How to Handle a Car Accident in the UAE

Car Accident in UAE

What to do in case of a traffic accident in the UAE? Keep calm and follow these steps. 

In Case of a Road Accident:

Alert the Authorities and DIAL 999 in case of Serious Injury

Call 999 case of accident

You can also dial 901 in case of a non-emergency accident. If you are in a very minor accident, you can report it through the Dubai Police mobile application.


Set-Up A Safety Warning


In case you are on a highway or a major road, always ensure that you have turned on your hazard lights to help warn passing drivers of the accident.


Check IF Anyone Needs First Aid


The next step is to check if anyone needs first aid, if you suspect someone with a back or spinal injury please refrain from moving them if they are already in a safe location as unnecessary movement can compound spinal injury problems. 

If you are not a medical expert, we strongly recommend that you call the police and refrain from moving the vehicles. 


Refrain from Moving the Vehicles


If you or anybody involved in the accident please refrain from moving the vehicles and call the police on the hotline 999. If it is a minor accident and no one is injured, you can move the car to the shoulder of the road to avoid blocking the traffic.

Take photos of the damage to your car and the accident area. This will act as supporting documents when you file for an insurance claim.


 Remain Calm and Follow Instructions


  • Always remain calm and do your best to diffuse the situation in case tempers or emotions flare between the driver. Keep distance from the other party and wait for the police to arrive
  • When the police arrive, remain calm and politely answer their question in a calm and concise manner. Avoid obstructing the police from their investigation and wait until the police officer asks you for questions.
  • Calmly provide a detailed statement of the accident and provide correct information about your name and contact details.

Wait for the Police Report

Accident police report UAE

After inspecting the accident area, the police will issue the police report based on their finding.  The Police report is issued in Arabic but is also color-coded for easier identification, Pink police reports mean that you are at fault, Green police report means that you are innocent, and white police report means that both drivers are not at fault. 

Call Your Car Insurance or Car for Hire Company

Car insurance companies UAE

Once you have obtained the police report, the next step is to call your insurance company but if you are renting a car, please call the car hire company. They will provide you additional instructions moving forward,

If the car has only sustained minor damage then it is safe to drive the car, but if the car has sustained damage like a cracked windshield, broken lights, or structural damage, then the car hire or insurance company will send a tow truck to yow your vehicle. 

In Case Your Car was Damaged while Parked

What to do in case that your car has sustained damaged while parked and you are away. 

 Car damage in parking

The first step is to obtain documentation of the damage, if the offending party has left without providing contact details then you need to secure CCTV footage to help identify the offending driver.

  • If the offending party is still present in the parking lot, the next step is to call the police and wait for them to arrive. If the offending driver not present, you can call the police and provide information that you have and wait for their advice.
  • Obtain a police report
  • Call your insurance or car-hire company.

 In case of an accident, we always recommend that you stay calm and call the police and follow their instructions. All our cars are insured and come with comprehensive insurance as mandated by UAE law.  Always obtain a police report in case of an accident. If you have a Green police report, you will not be charged for damages, and if you receive a red police report you will need to pay excess insurance charges depending on the type of card and extent of the damage. The insurance does not cover tire puncture or tire damage, wheel caps, and windshield/windscreen damage. We recommend that you consult with us to help clarify any questions that you may have. 

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