The Benefits of Hiring a Self Drive Vehicle

Benefits of hiring a self drive car

Are you planning on going on a road trip with your family? If so, it is always better to opt for self-drive car rental services, especially if you are more in number. Roads trips have become a favorite thing to many, and so has self-drive car rental. Self-drive car rental has become very popular in Dubai lately because of the many benefits that it comes with.

All of this might have got you wondering what the benefits are that made self-drive vehicle rental that made it so popular. Well, let me inform you about all the benefits you get for a self-drive car rental.


Privacy could be a make-or-break deal for everyone on a road trip, especially in this pandemic time. But in a self-drive car, that will not even be an issue. You can set everything according to your liking. You can have the perfect drive experience with the right music, ambiance, and at your own pace.

Driver-related issues can also be an issue if you are hiring a cab or something. It can be bothersome if they keep interrupting or engaging in talks, and it can be a greater nuisance if the trip lasts for a couple of days. But choosing a self-drive vehicle gets rid of all those driver-related issues. You can now spend some quality time with whoever is accompanying you on the trip without much hassle being caused.


Sanitised and clean rental car

We all are very picky with hygiene now due to the whole pandemic situation. Carrying sanitizers, masks, and social distancing has literally become the “new normal” for everyone. While you might be a little picky about hygiene while riding in a cab, renting a car will solve all those issues.

In a rented car, you are in charge, so you can maintain the level of hygiene you want. You also don’t have to worry about whether the driver is maintaining the rules or not. The car company you are hiring from will provide you with a sanitized vehicle, but you can re-sanitize it if you want.


Just comparing the price of car rentals with that of taxis is enough to prove how cost-effective renting a car is. There are just random surge rates of cabs, and daily rentals even cost a lot. But renting a self-drive car erases all those worries from your mind.

As you are the one who makes the decisions here, you can fit the ride according to your budget. Even if you plan for an entire month road trip, it will still be a pocket-friendly option. You can also contact the company to extend the time period if there is a change of plans.

Freedom & flexibility

When we are on a road trip, we might often want to take a few stops or stop at a beautiful place that you might come across while driving, right? But asking your driver to stop every hour or two could be pretty annoying, and even your driver might start complaining. However, driving for yourself, get rid of all those issues.

You can stop by anywhere and anytime if you feel like it while not having to worry about annoying the driver. You are the one who gets to decide the duration of the trip and fulfill your specific requirements. Self-drive means there is no interruption of anyone but you in this road trip.

If you are an adventurous one, you can also discover hidden paths and trails all while enjoying the ride. When you opt for a self-drive vehicle, you don’t have to worry about being answerable to anyone and can take any route you would like. You can even have impromptu trips or modify your plans at any moment.

Safety and security

On a road trip, you already have plenty to worry about. The last thing you want to do is worry about your safety. Taking a taxi means you have to be on edge the whole ride as there are risks of falling asleep or neglecting the driver any safety regulations. Worrying about stuff like this is the last thing we want to do in a journey which is why self-drive is the way to go.

As you are the one driving the car, you don’t have to worry about safety and can take a break whenever you want to. Also, hopping on an hour-long car ride with a complete stranger might not be the best option for those who are extremely anxious. So, a self-drive car rental is good for them as there is no stranger here.

A journey full of fun

Fun based road trip

When you drive the car, you can have fun as you would desire with your family or friends. You can blast on some songs and sing along without having to worry about disturbing the driver. Nor do you have to think about the excess time spent or worry about reaching on time. All in all, a self-drive car rental ensures that you have a fun-filled journey.


Nowadays renting a car is as easy as hiring a cab. There are a lot of online car booking apps and websites where you can rent a car in minutes without much hassle. Not only that, the car gets delivered to your doorstep, and you also get extra services like a sanitized vehicle, autonomy, and more. You can also choose the vehicle that you would like instead of being stuck with a company-selected car.

All in all, there are many advantages that you get when you opt for a self-driven car rental service. But if you want to get the best of the best service, you must get in touch with eZhire.

Why is eZhire?

eZhire rent a car app

eZhire not only provides you with self-driving options, but you can also choose whether you would like a driver or not. You don’t even have to worry about going through any paperwork if you rent a car monthly through eZhire You also have the option to use in Dubai as well everywhere in all the other gulf countries.

You can get your car delivered anywhere and anytime, just with a tap on your mobile phone. To get the services, all you have to do is download the eZhire app and register with your driving license, passport, or ID. Then you can choose your location and have the car delivered right to your doorstep.

Hopefully, this article helped to understand why self-drive car rental is better than hiring a cab. Also, if you have been planning to get self-driving car rental services, make sure to keep eZhire in mind.


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