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Abu Dhabi to Al Ain City by Renting a Car
Tamsila AliFeb 1, 2024 5 min read

How To Travel From Abu Dhabi to Al Ain City by Renting a Car

Table of Content

Embarking on a trip from lively Abu Dhabi to the beautiful Al Ain City is like stepping into a fantastic adventure. 

This guide gives you all the details about the travel route, showcasing the pretty landscapes and interesting cultural spots.

Renting a car in Abu Dhabi becomes super important – it gives you the freedom and comfort you need for an awesome experience. Read through this guide to find the best route, important travel tips, and how renting a car makes your Abu Dhabi to Al Ain journey smooth. Feel the magic as you go from city to oasis with Abu Dhabi to Al Ain car rental.

The Journey from Abu Dhabi to Al Ain

Travelling  from Abu Dhabi to Al Ain

Heading from Abu Dhabi to Al Ain is like going on an exciting journey through the amazing scenery of the United Arab Emirates. 

You'll spot a combination of really modern things and stunning nature that just fits together perfectly.

First, check out the shiny skyline of Abu Dhabi, then cruise through the big desert – it's like a scenic road trip.

Keep your eyes peeled for important places like the famous Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and the super futuristic Yas Island. They add lots of cool culture and architecture to your journey.

Once you're out of the busy city, the road shows off amazing views of golden dunes. It's like a picture-perfect background for your adventure. As you travel, catch a glimpse of how people in the UAE live. Sometimes you'll see camel farms and spots with date palm trees. 

When you reach Al Ain, at the base of Jebel Hafeet, everything changes dramatically. There's a green oasis, and you can explore old places like Al Jahili Fort – it's like stepping back in time. Driving on your own gives you total freedom, so you can enjoy the varied scenes of the UAE at your speed. Dive into the fascinating charm of the Arabian landscape, all at your own pace.

How to Rent a Car with eZhire


How to Rent a Car with eZhire

Renting a car from eZhire is super easy. Just follow these steps for a smooth booking:

Download the App and Create an Account 

  • sign up with your name, email, and phone number.

Log In

  • Use your new account details to log in Provide the Necessary Documents
  • Upload your driver's license and ID to finish booking.

Review Rental Terms

  • Read the rules, like insurance and mileage limits.

Select the vehicle and number of days 

  • Select the required vehicle and choose the number of days 

Confirm Booking

  • Double-check your details and confirm the booking.


  • Pay securely  through the app

Receive Confirmation

  • Once paid, get a confirmation email with all the info.

Pick Up the car or get it delivered 

  • On the date and time, go to the pickup spot to get your car or choose the delivery option

Return the Car

  • Return it on the agreed date, following eZhire's return instructions.

Exploring Al Ain City by Renting a Car 

Rent a car through eZhire

Exploring Al Ain City is so much fun when you have the freedom of a rented car. You can visit awesome places.

Go to Al Jahili Fort—it's like a history masterpiece with beautiful gardens. The Al Ain Oasis is cool too, a UNESCO World Heritage site that shows off the city's farming skills with ancient watering systems and date palm farms. 

And don't miss the Al Ain Zoo—it's super cool, with lots of different animals and a focus on keeping them safe.

Try going to the top of Jebel Hafeet, the highest mountain, for amazing views. Check out the Al Ain Souk, a busy market with traditional crafts and souvenirs. If you like adventures, there are hot springs at Green Mubazzarah, or you can watch camel racing at the Al Ain Camel Market.

Having a rental car in Al Ain is handy. It makes it easy to go to different places and see cool things. You can make your plan and discover hidden gems. And with parking everywhere, you can go from old places to new ones without any trouble. Driving through the beautiful landscapes at your speed makes your time in Al Ain special.




Q1: Is Renting a Car Necessary for Abu Dhabi to Al Ain Travel?

A: Nop, you've got other options, but snagging a rental gives you complete freedom to explore all the cool spots in Al Ain at your own pace.

Q2:What's Required for Renting a Car from eZhire?

A: Just share your driver's license Emirates  ID and credit or debit card, when you book with eZhire.

Q3: Can I grab the rental car wherever I want?

A: Totally! eZhire lets you either pick it up at a specific spot or have it brought to wherever suits you best.

Q4: Are there rules or limits with eZhire car rentals?

A: Yep, make sure you read eZhire's terms, especially the info on insurance and how far you can drive, so your rental experience goes super smooth.

Q5: Where Should I Go in Al Ain City with a Rental Car?

A: Check out Al Jahili Fort, Al Ain Oasis, Jebel Hafeet, Al Ain Zoo, and the awesome Al Ain Souk – all ready for you to explore effortlessly with a rental car.


So, wrapping it all up, going from Abu Dhabi to Al Ain is a seriously thrilling adventure, and it gets even cooler with a rented car. 

Thanks to eZhire and its user-friendly app, cruising through all sorts of amazing landscapes becomes a breeze.

Whether you're checking out the cool stuff in Abu Dhabi or the historical places in Al Ain, a road trip you drive yourself shows you the real UAE. 

Renting from eZhire not only makes your travel smooth but also helps you find the hidden gems in Al Ain. Enjoy the perks of exploring on your own, and let eZhire join you on this amazing trip from Abu Dhabi to Al Ain.