Top Tips When Renting a Car

Top Tips When Renting a Car,rent a car in Dubai ,rent a car on monthly basis

When it comes to renting a car it’s always great to know your way around so that you can get the most out of your money. We share some of the tips and other valuable information to help you plan out your trip and choose the right vehicle for your car rental.

Things to Consider When You’re Renting a Car

Before you book the reservation for your car rental, there are a couple of things to consider to help you have a worry-free vacation or business trip.

1.  Finalize Your Travel Date

Top Tips When Renting a Car,rent a car in Dubai ,rent a car in Dubai with no deposit

Before you lock in your rental booking, always finalize the travel date to ensure that it matches your car rental booking date. Sometimes getting a fixed travel date can be tricky especially when you count in delays and the weather.  If there are any sudden changes or rebooking, eZhire offers free cancellation or rebooking provided that you inform us at least 6-hours ahead of your booking schedule.

2. Think About The Route

Most car rental companies enforce mileage caps on cars to prevent overuse or unauthorized cross-country trips with the rental car. It’s best to have a good estimate of your total mileage usage so that you know if you are within the threshold or not. If you think you are going over the limit, always inform us ahead to avoid penalties and fines.

3. Think About How Many People Are Going

Top Tips When Renting a Car,rent a car in Dubai ,rent a car in Dubai with no deposit

Most cars have a set number of passengers, including the driver. Most sedans can seat 5 persons but small sedans can be uncomfortable and if you are at least 5 persons then a small sedan might not be recommended especially if you plan on long trips or hauling cargo. We suggest that you a bigger car than you need if you have the budget to make your journey more comfortable.

4. Consider Your Rental Periods

A lot of things can happen on a business trip or vacation trip like a change of meeting venue, delays in the meeting, or event cancellation. If you’re in the country ahead of your business trip it is always a good idea to extend your rental period from your actual meetings, that way, you can focus more on the business trip. Most charge a penalty and fine if you go over the rental date.

5. Consider Pre-booking Your Car Rental

Top Tips When Renting a Car,rent a car in Dubai ,rent a car in Dubai at affordable daily,weekly and monthly rental


It is not a myth that car rental rates inside airports are considerably more expensive than outside the airport. We recommend that you pre-book your rental ahead and have your car rental waiting for you. You can pre-book your rental car straight from your phone with the eZhire app that is available for both Apple and Android devices and also now available to download on the Huawei app gallery.

6. Prepare Your Documents Ahead

One of the best tips to have a worry-free business trip or vacation is to prepare all your documents ahead to avoid hassle and frustration. You must have a valid drives license in order to qualify for renting your car.

If you are a resident of the United Arab Emirates then you are required to present your United Arab Emirates driver’s license. If you are from a GCC compliant country, you are required to present an original passport together with your Driver’s license

7. Choose the Right Vehicle

Top Tips When Renting a Car,rent a car in Dubai ,rent a car in Dubai at affordable daily,weekly and monthly rental

eZhire provides a diverse fleet of vehicles available on-demand at extremely affordable and flexible rates. eZhire provides a wide option of Luxury cars for customers who want to drive in style and affordable economy cars for those on a budget.

8. Consider Long Term Car Rental

If you are on an indefinite business trip in the United Arab Emirates, eZhire provides long term car rental options and monthly rates to help you save. Our monthly rates are catered for business professionals who want a hassle-free long term car rental solution.

9. Know the Extra Costs

Most car rental companies have extra costs, fines, and penalties that help ensure you stay within the contract of your car rental agreement. Always review these costs and ask your car rental agent for this cost.

eZhire has a mileage limit on the vehicles to prevent overuse. Daily limits are up to 300km, weekly limit at 1750 kilometers, and monthly limit at 5000 kilometers. Excess Kilometer Charges are mentioned below:

Economy: AED 0.30 per Kilometer

Sedan: AED 0.40 per Kilometer

SUV: AED 0.45 per Kilometer

Luxury: AED 0.50 per Kilometer

10. Know if You Are Eligible to Rent a Car

The minimum age for car rental is at least 21-years old and holding a valid license for at least 1 year.

11. The Car Return Policy

Know ahead of the time the car rental return policy including the fuel policy, most car rental companies require cars to be returned with the fuel level the same as it was taken out. The fuel difference will be charged together with a surcharge.

eZhire also offers door-to-door delivery and collection of your car rental at an extremely low rate. Take advantage of this service at only 39 AED.

The best tip when renting a car is to familiarize yourself with your car rental service provider of choice. eZhire offers an accessible website at ezhire to help people plan ahead.

If you are looking to rent a car in UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, or Pakistan,eZhire is the best option to go with, just download the eZhire car rental app and order the car with no security deposit.


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