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Have you come across it before? Expo 2020 Dubai will host from October 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022.The anticipated event draws near. So it is time to start thinking about what to expect from Expo 2020 Dubai. This article put up a quick guide to Expo 2020 Dubai to help you get ready.

What is a World Expo?

World-ExpoWorld expos are huge international exhibitions. World Expo attempts to showcase nations’ accomplishments. It commits to putting a strong focus on honoring innovations and cultural interaction. This platform also brings people from all over the world together. 

What Can We Expect from the Expo in Dubai in 2020?

The Dubai 2020 Expo will take place in the new Dubai South district. It is next to the brand-new Al Maktoum International Airport. With a theme of ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future,’ it will be the first global Expo ever hosted in the region. It will have over 200 participants from 190 countries. 

Three sub-themes of Pavilions are Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability. You may learn about marine dialogue at Norway’s pavilion. Digital developments at Estonia’s pavilion and Djibouti’s pavilion. Besides specific nation pavilions, each sub-topic has its pavilion. You will also receive a presentation of the solutions to the problems of countries. The grounds also have three outdoor areas to accommodate thousands of people. These are- Al Wasl Plaza, Jubilee Park, and Al Forsan Park. The Dubai Exhibition Centre was also expanded for the Dubai 2020 Expo. Its 45,000 square meter facility will bring the best in innovation, design, and technology.

Some renowned architects designed this city’s most magnificent building. Norman Foster designed the Mobility Pavilion. Santiago Calatrava created the UAE Pavilion. Grimshaw Architects designed the sustainability Pavilion, and Cox Architects designed the Cox Pavilion.

What is the goal of the Dubai Expo 2020?

The three sub-themes of Expo 2020 Dubai are Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability. These will encourage visitors to conserve the planet and explore new frontiers. Their motto is to unleash the power of individuals and communities to create the future.

Business Opportunities

The Dubai 2020 Expo offers attendees a wide range of unparalleled commercial prospects. It is an excellent location for attracting new investors and establishing international ties. The networking and business possibilities are limitless to the foreign audience in attendance. Dubai’s growing market is perfect for any company enterprise.

You can even start networking before the Expo even begins. When it is available, you can know. The business event calendar will include all the conferences and forums that will take place during the Expo. It will allow you to prepare ahead of time. 

What are the Themes of Expo 2020 Dubai? 

The Expo 2020 Dubai includes three sub-themes. These divided districts are opportunity, mobility, and sustainability. Here are some samples of what you may expect from each section of this event: 

1. Opportunity District:

Using the small activities of three women, the Opportunity Pavilion demonstrates all the modest actions. According to them, these may have a significant influence. It creates an impact on particular communities and the globe as a whole. People of all ages, nationalities, languages, and cultures come to share particular experiences.

1. Mobility District:

The Mobility Pavilion takes you on a journey through technology over the years. It seeks to depict the infinite possibilities the future offers. It provides the methods to leverage mobility to continue linking the globe. With examples of futuristic cities, you will discover all the limitless possibilities. Some country pavilions prove each country’s commitment to this aim. For example- Korea, Ireland, and Thailand. 

1. Sustainability District:

We have no other planet to live on. So the Sustainability Pavilion devotes itself to altering the current course of events. The district gives information about the effects of climate change on our globe. Here you will find creative solutions to our climate concerns that address the most pressing issues.

UAE Pavilion 


Expo 2020 Dubai sub-themes are associated with all the individual nations. The UAE Pavilion is sure to stand out over the six-month exhibition. The pavilion resembles a falcon in flight. Santiago Calatrava designed it to represent the attainable objectives of peace and progress.

Expo and Real Estate

COVID19 caused havoc in the Dubai real estate market, as demand for houses plummeted. But, 2020 showed modest improvement. And 2021 is a year of recovery for us. So, if you are asking when is the best time to buy property in Dubai, the answer is right now because it is the perfect time to have a favorable influence on Dubai real estate.

The influence of Expo 2020 Dubai on real estate is to produce more jobs. It will result in good economic growth in the city. Stronger economies attract more investors. So we can predict that the real estate market in Dubai will increase its exhibition.

What will happen in Dubai Expo 2020?

Terra, the Children and Science Centre, will replace the sustainability pavilion. The mobility pavilion will convert into a commercial structure. But the UAE pavilion will prevail. And the UAE government will administer it. These and other Expo assets will be available in District 2020.

What Changes will Occur for Hosting Expo 2020 Dubai?

Sustainability is essential not only to the Expo but also to Dubai and the UAE. As a result, the UAE has committed to reusing at least 80% of the Expo installations as part of a new commercial area. Expo also ensured that the items constructed for its event have a longer life and benefit Dubai.

When it was first planned before the epidemic, the Expo enhanced Dubai’s growth. The expo stimulated the economy of Dubai. After a year, the Expo will be helpful to Dubai and attract tourists after the epidemic. The significant question will be how all this will convert into long-term growth.

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