12 common Car Rental Myths you need to know


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There are many myths and bad stories when it comes to car rentals but if you choose the right car rental service provider you no longer have to worry about bad service but instead focus on your vacation or business trip. Here at eZhire, we provide you the information you need to help you decide on your car rental needs. We have compiled the most common car rental myths to help you find the right car rental options for your next trip.

The Top Car Rental Myths

1. There are Hidden Charges and Fees that are Charged When You Return The Rental

Most people think that there are hidden charges and fees that are charged at the end of the car rental. Most of these charges can be attributed to fuel charges, over the mileage, or other penalties. When you are renting a car be sure to look up the terms and conditions, especially on mileage cap, and fuel usage cap to avoid penalties when you return the car.

2. You are Charged for Damages from the Previous User

Car Rental Myths,hire a car in Dubai with no deposit,eZhire.ae

Some people have experienced being charged with damages that were already there when they rented the car. Our tip is to document and take pictures of your car rental before you take it out of the lot. We also recommend that you rent using reputable car rental services to avoid experiencing bad practices.

3. You Have Unlimited Use of the Car

Most car rental service providers provide a cap on your mileage to help prevent overuse of the rental car and prevent cross country trips. If you need to use the car above the mileage caps, always consult ahead with your provider.

4. All Car Rental Companies Have the Same Rate

Car Rental Myths,hire a car in Dubai with no deposit,eZhire.ae

No, companies have different car rental rates. Rates are higher when you walk-in on airport booths compared to renting ahead via the internet. eZhire offers advance booking services so you can reserve the car you need before your trip.

5. Car Rental Companies will Switch my Car Reservation without Notice

Some people experienced getting a car that they did not reserve because the car companies are overbooked. This could lead to disappointments or missed expectations. Here at eZhire, once you reserve the car we will prepare it just for you.

6. I will Not Receive a Refund if I Cancel

Car Rental Myths,car rental dubai eZhire.ae

eZhire provides a free cancellation and rebooking if you notify us at least 6 hours prior to your booking date. The refund will be processed and returned to your account within 7 to 10 business days.

7. I will be Charged twice the fine I will incur for traffic fines

No, but most companies offer a surcharge if you incur a traffic fine. eZhire charges AED 50 plus VAT if you were to incur a traffic violation.

8. I have to pay insurance separate from the rental rate

Most companies add a separate rate on top of rental rate on car insurance. However, here at eZhire, Car insurance are already part of the rates. eZhire cars are insured with comprehensive car insurance as mandated by the government.

9. I will have top pay the full cost of Damage even if it is not my fault

eZhire vehicles are covered with insurance. In case of an accident, always secure a police report. A green police report will indicate that the accident is not your fault and you will not be charged.

10. Tire Punctures and Windshield damage are covered by the insurance

No, Tires and windshield damage are not covered by the insurance, Always ensure that you have an extra amount to cover for damages.

11.  I wont be charged extra if I delay for half a day

Most car rental companies will charge you a full-day of rate even if you return the car rental by noon the next day. We recommend that you notify us ahead if you plan on extending the rental period to avoid fines and penalties.

12. Return and Pick are only available during office hours

eZhire provides 24-hour return and delivery. This means that you don’t need to worry about missing your car in case your flight gets delayed or reschedule. Here at eZhire, we only provide the best services at the most affordable rates to ensure that you get the most value out of your money. We recommend that you download the eZhire app on your Apple or Android mobile device so you can book your next car rental straight from your phone.


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