10 Tips for Long Road Trips with Kids 2021

Road trip with kids

Almost everyone has fond memories of road trips with their family or friends. Road vacations are the ideal opportunity to bond, whether they are filled with laughter or catastrophe. Who has killer road trip music, a cooler full of food, and enough sunscreen to cover their kids 30 times over? You do, after all.

Even the most prepared parent/guardian/entertaining aunt may check all the boxes on how to prepare for lengthy road trips with kids and still end up at mile 354 with an empty cooler and a bored backseat. Younger children may become irritable due to the long journey time, while adolescents may become irritated due to the lack of wifi access.

We’ve prepared the definitive go-to guide for making this vacation an interesting and unforgettable experience for the entire family, no matter what age group you’re traveling with.

Don’t worry; with these 10 amazing tips for long road trips with kids, you’ll never have to hear the annoying question, “Are we there yet?”

What are the Tips?

The following are the tips you can follow for long trips with your kids. If you can follow these tips carefully, you may enjoy the trips. 

1. Let Kids Know What to Expect Ahead of Time

If there are any specific automobile regulations or deviations from the standard for a lengthy drive, inform the youngsters. On the drive home from school or on an errand run, role-play these rules. Tell them how long the journey will take, how often you’ll stop, what they can do to keep themselves entertained, and how you’ll handle toilet breaks. It’s one of the most important tips for long road trips with kids.

2. Have Your Kids Pack Their  Activity Bags

Give each of your children a tote bag or backpack of equal size and let them fill it with their favorite items. Your kids will enjoy having some control over a portion of the trip, and it will take one less thing off your to-do list. If you have smaller children, you may want to restrict the number of objects they may put in the bag or guide their selections, since now may not be the best moment to include that tambourine or 50 Matchbox cars.

3. Bring Favorite Snacks of Your Kid

Pre-portion out your kids’ favorite car-friendly snacks using snack cups or plastic storage bags. Toss in a few unique goodies for a delicious treat. Don’t be hesitant to establish snacking restrictions as well; for example, you might say, “Every 80 miles, we get a snack!” or “This is your evening snack; if it runs out, you’ll have to wait till dinner.” Never underestimate the power of food since it is one of the trickiest tips of traveling with a kid.

4. Keep the Kids Occupied

Many parents recommend books, CDs, and DVDs, but don’t be afraid to go outside the box. Wrapping toys or making creations out of aluminum foil may keep kids occupied for hours. Pipe cleaners, Post-It notes, and other common craft items can also occupy their time.  Bringing a dry erase board (along with washable markers, of course) eliminates the need to bring a lot of paper and may be used for a variety of activities. Set screen time restrictions if you’re using DVDs, iPods, or video games, especially if this is your first long vacation. For some children, seeing a screen in the car might trigger headaches or stomach problems.

5. Let the Kids have a Say

Allowing children to exercise some control can assist in reducing irritability. Allow them to choose their snack, the radio station they want to listen to, and the restaurant they want to eat at. While children have some control over their choices, they are less likely to engage in a power struggle with you, which is a piece of useful advice when traveling with children

6. Don’t Forget the Best Way to Keep Kids Happy

Tips to take a road trip with kids

Set aside time each day to give each of your children some one-on-one attention. Sit next to them for the length of the journey if your vehicle permits it and read books or solve puzzles. Make time for it at the hotel or during a lunch break. Children who get regular positive attention are less likely to behave badly, or such as striking their sibling or throwing their water bottle out the window.

7. Get Musical


Younger children will enjoy singing along with the rest of the family to their favorite tunes. If you can’t bear the prospect of 30 miles of “If You’re Happy and You Know It” or even the current Disney theme song kids adore, make your fun, kid-friendly playlist ahead of time to keep everyone happy. If kids insist on listening to their music, consider headphones – just make sure they have a restriction on how loud they may go.

8. Pass the Time with Games

Long-road-trips-with-kidsThe unavoidable question of “Are we there yet?” will persist, especially as your journey nears its conclusion. To put your mind at ease, show your young one a map or have them fill out our downloadable game while you’re on the road. Additionally, make plans to keep their attention occupied with toys, games, or movies.

9. Never Leave Your Kid Alone

If you’re only going in for “one minute,” this may seem like a bother, but it’s really risky. Due to the growing number of fatalities, over 20 states have passed legislation making it illegal to leave children unsupervised in a car. To avoid any bad scenarios, take the additional time and bring your children with you.

10. Leave Bright and Early

Take advantage of the opportunity to pack up and hit the road since most youngsters like sleeping in. Consider changing your child’s sleeping pattern the night before to guarantee a later sleep-in time if your kid enjoys early mornings. Because the transition from bed to automobile might wake them up, the soothing sensation of a car trip can quickly put them back to sleep.

Long car journeys with kids aren’t about making good time, having a perfectly peaceful ride, or rushing through towns to get to the hotel dining room by 6 p.m. They’re made for lingering a bit longer, for eating that second ice cream cone to soothe everyone’s nerves, and for pulling over to admire the view across the mountains. So save these moments as a couple. 

We hope this information about the tips for long road trips with kids assists you in making your car journey with little children simpler and more enjoyable.

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