Best Apps to Use When Travelling to the UAE

Best Apps to Use When Travelling to the UAE

Technology has dramatically changed and improved our lives for the better and when it comes to traveling, there are no shortages of options whether you have an android or apple phone. There are apps that help you with all aspects of your travel from planning, booking tickets, aiding you with navigation, creating your itinerary, letting you discover your places, helps you find the cheapest hotels and even lets you rent a car. Apps can also be helpful in bridging the language barrier.

Apps That Let Your Plan Your Holiday

Whether you are on a holiday spree or a tight budget, travel apps help you maximize and get more value for your time and money. When it comes to choosing the perfect planning app, there are plenty of free and paid apps to choose from that you can download on your android or apple phone.

1. Agoda

Best Apps to Use When Travelling to the UAE ,rent a car in Dubai ,Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman ,al ain and ras al khaimah,

Agoda is one of the best apps that lets you plan your holiday. Get real-world reviews on the most visited landmarks and tourist spots and also get the best deals on both hotel rates and flight bookings. The app is considered one of the fastest-growing online travel booking platforms that let you book a wide selection of hotels from ultra-luxury stays to budget hotels.

2. XE Currency

Best Apps to Use When Travelling to the UAE

XE currency is App that provides accurate live rates for currency exchange rates. This is great for travelers on a budget who want to quickly find out the value of what they are spending on their own currency.

3. Expedia

Best Apps to Use When Travelling to the UAE

Expedia is another travel website giant that helps travelers find and book their perfect vacation. The platform has a selection of great deals on flight tickets, hotel bookings, itinerary, and more in the UAE.

4. Google Maps

Best Apps to Use When Travelling to the UAE,

Google maps is one of the most important apps that you should download on your phone. Its many versatile features help seasoned and new travelers alike. Get real-world reviews on famous sites, landmarks, restaurants, and shopping malls and plan the best route for your holiday in the United Arab Emirates.

5. Waze

Best Apps to Use When Travelling to the UAE

Although not strictly a holiday travel app, Waze can also be used to help you plan out your trips and help you time your next bus ride to your destination. Waze is a great app that lets you avoid traffic spots and lets you plan your holiday around rush hour so you don’t spend your vacation time stuck on the road.

Apps That Let You Book The Perfect Flight

Although there are all-in-one travel platforms that let you book travel tickets and hotels all in-app, Travelers can still find cheaper flights in apps dedicated only for booking flights, aside from that, downloading apps from airlines helps you discover in-house deals that are not available anywhere else.

1. Emirates Airlines App

Best Apps to Use When Travelling to the UAE,car rental dubai,abu dhabi,sharjah ,

Emirates Airlines is one of the biggest airlines in the world and with more than a hundred destinations worldwide, its easy to find the cheapest flight tickets from any cities from around the world. The Emirates Airline App will let you choose your seats, download your boarding pass, confirm your flights,  manage your Emirates Skyward accounts, and most importantly book your flights.

2. Air Arabia

Best Apps to Use When Travelling to the UAE


If you are planning to hop into a regional destination in the United Arab Emirates or are on a budget then Air Arabia is the perfect airline for you. Air Arabia offers affordable local flights within the UAE and around the middle east.

3. Dubai Airport Apps

Best Apps to Use When Travelling to the UAE

Like almost everything in Dubai, The Dubai International Airport is one of the largest in the world and there are literally hundreds of gates to navigate. The Dubai Airport App will help you navigate the airport and find the right gate for your flight. It will also help you find hundreds of retail options from restaurants, duty-free shops, cafes, spas, lounges, and bars at the airport.

Apps That Help You Navigate Dubai

The city of Dubai has launched a digital initiative to help travelers navigate and find their way around the city. Dubai has plenty of homegrown apps that will help travelers use the city’s mass transportation system as well as navigate one of the world’s largest malls.

1. DubaiMetro2

The DubaiMetro2 is one of the top picks for navigating the city’s vast network of metro lines. The DubaiMetro2 App provides information on train times, stations, and also fares.

2. RTA Dubai

Best Apps to Use When Travelling to the UAE.

The RTA Dubai app is another useful phone or tablet application that helps travelers navigate both the city’s metro and bus lines. The app contains useful information on which metro lines or bus lines to take to reach your destination safely. Users can also conveniently book taxi cabs straight from the app.

3. Visit Dubai App

The Visit Dubai App is another helpful app that helps you discover top and curated destination in the city. Quickly get updates on the latest events and attractions that will help make your time in Dubai more fun and memorable.

Apps That Help You Rent A Car

One of the easiest and convenient ways to get around the Dubai megacity is by renting a car. There are plenty of advantages when it comes to renting your own car and with new technologies and apps available like Waze and Google Maps, it is increasingly becoming easier to drive yourself around in the city without getting lost.

1. The eZhire App

Best Apps to Use When Travelling to the UAE

The eZhire app has everything you need to conveniently book and rent a car. It is available for both Apple and Android devices. Choose from a fleet of vehicles ranging from luxury SUVs, Sedans, and hatchbacks and rent with one of the most affordable rates in the city. eZhire App lets you rent a car without a deposit. Simply add your credit card, choose your car, and it will be delivered straight to your preferred destination.


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