8 Tips to drive in Oman

8 Tips to drive in Oman,rent a car in Oman,car hire Oman,car rental Oman,eZhire.ae

Oman is a  country which is best to explore by car, as there are many attractions throughout the country,if you are planning for a  trip to Oman, renting a car is a great option to go with. Driving in Oman is an amazing and enjoyable experience. The road infrastructure is upgraded and there are new petrol stations and shopping centers popping up along the way. 


1:Traffic laws in Oman

8 Tips to drive in Oman,rent a car in Oman,car hire Oman,car rental Oman,eZhire.ae

The traffic laws in Oman are comprehensive and very strict. The  Speed cameras are placed after every 1.2 miles (2km) in Muscat, but there’s a very generous tolerance of 11.8 mph (19kph), in other rules the seatbelt is mandatory to wear, and using a mobile phone while driving is not allowed, as well as the speed limit instructions 


In Oman, drivers on the inside lane always have right of way. If a driver on the inside lane is flashing their high beams at you, they’re telling you to let them get off the roundabout. But no one is allowed to behave rudely at you because road rage is illegal. If someone shows an angriness or rude behavior and you will be reported to the police. The dirty cars are not allowed to drive, you need to keep them clean and otherwise, you will pay a fine of 10 Omani Rials.


2: Public transport safety in Oman

8 Tips to drive in Oman,rent a car in Oman in affordable rental with no deposit through eZhire app

Hiring a car is the best option rather than taking advantage of public transport. Public buses and coaches operated by MWASALAT offer a safe, clean and efficient way to get between Oman’s cities and towns, and there is also a Muscat to Dubai service.


3:Road conditions in Oman


The roads in Oman are well constructed in a modern way, just need to be careful from goats and camels as they are often found there and can hit the car.  If you are planning to drive away from major urban centers you should take a little extra care. 

The roads become slippery after rain and a sudden downpour can lead to severe flooding when normally dry riverbeds overflow onto roads.


4:Night driving in Oman

8 Tips to drive in Oman,rent a car in Oman with daily,weekly and monthly affordable rental,eZhire.ae

There are so many speed bumps that can create a lot more danger for drivers. Speed bumps were poorly signposted and on a 100km/h zone. Driving in the night somehow we miraculously made it across unscathed at around 100km/h. Driving like a daredevil wasn’t ever my intention. But who would have thought there’d be a speed bump on a road with that speed limit?

In other issues lighting can be very poor on the backstreets there is a need to be alert stay and aware when driving in the night.

5:It’s not unusual to see cars pulling over for prayer time


 At certain points in the day, you may notice so many cars pulling over seemingly at random. Don’t be depressed it’s because of prayer times. If they’re unable to get to a mosque, they’ll simply pull over and perform prayer on the side of the road in their car.

6:Rental cars to visit Oman 

8 Tips to drive in Oman,rent a car in Oman with no deposit,eZhire.ae

Renting a car is a great choice to visit Oman,eZhire rent a car offers daily, weekly, and monthly affordable rental with no deposit, one can rent a car by downloading the eZhire app, just need to register by attaching documents and the car will be delivered to you, pick up locations are also available, it will be easier and convenient to visit Oman with the rental car, also the citizens of Oman also rent a car with eZhire,as eZhire is operational in Oman.



7:Parking Fee in Oman


There is no parking fee in Oman, parking at most towns and hotels is free only some busy places have a parking fee.


8: Off-Road Driving  in Oman 

8 Tips to drive in Oman,rent a car in Oman in affordable rental with no deposit through eZhire app

 If someone wants to visit the jebel Ahktar, Jebel Shams, or the deserts of Wahiba, It’s better to need to consider a 4WD. I if you want to visit these places without a 4WD, it will be harder for you to drive in the mountains and desert.

 eZhire provides  4WD cars for affordable rental. Driving in Oman is a wonderful way to see this beautiful country. Its recommended to you that you explore the country with your own vehicle to enjoy your trip.


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