How to Find out Car Rental Near Me and Get the Best Offers?

How to Find out Car Rental Near Me and Get the Best OffersNowadays, when you travel anywhere, you need to rent a car to be able to explore the place properly and return home without the worry of finding a taxi. If you are visiting Dubai or living here but need to go on a trip to another city, you have the solution for all your rental-related problems in car renting apps! 

These apps make renting a car as easy as delivering food, and who doesn’t want that? Especially when you are trying to explore and find new places and don’t want to waste a significant amount of time and money on just renting cars!


How to Find a Good Car Rental Near Me

Rent a car through eZhire app

So, first of all, the easiest and fastest way to rent a car is through the app. If you are in Dubai, you absolutely need the car rental mobile app that makes renting cars so easy. Within seconds, the car rental app will list all the car rental companies near you in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, and Ras Al-Khaimah. And then, the car will be delivered right to you! 

Here are some more great reasons you should download the car rental app right now.

  • The car is delivered right to you, so no time is wasted.
  • When you are done renting the car, you can leave it in a nearby location, and they will come to get it.
  • You won’t need to fill lengthy paperwork on site.
  • All you need is 3 taps, and the entire rental is handled on the mobile phone.
  • Many cars to fit within your budget and style
  • They provide services 24/7, so you have your car whenever you need it
  • Once you rent a car, you can easily extend the days you need it for, providing flexibility 

To access the app, all you will need is a valid driver’s license which is at least a year old. If you are a tourist, you will need a home country valid license, an international driving license, and a valid passport. If you have these items, you can have the car of your dreams for as long as you want with just 3 taps! 

How to Get the Best Offers on Car Rentals

rent a car dubaiThe best way to rent cars is through online platforms, as when you go directly to a company, you will not be able to compare rates and end up paying more. Especially when in a foreign country, so downloading an app is the best. This will allow you to compare all car rates at just a glance. 

Here are some more things to keep in mind when renting cars.

  • Airport: Avoid renting cars at airports as there will be surcharges which can end up costing way more than you should actually pay. 
  • Loyalty program: If you are a frequent user of car rentals, you can join a loyalty program for the car rental of your choice. The good thing is that most car rental companies provide it for free. 
  • Research: The most important part is to research. If it is an app or website, scroll through all the deals you can get until you find the one that fits you. When in a hurry, look for a refundable option so you can get a refund if you find a better option later on.
  • Coupons: Looking for coupons online is a great way to save a lot of money. Granted, you will not always find a coupon, but it is better to search if there are any coupons for the car rental company of your choice. 
  • Economy cars: The best way to save money is to rent an economy car as it will be the cheapest. If the cheapest car rental is not available, you will automatically get an upgrade, which will also be a win.
  • Credit cards: If you are paying with a credit card, make sure to use a card with maximum potential for rewards!
  • Driver: If there is an option for a driver, there will be an extra fee that you will need to pay. Therefore, avoid this option and drive yourself or make a friend drive. You will need a valid license for this.
  • Hidden fee: A car on rental may seem extremely affordable, but it might have hidden taxes and fees that are only visible at checkout. So make sure to look for all the additional fees that might be hiding,but eZhire car rental makes it sure to provide you the  fair rental charges.  
  • Insurance: Having your own insurance and not the car rental company will help you in case of emergencies and might also help cover your rental costs. If you are overseas, you might need to purchase your own insurance.
  • Reserving: When reserving a vehicle, you can increase the days that you will need the car for a day. This way, you won’t have to worry about returning the car the exact day that you don’t need it, as there can be traffic, or you can leave late at night with not much time to return the vehicle. Although, you won’t have this problem with some apps as they will come to get your car for you.
  • Gas: If the company offers prepaid gas, then compare its cost with local gas stations. Sometimes the prepaid gas is cheaper, while other times, it is actually more expensive. Make sure to choose a gas station that is not close to airports and large cities as they are always more expensive.
  • Walking: When there are destinations which are closer to your hotel room try walking or traveling through public transport as it will be cheaper and you will get to know the city better. Rent cars for further and more exotic destinations of your vacation. 

In conclusion, renting a car can be fun and easy by using the car rental app if you are in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, or Ras Al-Khaimah, as well as you, can get the best offers on monthly car rental in UAE and in all gulf countries such as  Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and also in Pakistan. eZhire offers affordable daily, weekly and monthly car rental through its fully functional app Moreover, you can find a great car renting app that is so much better than traditional car renting techniques. 

Moreover, make sure to get the best deals by comparing different car renting company prices which can make a huge difference. Good luck on your journey! 


 Download the app now and start renting!




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