Types of Road Signs in Dubai 2022

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Do you want to know about the road signs in Dubai 2022? If you are going for a trip to Dubai or trying to move there, it is really important to know about their road signs and traffic regulations. Not knowing them can cause some damage or even paying a hefty amount for breaking the law.

All in all, you just can’t just step into a country, especially in Dubai, without knowing their road signs as the road networks are quite complex. You can easily see those signs on, over, or next to public roads where you can follow those. Keep on reading so that you can know all that you need regarding the road signs in Dubai.


What are the Different Road Signs?


First, let me inform you about the types of road signs as it is really important to know them. Mainly, there are 3 types of road signs in every country: regulatory signs, warning signs, and guide signs. There could possibly be classifications in between them but knowing these three types of signs will do it for you.

Here is a quick rundown on all of them so that you can easily navigate through the roads of Dubai without any issues:


 Regulatory Signs


If you are planning to move through the roads there swiftly, you must be aware of these regulatory signs. Among all the road signs in Dubai, this category is the most important because it controls road users’ actions. Through these signs, you can tell what to do and what not to do. But there are some categories here as well, and they are:


       Control Signs


control signs in Dubai

Control signs are used to tell the driver the direction of travel, right of way, or prohibition from entering certain areas. The stop sign is a red-colored octagon that has a stop written on it in English and Arabic. There are arrows pointing to certain directions on a blue board telling you how you must go. The upside-down triangle with red border means give way, and the ‘Do not enter’ sign is a red circle with a white line in the middle.

         Mandatory Signs

Mandatory signs in Dubai

 As you can tell by the name, these signs are mandatory to follow by the drivers. The drivers can know what course of action they need to take on that road through these signs. You should expect to see these signs all over the roads of Dubai, and so you just can’t but know them. Some examples of these signs are- signs that require drivers to maintain a certain speed limit, where to turn, and so on.


       Prohibitory Signs

Prohibitory signs in Dubai

Prohibitory signs are those signs that will let the drivers know the actions they need to avoid while being on that road. For instance- signs are prohibiting the driver from taking a left or right turn, u-turn, exceeding a particular speed level, overtaking, and honking horns. You may get in trouble if you don’t stick to these prohibitions.

Parking Control Signs 


As you can already understand by the term itself, this particular road sign in Dubai controls the rules regarding parking. Through these, the driver can know if it’s okay to park or not and if there are any restrictions for parking there. These include paid parking signs, parking for disabled individuals, and more.

 Warning Signs


Warning Signs in Dubai

Warning signs are really important for you to know so that you can avoid any hazardous situation on the road. These road signs in Dubai help the drivers to be alert beforehand if there is any potentially dangerous situation. Just like regulatory signs, there are some types here as well. The various types of warning signs are:


Advanced warning signs:


Advanced Warning signs in Dubai

Just as the name suggests, these warning signs are there to alert the drivers in advance. Some common advanced warning signs are- traffic signs ahead, give way signs ahead, junction ahead, T intersection, U-turn ahead, riverbank ahead, the road narrows on both sides, and many more. It is crucial for you to follow these signs in order to avoid any kind of accident.

    Hazard Marker Signs:

Hazard Marker signs in Dubai

Through these signs, drivers can identify if there are any physical hazards ahead of them. Some of these signs are- hazard marker, T junction chevron, multiple chevrons right, and hazard plate.

     Diagrammatic Warning Signs:

Diagrammatic Warning Signs in Dubai

These types of warning signs are used in places where the advanced warning signs don’t leave sufficient room for a picture or aren’t big enough to draw attention. For example- right lane closure ahead, joining lane, five lanes merging to four lanes, additional lane ahead, and so on.

Guide Signs


If you are not aware of the roads yet, through these signs, you can easily manipulate your way around or even confirm if you are on the right path or not. Some of the common types of guide signs are:

  • Trailblazing signs: These signs have very distinctive and recognizable symbols on them. With the help of these signs, you can reassure yourself that you are on the right path as they are placed en-route to guide you. There are signs like- Dubai routes, City Centre Central Business District, freeways, Dubai International Airport, and many others.
  • Exit Direction Signs: Through these signs, the drivers can choose the proper lane in order to reach the exit properly.


What Are the Different Types of Colours That Are Used in the Guide Road Signs?


You always need to pay more attention to the color of guide signs, even if you ignore the color of other signs. The reason is that the colors have their very own meaning. Those signs were not randomly painted that color, and you must be aware of that. The used colors are-

  • Blue: Signs with this color denote that that road facilitates travel between different Emirates.
  • Green: Roads that are signed this color are fully within the same emirate.
  • White: These show local roads or destinations.
  • Brown: Signs of this color are provided for finding places with local importance.

These are some of the basic things about road signs in Dubai that you need to know so that you can drive through the roads safely without any additional trouble. Keep these road signs in mind to keep yourself out of trouble.

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