5 Dangerous Roads in Dubai 2022

5 Dangerous Roads in Dubai.

It is really unfortunate that some of the roads of Dubai are unsafe. Most of us think that we need to know about roads and vehicles before starting a trip. In this article, we will be able to know about the five most dangerous roads of Dubai. So, let’s make a list.

Emirates Road

The 110km long E 611 road was constructed in 2006. A research paper by Dubai police has stated that this is the topmost dangerous road in Dubai. This road has a record for having the most number of fatalities on the streets of Dubai. 30 traffic accidents and 14 deaths occurred on this road. So, extra caution and care are needed when you are thinking about a trip via this road.

Mohammed Bin Zayed road

E 311 is one of the major roads of the UAE. It begins in the new Al-Falah in Abu Dhabi and extends north-eastward towards the Ras al-Khaimah emirate. It was constructed in the year 2001. According to the statistics, Mohammed Bin Zayed Road is Dubai’s second most risky road. It has the uneven record of having the record of most serious accidents and fatalities, after Emirates road. It is a suggestion that you must stay a little more careful and restrained whenever you are trying to drive Mohammed bin Zayed Road. 

Sheikh Zayed Road

Sheikh Zayed Road is the busiest and the longest road in UAE. Its construction began in 1971 and was completed in 1980. This was named after the then-president of UAE, his Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. This road has a record of 69 traffic accidents and eight deaths. You need to be aware at the time of driving. The jaywalkers can make trouble on your journey. They can emerge onto the road from just about nowhere. So, you have to be careful.

Dubai Al-Ain Road

E-66 is a major road in the United Arab Emirates. This road connects the city of Dubai to the interior city of Al Ain. The main problem of this road is the reckless drivers; they tend to over speed on the highway. This road is highly risky and dangerous. This road has a record of 26 traffic accidents and four deaths. You have to take proper caution to ensure the safety of your life and your family.

Al-Khalid Road

This is also referred to as E 44 Road; this is the road that leads from Dubai to the interior town of Hatta. This road also leads up to Oman. Many long-distance drivers ply on this road. As a result, most reckless driving is seen on this road. 34 traffic accidents and three deaths occurred on this road. So, you have to keep your eyes open and be careful when driving. 

Cautions that should be taken when driving on these roads 

As we have discussed the most dangerous roads of UAE, we also need to know the ways of barring the accidents that can happen here. 


  • First of all, you have to be sure of your driving skill. if you are not so sure about your driving skill, then it will be a stupid decision to drive on these roads.
  • You have to select a vehicle with proper safety features. Don’t forget to check the safety rating before hiring or buying a car. A car with a suitable safety rating reduces the chances of an accident.
  • Never cross the speed limit. It’s against the law and dangerous for your life and others. It will take longer to drive at the time of the halt. Sudden breaks can cause serious accidents. 
  • Never try to overtake the other vehicles. 
  • Never drive on the wrong side even though the road is free.
  • One should always fasten the seat belt. This is not only a safety measure but also it is illegal to drive without using the seat belt.
  • You should never use a mobile phone or headphones while driving the car. There is a high chance of an accident if you are not focused enough on the road while driving.
  • You should never drive drunk. It is illegal and can cause severe kinds of accidents.
  • Do not often change the lanes while driving. This is also considered as risky and can often cause a severe accident.
  • You should always maintain a safe distance from the other vehicles. And be careful while taking a turn. Don’t forget to use signals before turning.
  • One should strictly be aware of all the traffic signals. Violating traffic signals can cause you to be fined for breaking the rules and is also one of the major reasons for causing road accidents.
  • Always observe the weather before going on a drive. If the weather is less than perfect, suppose it is too rainy or too foggy to drive, then you should be extra cautious while driving on the road. So you should always check the weather update before going out in your car especially when it is going to take you a long way to drive.

Contacting professional for hiring a car 

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