Great Car Rental Offers by eZhire

When you are looking for a car rental company in Abu Dhabi and  Dubai or anywhere in UAE that will provide you high-quality transport at very affordable rates, then eZhire is the best answer. We provide a wide range of vehicles from small hatchbacks, midsized sedans, luxury sedans, MPVs, and all the way to full-sized sedans at very affordable and flexible rates.

Renting a Car from your Smartphones

Rent a car through mobile app

One of the best advantages that eZhire provides over other car rental companies is convenience. You no longer need to physically visit or line up long queues just to get your car rental but instead, you can choose your car and book your car rental straight from your smartphone. Simply download our Ezhire app that is available for both Android and Apple devices from the App Store or Playstore.

Get Your  Rental  Car Delivered

Rental car home delivery

Another touch of convenience that eZhire provides is that we deliver your car rental straight to your hotel or any other location you choose. We provide our customers the fastest ways to rent a car so they can spend more time enjoying their vacation. 


4-Easy Steps to Get Your Rental Car

How to rent a car with eZhire app

Get an account today and have your car delivered with our eZhire app in just 4 simple steps. It’s that easy.

1. Download the eZhire. Simple browse your phone’s AppStore if you on an Apple device or the Google play store if you are on your android device and download our app.

2. Register and Create an Account. Once you have downloaded the app, the next step is to create an account, follow the simple on-screen instructions that will help you get started.

3. Submit Your Requirements. Simply use your phone’s camera or use an electronic copy of your documents and submit it within the app. 

4. Choose Your Car and Book it. The next step is to choose from our wide selection of car rental vehicles that will match your needs and your budget. You can conveniently view the daily and monthly rates of our car straight from the eZhire app. Once you have selected your car, the next step is to choose the location that you want to have your car rental delivered. It’s that easy.


Why eZhire?

Here at eZhire, we offer our customers only the best and reliable cars so they can focus more on their holiday. We offer our customers the three pillars of eZhire;

1. Freedom: Ezhire provides customers the freedom to choose the car they need at affordable rates and have it delivered whenever they want in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

2. Convenient: Skip the long lines and go paperless by booking your car rental straight from your smartphone. It’s safe, secure, and convenient.

3. Flexible: We understand that people arrive at the airport at all hours of the day and night that is why our car rentals are available 24/7 from the Ezhire app so that we have got you covered even if it is midnight.


The Best Offers For Our Customers

We only give you the best rates straight from our eZhire app and get even bigger discounts when you rent with us monthly. Our monthly rates are guaranteed cheaper than riding a cab every day. 


The Best Promo Offers in Town:

Our Kia Picanto Hatchbacks starts at 99 DH

Kia Picanto on monthly basis

Get one of the best hatchbacks to drive, the Kia Picanto at only 99 Dh for our daily rate. The Kia Picanto can accommodate up to 5 passengers comfortably and fit their luggage as well. Get bigger discounts with our weekly rate at 630 DH and 1399 DH for our monthly rate.

Affordable Hatchback with the Ford Figo at 109 DH

Our Ford Figos is surprisingly affordable with daily rates at only 109 Dh. Get even bigger discounts when renting weekly at 693 Dh and monthly at 1449 Dh.

The 4-Door Sedan Mitsubishi Attrage at 109 DH

Mitsubishi Attrage

Get a compact 4-door sedan, the Mitsubishi Attrage starting at 109 dh for our daily rate. It can comfortably seat up to 5 passengers together with their luggage. Navigate the streets with confidence and convenience. The weekly rate starts at 693 dh and the monthly rate at 1449 DH.

Drive a Nissan Sunny for only 119 DH

Nissan Sunny

Get all the bells and gadgets that you need from a full-sized sedan in a compact package. The Nissan Sunny will keep your trip bright and sunny with its 5 passenger capacity together with all the baggage they can carry. Our Weekly rate starts at 763 dh and our monthly rate is at 1599 DH.


Go further with our Ford Ecosport at only 179 DH

Ford Eco sport

Drive a compact SUV starting at 179 dh. The Ford Ecosport can easily fit up to 5 passengers and also has a big luggage compartment enough to fit all the souvenirs that you buy along the way. Get bigger discounts with our weekly rate at 1197 DH and our monthly rate at 1999 DH.

Contact Us Now:

If you have more questions about our great deals and offers you can contact us from the eZhire up or call our number at +971 56 218 7488 or +971 4 215 6777.


If you are looking to hire a car in UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, or Pakistan,eZhire offers the best cars at affordable daily, weekly and monthly rental with no deposit, rent a car through the eZhire app in just a few minutes and get your rental car delivered at your door-step.

 Download the app now and start renting!




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