Renault Duster UAE 2021

Renault Duster 2021


Are you looking for an SUV that will give you good performance without breaking the bank? Well, then it is the Renault Duster that you are looking for. Ever since it made its debut, this car has been the uncrowned king of the budget SUV section.

There are thousands of cars with various models that are available in the market that claim to be a bargain for their bucks. But not all are able to leave up to their claims fully. The Renault Duster 2021, on the other hand, is an actual bargain for its price if you ask me. This French SUV is not only one of the cheapest SUVs available but also has some amazing features.

From all of its competitors like- Nissan Kicks, Ford EcoSport, and Hyundai, it might not have the most premium look, but it’s no pushover when it comes to specs and features.

Let me give you a quick overview of all you need to know about the Renault Duster before buying it.


The price of a Renault Duster starts from AED 51,900 and goes up to AED 71,000. There are 6 variants available in UAE for this particular model, and that’s where the price varies. The base variant 1.6L PE is AED 51,900, whereas the top-spec variant 2.0L LE is 71,000. Check the following list for the price of all the variants:



Renault Duster 1.6L PE

AED 51,900

Renault Duster 2.0L PE

AED 56,900

Renault Duster 1.6L SE

AED 61,000

Renault Duster 1.6L LE

AED 66,000

Renault Duster 2.0L SE

AED 66,000

Renault Duster 2.0L LE

AED 71,000



In the UAE, Renault Duster is offered with a petrol engine while coming in 6 different variants. It is available with CVT as well as Automatic transmission, but that depends on the variant. For you to have a much more clear view of the car, here are its specs in detail:

Engine & Power:

Engine Capacity (cc)




Drive Type

All Wheel Drive

Fuel Type


Fuel tank capacity

50 L

Horsepower (hp)


Torque (Nm)




Seating Capacity

5 seats

Top Speed

161 km/h


13.2 s



Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)


Wheelbase (mm)


Cargo Volume (litres)



Colour options

When it comes to buying a car, the color specifications are really important as different customers can have different tastes. But you don’t have to worry about this aspect as the Renault Duster is available in 9 different colors. The options are- orange, cosmos blue, beige, mercury, mink brown, navy blue, pearl black, and white. So, you can choose the one that pleases your eyes the most.


The 2021 model of Renault Duster offers a robust and modern design. Its magnificent design, enhanced grill, and lighting signature are easy to grab everyone’s attention with. Lighting details make all the difference, and so the ‘C’ shape front Led lighting is a great addition to the design.

The roof bars of the car can meet all the highest standards when it comes to solidity. So, you can easily transport bulky equipment like surfboards or skis in complete safety.

On the vehicle, you get an all-terrain styling with a chrome grille surround as well as hill descent control. It also sits quite high and offers a high-class ground clearance of 210 mm.


Interior design of Renault Duster 2021

Renault Duster has a very ergonomic, comfortable, and high-quality interior which makes it all very special. The layout of the seats gives you the opportunity to arrange the cabin according to your need. If you are adventurous, its 1/3-2/3 foldable bench seat and other storage options turn your adventures into reality.

With the placement of its driver’s seat and steering wheel, it makes your life easier and offers a much more ergonomic driving position. Other than that, the wide armrest and rear air vents make the journey more comfortable for the passenger and driver.


When you are buying a car, knowing what features it comes with is crucial and so is the case for Renault Duster. It is through the features that you can know what the vehicle has to offer. Here are some of the features that you need to know:

  • Safety:

    Safety is really important when it comes to a vehicle. How are you supposed to feel assured while driving it if it doesn’t have enough safety measures? Renault Duster really doesn’t compromise when it comes to safety. It has ABS (Anti-lock Brake System), airbags, auto door lock, hill assist, immobilizer, seatbelt pre-tensioner, and more.

  • Security: The security needs to be high in order to make sure that the car doesn’t get stolen easily. So as security measures, this car comes with a central locking and an anti-theft device.

  • Exterior:

    Exterior design of Renault duster 2021

    Knowing what exterior features are included can be a make-or-break deal. The exterior features that it comes with are cargo area light, center armrest, fabric seats, cupholders, footwell light, power outlets, vanity mirror, rear AC vents, and more.

  • Interior:

    To make the experience better, interior features like- chrome-plated radiate grille, electric door mirrors, LED taillights, rear window defogger, rear wiper, and a 17’ size wheel has been provided.

  • Comfort:

    Comfort is a must thing to look for while choosing a car. Renault Duster has a 12V socket, drive computer, keyless entry, odometer, radio, USB, and a temperature display.

Pros and Cons

Every vehicle out there has its pros and cons, and Renault Duster is no exception. Following are the pros and cons that you need to take a look at to decide if you like it or not:




Interior feels cheap

Spacious boot

Sparse equipment on lower trims

Robust and modern exterior

No keyless entry

Ride quality over bad roads are fantastic

Premium features are missing compared to market standards

Many colors to choose from

No navigation system



You get a 5-year warranty with Renault Duster that ensures avoiding any unexpected bills. After you buy the car, it is covered with a 5 years package which also provides unlimited mileage for the next 2 years from the first day of registration.

Is it worth buying a Renault Duster?

Everybody has their own personal preferences and so your opinion about whether you should buy a Renault Duster or not can differ too. When it comes to budget and price, there is no doubt that it is a groundbreaker. It looks muscular and better than any other modern-day SUV. But one of its setbacks is that it can indeed feel outdated sometimes.

But when it comes to bad roads or off-roading, the Renault Duster does a very impressive job. It has a perfect balance even on the most rugged terrains.

In summary, it is a very lightweight vehicle that is a bargain for its buck, which makes it so desirable. So, look at the pros and cons as well as the specifications one more time to get your final verdict.

If you did decide to choose it as your future vehicle, what are you waiting for? Buy now!


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