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Car Accident Blog 1
Tamsila AliNov 4, 2022 4 min read

6 Things To Do If You Are Involved In A Car Accident In The UAE

A car accident is a stressful event for everyone regardless of their experience in driving. It’s common for people to start panicking and even flee the scene, when, in reality, leaving after an accident is the worst thing you can do. To avoid unnecessary stress, you can figure out what to do in such scenarios beforehand and be prepared if an unfortunate event occurs. 

Today, we’ll discuss what you should do if you end up in a car accident in the UAE

  • Physical Safety 

  • Safety Warnings 

  • Informing Police 

  • Maintaining Everything In Their Original Form 

  • Necessary Documents 

  • Insurance 

Check That Everyone Is Safe 

Before you start thinking about insurance and damages to your vehicle, the first thing you should do is check that everyone involved in the car crash is safe. Search for any bleeds or serious injuries that would require immediate treatment. Once you make sure that your passengers have only minor bruises or wounds, ask the passengers in other cars if they’re okay. 

In case you see that someone has a serious injury, immediately call an ambulance. To do so, you should dial the number 998. It might be a good idea to call an ambulance even in case of minor injuries to stay on the safer side. However, it’s not necessary if you have only a couple of scratches. 

Don’t Forget About Hazard Lights 

After a car accident in UAE, you should turn on the hazard lights to notify other vehicles about the accident and warn them about possible delays on the road. If the accident was minor and didn’t result in serious injury or damage, you can pull over to the side of the road to avoid blocking the flow of vehicles. 

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If another car was involved in the incident, make sure to discuss the matter rationally and avoid confrontation. Fighting, be it verbal or physical, will only create additional trouble and won’t help anyone. Try to stay calm and wait for the police if you’re unable to resolve issues yourself. 

Call The Police 

If you get in a car accident in the UAE, it’s compulsory to call the police regardless of the severity of the car crash. You should dial 999 and explain what happened precisely. After hearing your story, they will send their crew to investigate the scene and write a report. Remember, you’ll need an official police report to apply for the insurance claim. This is true even for accidents that involve only superficial damage to the cars. 

Instead of calling 999, you can use the Dubai Police app to ask for a crew or take pictures of the damages. However, this app only works within Dubai. 

Car Accident Blog 2


Don’t Move Anything In The Case Of A Serious Accident 

In case of a serious car accident in UAE, you’re not allowed to touch or move anything on the scene. It’s prohibited to change the direction of the vehicles or pull them over to the side of the road. The police have to investigate what happened and whose fault it was. To do so, the scene of the accident should remain untouched. 

The only thing you’re allowed to do is take pictures without making any alterations. After that, you should simply wait for the police. 

Gather Necessary Documents 

The list of necessary documents will vary for locals and tourists. If you have UAE residency, you’ll need an ID card, vehicle registration car, a valid driving license, and a card or document that has information about your medical insurance. You can skip a medical insurance card if you don’t have one. 

If you’re a tourist or an expat, you’ll need a passport, a driving license valid in the UAE, and a medical insurance document. In case you get in an accident with a rental car, it’s also a good idea to call the agency and figure out if any additional steps are required. The best agencies, such as eZhire, will cover the damages fully if the accident wasn’t your fault. Make sure you contact them and verify everything with the company.

Lodge Your Insurance Claim 

Once the police arrive and fill out a report, you should start thinking about the insurance claim. Processing the claim can take some time, so make sure you apply as soon as possible. Don’t forget to take and store pictures and videos safely so that you can present them to your insurance agency. Even though the process of filing the claim is similar in most insurance companies, you should still contact your provider to get more information about the required steps and documents. 

If your car hasn’t sustained serious damage, you can go home and concentrate all your attention on insurance. If not, you should ask the provider for roadside assistance. 

Car accidents in UAE may sound scary, but the main thing is to understand what you need to do if it happens. By following the steps above, you’ll increase the likelihood of a positive outcome.