Rent a car in Bahrain with eZhire

Rent a car in Bahrain

eZhire rent a car app is a simple and fast way to rent a car in multiple countries, it is one of the best applications to get your car delivered to your doorstep by ordering through eZhire app,eZhire app has all options to hire the car and manage the rental. eZhire is working to expand its branches all over the world,it’s operational in UAE,Pakistan, Oman and Qatar and now it is available in different cities of Bahrain such as in Manama, Riffa and in Hamad Town and soon it will be available all over in Bahrain to provide the hassle-free car rental service to the users. Our fleet of vehicles includes all types of cars, from compact cars to SUVs and from sports to luxury cars.
Hire a car in Bahrain from the best locations in Riffa and in the capital city of Manama and explore great comfort by renting a car through eZhire app,eZhire rent a car in Bahrain offers the best rental charges with no security deposit, the best cars, a great millage, comprehensive insurance, and car delivery at your location to make your journey more convenient and hassle-free. eZhire provides both options with short- and long-term car rental. eZhire provides a world-class rent a car service to fulfill the needs and requirements of customers, so if you are looking for the best rental car in Bahrain which can save your money and time, eZhire is the best option to go with. eZhire an easy and hassle-free way to rent a car through a mobile app which is launched in 2016 in UAE after focusing on all the stressful and painful areas which were faced by the customers while renting a car in the traditional way.
eZhire gives an easy, fast, and smooth way to hire a car, no need to go to the car rental shops and stay in long lines to fill the forms, to submit the copies of the documents, to check the availability of the car, and all. eZhire have all options to register, book, and order the car through the app. The payment process is also done through the app.
eZhire offers almost all new cars at affordable rates with no security deposit and provides a car delivery at your door-step. Users can get the rental car on daily, weekly and monthly rental. Here we are going to mention the process to hire a car through eZhire.
  • How it works
  • Why eZhire
  • Halle-free delivery and collection process
  • Easy car exchange process
  • 24/7 Customer support service
  • Keeping customers updated

How it works

car rental app

 eZhire has just 3-steps to order the car. After getting registered on the app, the user can book the car by choosing the vehicle type and size, based on their needs and preference. Next, they have to enter their phone numbers so that the eZire team can contact them at the time of delivery of the car.

Why eZhire

eZhire insures to provide the best quality of the service, all rental processes can be managed through the app .eZhire only delivers the new and sanitized cars. Rental charges are reasonable and there are no hidden or extra charges of any kind. eZhire provides comprehensive insurance and a great millage.
Cars are thoroughly inspected before delivery. Maybe some rental car companies offer the lowest rates but there can be hidden charges and low quality of service with old model cars. eZhire is a very straightforward and simple way of renting a car via an app, once registered no need to give your details again just need to select the car and number of days and order the car.

Hassle-free Delivery and collection Process

Car rental delivery

eZhire offers car delivery and collection, the user has to tap the option deliver or collect now or later and the car will be delivered and collected from the given location.
In the traditional way of rent a car company, the customer must leave the car at rent a car office, this option is not easy. eZhire made it easier by providing Delivery and collection option which saves your precious time.

Easy car exchange process

If a customer has any problem with his rental car regarding the car’s quality, maintenance, and in case the car is broken, the customer can request an immediate exchange of the car through the app.

24/7 customer support service

 eZhire provides 24/7 customer support, although most of the features are automated in the eZhire application such as in case the customer needs to extend the rental, he can extend through the app, eZhire is the one and the only app in the car rental industry that is fully automotive,  eZhire has also an integrated chat feature on the website so customers can get any support anytime in case of need.

Keeping customers updated 

 eZhire keeps the updated customer by sending notifications regarding their rental process, like on the rental end day it automatically sends notifications and emails to update about the rental end time and car collection. Similarly, if the customer gets any Salik or traffic fine the customer gets the notifications and email.


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