished for the capability to promptly transfer yourself to your designated destination? Though eZhire may not possess enigmatic abilities, it undeniably streamlines the process of arriving at your desired location from the airport.

Perfect for travelers who dig convenience.

Oh, and One-Way Rentals. Ever wanted to pick up a car from one spot and drop it off at another? With eZhire, you totally can! Awesome for those planning a one-way trip or moving to a new city.

And guess what? They've got your back 24/7 with Customer Support. 

Have inquiries regarding reservations, your rental arrangement, or require roadside assistance? They've got you fully supported at any hour, whether it be day or night.

Now, onto the topic of incentives! As a devoted eZhire patron, you could potentially enjoy some delightful advantages such as:

Savings on your subsequent rental. That's right, if you continue to patronize them, they'll extend a token of appreciation in the form of a discount.

So, why do they do all this? Simple. They want to make renting cars a breeze for you and say thanks for sticking with them. Nice, right?

Tips for a Seamless Rental Experience with eZhire App

Tips for a Seamless Rental Experience with eZhire App

Let's make renting a car in Dubai with the eZhire app super easy for you. Here are some tips:

  • Plan ahead: Book your rental early, especially during busy times like holidays. This ensures you get the car you want.

  • Check requirements: Make sure you're eligible to rent a car. That means meeting age requirements and having a valid driver's license.

  • Choose the right car: Pick a car that fits your needs. Think about things like how many people will be riding, how much luggage space you need, and how fuel-efficient you want it to be.

  • Read the rules: Understand everything in the rental agreement. That includes things like what's covered by insurance, how many miles you can drive, and what happens if you're late returning the car or if it gets damaged.

  • Inspect the car: Before you start driving, take a good look at the car for any damage. If you see anything, take some photos or videos and let eZhire know right away.

  • Communicate clearly: Use the eZhire app to talk to the rental company about where you'll pick up and drop off the car, any special requests you have, or if you're worried about anything.

  • Follow instructions: Do what eZhire tells you to do when you pick up the car, get the keys, and return it. That way, everything goes smoothly.

  • Drive safely: Follow the rules of the road, be careful when you're driving, and make sure you take good care of the car to avoid accidents or damage.

  • Monitor mileage: Keep an eye on how many miles you're driving so you don't go over the limit and end up paying extra.

  • Report issues quickly: If something goes wrong while you're renting the car, like it breaks down or you get into an accident, tell eZhire right away so they can help you out.

  • Return on time: Bring the car back when you're supposed to so you don't get charged extra. And don't forget to fill up the gas tank if you need to.

  • Give feedback: After you're done renting the car, let eZhire know how it went. Your feedback can help them make things even better for the next person who rents a car.




Q1: Can I Get the eZhire App On Android and iOS?

A. Yes, you can download the eZhire app on both Android and iOS devices. You can find it on the Google Play Store for Android phones and on the Apple App Store for iPhones.

Q2: What's Good about eZhire Compared to Regular car Rentals?

A. eZhire is super easy to use. You see prices upfront, pick from lots of cars, and add extras like a driver, long-term rentals, airport trips, one-way trips, and help whenever you need it.

Q3: Will I Get Charged Extra Fees With eZhire?

A. Nope, with eZhire, you always know what you're paying. They don't take in extra charges, so you can book confidently.

Q4: How Do I Earn Rewards or Discounts With eZhire?

A. Continuing to utilize eZhire will earn you points with every rental. These points can be redeemed for discounts, upgrades, or exclusive deals. Thus, the more frequently you use the app, the greater your savings opportunities become.

Q5: What if I Have Problems During My rental, like if the Car Breaks Down or I Have an Accident?

A.If something goes wrong while you're renting, like if the car breaks down or you have an accident, just call eZhire's support team anytime, day or night. They'll help you figure out what to do next so you can get back on track.


So, to sum it up, eZhire makes renting a car easy. You pick your car and book it quickly, saving you lots of trouble. Plus, they offer many car options, clear pricing, extra services like having a driver or going to the airport, and customer support around the clock. With eZhire, you can expect a smooth ride every time.