10 Reasons to Choose an SUV for a Family Trip

10 Reasons to Choose an SUV for a Family Trip,rent a car in Dubai,rent a car in abu dhabi,rent a car in sharjah,eZhire.ae

When it comes to traveling with a family or a large group renting an SUV is a perfect choice. Here at eZhire Car Rentals, we made a list of 10 reasons why you should rent an SUV to help you decide and plan your trip.

A Sports Utility Vehicle or SUV is a very versatile mode of transportation and because of this can cost more than your sub-compact hatchback but despite being more expensive it provides a number of benefits and advantages thanks to its size.

1.   Enough Room For Everyone


A  Full-sized Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) can safely transport up to 7 persons including the driver with enough room to spare. This means that everyone is comfortable even during long drivers on the highway. The SUV has enough headroom, legroom, and shoulder room to spare.

2.   Enough Luggage For All

Even if it is a week-long adventure, an SUV has enough room to store all the luggage for all the passengers. This means that there is still more space if your family wants to go on a shopping spree in one of the world’s largest shopping malls in Dubai.

3.   Ready to Go Anywhere

When you are driving in an SUV you don’t need to worry about where your journey takes you. SUVs are inherently built to handle rough roads thanks to their high clearance, thick tires, and great suspension.

4.   At Home in the City

Despite being designed and built for offroad the standard Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) is also at home in the city thanks to its numerous built-in safety features that help make driving in urban areas easier and safer. These types of features include rear back-up sensors and a camera that warn the driver of pedestrians crossing the rear of the vehicle when the SUV is backing up.

5.   Has a Full-Entertainment Suite

Most SUVs have a full entertainment suite that will help keep children entertained throughout the trip. The high-end sound system also syncs with smartphones via Bluetooth to make the road trip entertaining and convenient.

6.   Packed with Features

Sports Utility Vehicles are always packed full of features that make the trip more luxurious, convenient, comfortable, and entertaining. Aside from a 4-8 speaker audio system and state of the art heads up display, it also has other features like fully-adjustable driver and front-passenger seats, more cubby holes for your stuff, plenty of cup holders, fully-lighted interior, remote access, and push to start the engine.

7.   Climate Control

10 Reasons to Choose an SUV for a Family Trip,hire a car in Dubai,Abu Dhabi,Sharjah and anywhere in UAE,eZhire.ae

SUVs have great climate control systems thanks to their bigger airconditioning system and heating system. This means that everyone is cool and comfortable despite the hot searing temperatures outside. The air inside the car is also evenly distributed in the cabin thanks to front and rear air-con vents and multi-zone climate controls.

8.   Great View Range

Thanks to the elevated driving positions, SUVs inherently provide a better view range and viewing angles compared to sedans. This means that you are able to look out farther down the road and see over smaller cars which make driving comfortable compared to constantly peering out in smaller cars.

9.   Gives You More Versatility

10 Reasons to Choose an SUV for a Family Trip,eZhire car rental Dubai,eZhire.ae

Renting an SUV gives you more versatility in the types of destinations that you can visit, which means that you are free to plan your holiday without needing to think if your car rental can get there or not.

10.                 It is Safer

The larger size of most SUVs makes it inherently safer compared to smaller hatchbacks thanks to larger crumple zones that can absorb impacts and collisions. Most modern SUVs are also equipped with the latest passive and active safety features that can help make the journey safer for you and the rest of your family.

eZhire’s Fleet of SUVs

10 Reasons to Choose an SUV for a Family Trip,eZhire car rental Dubai,eZhire.ae


Here at eZhire car rentals, we have a fleet of full-sized Sports Utility Vehicle that you can rent at extremely affordable rates on a daily and monthly basis. Our fleet includes the Ford Explorer and the Nissan Pathfinder both of which are considered as one of the best full-size SUVs in the market. Get the most value out of your money and enjoy your vacation by renting with us today. We provide 24 hours pick-up and delivery at minimal cost so you can start your vacation hassle-free.


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