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Resident Guide - 10 Advantages of Monthly Car Rental in the UAE
Tamsila AliAug 3, 2023 10 min read

Resident Guide - 10 Advantages of Monthly Car Rental in the UAE

Table of Content


Monthly car rental in the UAE has emerged as an ever-popular trend, catering to the escalating demand for flexible transportation solutions among residents and tourists alike.

Our Resident Guide aims to provide a comprehensive exploration of this enticing choice, highlighting ten compelling advantages that make it the preferred mode of travel for many in the UAE. 

Whether you're a long-term resident seeking convenience and cost-effectiveness or a visitor eager to explore the country hassle-free, opting for a monthly car rental offers a plethora of benefits worthy of consideration. 


Monthly car rentals are cost-effective due to several factors that lead to potential savings on rental rates and associated expenses.

  • Lower Daily Rates: Monthly rentals have discounted rates compared to daily rentals, reducing the daily cost.

  • No Weekly Rate Premium: Monthly rentals avoid the additional premium charged for weekly rentals, saving you money.

  • Fewer Fees: Monthly rentals help you avoid extra fees like one-way drop-off charges or additional insurance costs.

  • Flexibility and Convenience: Monthly rentals save time and transportation costs as you don't need to rent frequently.

  • Unlimited Mileage: Some companies offer unlimited mileage options for monthly rentals, beneficial for extensive travel.

  • Reduced Insurance Costs: Monthly rentals can provide more cost-effective insurance packages for extended use.

  • Long-Term Discounts: Rental companies offer additional perks like loyalty rewards and upgrades for long-term rentals.

  • Avoiding Vehicle Depreciation: Monthly rentals save you from car depreciation costs associated with ownership.

  • Consider Specific Needs: Compare rates and consider rental company restrictions before choosing monthly rentals.

In conclusion, Monthly car rentals are a practical choice for extended car needs without ownership commitments.


Flexibility and Convenience

When it comes to car rentals, flexibility, and convenience go hand in hand, making it the ideal choice for those seeking mobility without the burden of ownership.

With a car rental, you enjoy the freedom of having a vehicle available whenever you need it throughout the month.

Whether it's a spontaneous road trip on the weekend, running errands, or attending appointments, you have the power to adapt your plans on the fly.

Say goodbye to the strict schedules and limitations of public transportation, as a rental car allows you to travel at your own pace, on your terms.

No longer will you be tied to bus or train schedules, waiting for their arrival or worrying about missing the last ride.

The convenience of having a car at your disposal ensures that you can make the most of your time, without any hassle.

Embrace the flexibility and convenience of car rental, and experience the joy of a smooth and seamless journey wherever your destination may be.

wide range of vehicles-2

Wide Range of Vehicle Options

Introducing eZhire Car Rental Diverse Monthly Vehicle Rental Service

  • Wide Range of Options: eZhire Car Rental offers a variety of vehicles to cater to different preferences and needs.

  • Economy Cars: Fuel-efficient and perfect for city driving and short trips for budget-conscious individuals or solo travelers.

  • Compact Cars: Slightly more space and comfort while maintaining good fuel efficiency, suitable for small families or individuals.

  • Mid-Size Cars: Spacious with extra legroom, ideal for families or groups on longer journeys.

  • Full-Size Cars: Equipped with additional features and amenities, providing maximum comfort for long trips.

  • SUVs and Crossovers: Versatile options with ample space for passengers and luggage, great for families or outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Luxury Vehicles: High-end cars with luxurious interiors and top-of-the-line performance for an upscale experience.

  • Convertibles: Exciting options to enjoy the open road with the wind in your hair.

  • Sports Cars: Range of high-performance cars for driving enthusiasts.

  • Hybrid and Electric Cars: Environmentally friendly options, reducing carbon footprint and saving on fuel costs.

  • Tailored Choices: Customers can choose the vehicle that suits their preferences and needs, be it for business, leisure, family trips, or special occasions.

Advantages of Rental Company Handling Vehicle Maintenance and Servicing:

  • Professional Expertise: Dedicated mechanics with experience in handling various vehicles ensure efficient issue diagnosis and fixing, maintaining the rented vehicle in top condition.

  • Regular Maintenance: Strict maintenance schedules, including oil changes, tire rotations, and filter replacements, prevent breakdowns and ensure reliability during the rental period.

  • Quality Parts and Tools: Rental companies use genuine manufacturer-approved parts and specialized tools, maintaining the vehicle's original performance, safety, and longevity.

  • Roadside Assistance: Reputable rental companies offer 24/7 roadside assistance, dispatching qualified technicians promptly to reduce downtime and inconvenience.

  • Reduced Costs for Renter: Handling maintenance and servicing shifts the financial burden from the renter, avoiding unexpected expenses and enabling better budgeting.

Insurance policy-1

Insurance Coverage for Monthly Car Rentals in the UAE:

Comprehensive insurance coverage is provided with monthly car rentals in the UAE, ensuring peace of mind and protection during the rental period.

  • Third-Party Liability Insurance: Covers damages or injuries to third parties and their property if you are at fault in an accident.

  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW): This relieves you of financial responsibility for rental car damage, as long as rental terms are followed.

  • Theft Protection: Protects you from financial liability if the rental car is stolen during the rental period.

  • Personal Accident Insurance (PAI): Covers medical expenses and accidental death benefits for you and your passengers in case of an accident.

  • Personal Effects Coverage: Optional protection for personal belongings inside the rental car, compensating for potential loss or damage.

These insurance coverages provide security and prevent high costs in case of accidents, theft, or damage.

Coverage and terms may vary depending on the rental company and vehicle type, so it's essential to review the rental agreement thoroughly.

No Depreciation Worries: Benefits of Monthly Car Rental

Monthly rental of vehicles relieves concerns about vehicle depreciation since the rental company bears responsibility for it.

  • No Ownership: Monthly renters do not own the vehicle, avoiding worries about its decreasing value over time.
  • Fixed Monthly Payments: Budgeting becomes easier with fixed monthly rental payments, unaffected by depreciation.
  • No Reselling Hassles: Returning the rented vehicle eliminates the need to find buyers and deal with reselling stress.
  • No Trade-in Concerns: Monthly renters avoid negotiating trade-in values and the impact of depreciation on trade-in offers.
  • Access to Newer Models: Rental agreements often provide access to newer car models without worrying about depreciation.
  • Less Financial Risk: Rental companies assume the risk of depreciation, ensuring more financial security for renters.

In conclusion, opting for a monthly car rental allows you to enjoy driving without the burden of vehicle depreciation and reselling concerns.

Long-Term Commitment

Monthly car rental is a flexible and cost-effective driving solution. Unlike owning a car, renters avoid expenses like insurance, registration, maintenance, and depreciation.

With no long-term obligations, it's ideal for temporary transportation needs. Renters can choose from various vehicles depending on their requirements - family cars for vacations, fuel-efficient compacts for commutes, or luxury cars for special occasions.

Maintenance and repairs are handled by rental companies, eliminating unexpected expenses and worries.

There's no need to concern about depreciation or resale value. Renters can easily adapt to changing needs without being tied to long-term commitments.

Booking a car through the app is simple, and multiple pickup and drop-off locations are available for convenience.

Monthly rentals require a smaller initial investment, making them suitable for those with limited financial resources. In conclusion, monthly car rental provides practicality, convenience, and freedom from long-term ownership commitments, offering a cost-effective and adaptable transportation solution.

Monthly Car Rental: The Ideal Option for Short-Term Residents

Cost-Effective: Opting for monthly car rental means fixed costs, including insurance and maintenance, making it financially smarter than purchasing a car with upfront expenses and potential depreciation.

Flexibility: Monthly car rentals let you choose a suitable vehicle for your current needs, with the freedom to switch as requirements change during your temporary stay.

Hassle-Free Maintenance: Rental companies handle regular maintenance, eliminating the headache of finding local service providers or dealing with language barriers.

No Resale Concerns: Monthly car rental removes worries about selling the car or dealing with it after leaving the country.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage: Reputable rental companies provide insurance, offering added protection during your rental period, especially in unfamiliar places.

Ease of Access: Car rental services are widely available in urban areas, airports, and tourist destinations, ensuring convenient pickup and return.

Avoiding Legal Complexities: Renting a car helps you comply with local laws and regulations on vehicle ownership stress-free.

247 Roadside Assistance-1

24/7 Roadside Assistance: Key Benefits

  • Immediate Help: Get instant assistance anytime, day or night, for breakdowns and accidents.

  • Peace of Mind: Travel confidently, knowing help is just a phone call away.

  • Quick Response Time: Roadside assistance responds promptly to flat tires, fuel issues, jumpstarts, etc.

  • Trained Technicians: Skilled professionals equipped to fix car problems or arrange towing.

  • Towing Service: Ensure you won't be stranded; get towed to the nearest repair facility.

  • Locked Out or Lost Keys: Gain access to your vehicle or arrange for a replacement key.

  • Flat Tire Assistance: Get help changing the tire or using the spare if available.

  • Battery Jumpstart: Get your rental car's battery jumpstarted without delays.

  • Emergency Fuel Delivery: Receive enough fuel to reach the nearest gas station.

  • Medical Assistance: In case of an accident, roadside assistance can contact emergency services.

Eco-Friendly Options-1

Eco-friendly car rental

Car rental companies offer eco-friendly and fuel-efficient cars to meet the rising demand for sustainable transportation.

 Electric Cars: Zero tailpipe emissions, reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Preserve natural resources as they do not require conventional fuels. Hybrid Cars: Combine internal combustion engines and electric motors, improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions.

Plug-in Hybrid Cars: Larger batteries, longer electric-only driving ranges, lower reliance on fossil fuels. 

Fuel-Efficient Petrol/Diesel Cars: Equipped with fuel-saving technologies, reducing fuel consumption and emissions. 

Advantages for the Environment: Reduced Carbon Footprint: Lower CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions combat climate change. 

Conservation of Natural Resources: Less consumption of finite fossil fuels, decreasing reliance on non-renewable energy sources. 

Air Quality Improvement: Low or zero emissions lead to better air quality and respiratory health.

Support for Green Technology: Drive the development of more sustainable vehicles for the future. In conclusion, eco-friendly car rental options align with environmental consciousness, promoting cleaner transportation and responsible consumption patterns for a greener and more sustainable future.

Experience Seamless Travel with eZhire's Car Rental Subscription

eZhire's Car Subscription model is a revolutionary service that simplifies long-term car rentals.

Customers sign up on the platform, select their desired car and subscription duration, and enjoy car ownership without the expenses.

The service handles all administrative tasks, including insurance and maintenance, saving customers time and effort.

It offers flexibility in choosing subscription durations, from a few months to over a year, with lower monthly fees for longer commitments.

Monthly car rental is ideal for temporary residents as it offers flexibility without long-term commitments.

Special discounts are available for teachers, recognizing their valuable contributions. eZhire's Car Subscription ensures a hassle-free and enjoyable driving experience.



Q1: Is monthly car rental cost-effective compared to daily rentals?

A. Yes, monthly car rentals are cost-effective due to lower daily rates, no weekly rate premium, fewer fees, and long-term discounts.
They help you save money on rental rates and associated expenses.


Q2: What are the benefits of opting for monthly car rental for temporary residents in the UAE?

A. Monthly car rental is ideal for temporary residents as it offers flexibility without long-term commitments.

It provides convenience, access to a wide range of vehicle options, hassle-free maintenance, and insurance coverage, making it a cost-effective and adaptable transportation solution.


Q3: What are the advantages of having 24/7 roadside assistance with monthly car rentals

A. 24/7 roadside assistance provides immediate help in case of breakdowns, accidents, flat tires, fuel issues, and other emergencies.

It offers peace of mind, quick response time, trained technicians, towing service, and assistance in situations where language barriers may be a concern.


Monthly car rental in the UAE presents a range of advantages that make it a preferred choice for residents and visitors alike.

The cost-effectiveness of lower daily rates, no weekly premium, and reduced fees, along with the convenience of not having to return the car frequently, makes it a practical option. With maintenance and servicing taken care of by rental companies, users can enjoy peace of mind.

The inclusive insurance coverage and elimination of depreciation concerns further enhance its appeal. eZhire's Car Subscription model stands out for its simplicity, convenience, and cost-effectiveness.

Overall, monthly car rental proves to be a versatile and advantageous mode of transportation, offering users the freedom to explore and travel hassle-free in the UAE.