Is it safe to hire a car in UAE during this pandemic?

Is it safe to hire a car in UAE during this pandemic?rent a car in Dubai ,rent a car in abu dhabi,rent a car in sharjah,

It is a common question in the current situation of covid-19 that is safe to hire a car in this pandemic or not, after observing all conditions the answer is that all rental car companies in UAE have committed to maintaining the safety measures according to the govt policies, each car rental follows the rules efficiently by sanitizing its vehicles and workplace to protect employees and customers during this pandemic.

The transmission of the coronavirus commonly occurs through the respiratory, it’s not through inanimate objects. “When you’re in a rental car, the greatest risk can happen to be in the car with someone else and they could be infected. when it comes to the car, there is a very low chance of risk. Even if there’s an area you touch that wasn’t properly cleaned and might have been contaminated, as long as you don’t touch your nose, mouth, and face and have well-sanitized hands in between, you will be protected.

Which precautionary measures you should take while traveling in the car

Is it safe to hire a car in UAE during this pandemic?rent a car in Dubai ,rent a car in abu dhabi,rent a car in sharjah,

You should make sure that your rental car is clean and well sanitized before getting the car. It’s the responsibility of every car rental to maintain the standard sanitizing procedure. eZhire always gives preference to the customer’s needs and makes sure to clean their vehicle according to the standard cleaning that the customers can rent every time with confidence.

Always be sure to check the high touch areas like knobs and steering wheel as virus transmission can occur through the hands of the infected and by coughing and sneezing in the car. No doubt it can be a  small but finite” risk to you as you are the next driver, But you can take the safety measures by disinfecting well the high touch areas of the car and washing or sanitizing your hands.If you want an extra level of protection, sanitize the main high touch areas by yourself as well. The risk of virus transmission is low, but there will be a small but finite risk from inanimate objects. You will be safe if you disinfect and wash your hands before you touch your mouth, nose, and eyes.

The following guidelines, which are now being followed by eZhire  Car Rental, are based on the document circulated by the Dubai Economic Department, and other published documents by competent authorities. All operating counters are now well sanitized every day as per DED instructions. Every counter has hand sanitizers and sterilization material for cleaning. Everyone making sure to wear a mask in the workplace all the time and sanitize the hands after touching any stuff or door handles in the workplace.

The more focused areas are following.

  • Door handles
  • Dashboard
  • Console
  • Mirrors
  • Steering wheel
  • Cup holders
  • Shelves door interior pockets
  • Compartments
  • Areas between seats
  • Indicator switches


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