10 Things You should Know to Keep your Car Cool in the heat of UAE

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As Summer is at Its peak in the UAE and it’s hard to keep your car cool, but we have some useful tips to maintain the temperature inside the car so that you can deal with heat and keep your car cool in the summer’s heat in UAE. 

Here we are going to mention 10 useful tips to keep your car cool. 

 1.Cover the interior of your car 

If you want to keep your car cool, better to cover the interior of your car, the variety of car dashboard covers are available in the market one can choose according to their choice and requirement. One can use these covers for the steering wheel and leather seats to prevent them from the sun.

2.Always use the covered Parking

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It is the best way to deal with the heat to park your car under a shade so that you can keep the interior cooler. Most of the time to find out the covered parking is hard in UAE but it’s better to spend some time finding covered parking, if you can’t find shade, you can simply cover your interior using a car‘s cover.  

3.Always use sunshades 

 It is always best to use sunshades. The sunshades and window visors are affordable and easily available at car accessory shops. Always put a sunshade or a window visor whenever you park the car without any shade, as it ensures to keep your car cool. 

4.Better to put a cover on the Steering Wheel 

Putting a cover on your car’s steering wheel is also a good solution to keep it cool. This tip will work for you to hold the steering wheel comfortably. 

5.Always use a Dashboard Cover 

This tip will help you to prevent the dashboard from the heat by using a dashboard cover especially when you parked your car in an open place under the sun and there is no shade, these covers are good to protect the dashboard surfaces from damaging its color.   

6.Cover Your Windows 

You should use some shade covers for your car’s windows to get rid of sunshine and it ensures to keep your car’s interior cooler. 

8.Cooling Seat Cover

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Nowadays there are a lot of categories of crystal or gel-infused, cooling seat covers available. If you have leather seats these seat covers are the best option to use.  

8.Use the Window Tinting 

It is also a good way to keep your car cool by tinting your car’s windows but you need to check your country’s law first that is it allows or not and how dark of a tint you can use.   

9.Crack open a window  

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It is recommended to don’t leave your window all the way down, you should slightly roll down your window to let fresh air come in it will make a great difference but it is only useful in morning and evening time, it’s hard to open your windows in the peak time of the afternoon. 

10.Use of Car Shades  

The standard car shades available with UV protection and cost a bit more. It is better to use the UV protection car shades rather than to use the normal ones. 

Important  Note  

 It’s recommended to not leave the specific items in your car when parked outside such as batteries, lighters and something which is related to the is flame or pressurized, anything with this.


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