Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross: Compact Performance SUV

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross: Compact Performance SUV,rent a car in dubai ,rent a car

Mitsubishi Motors first started in 1917 as Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Company Limited. Mitsubishi started hand-producing vehicles, the Mitsubishi Model A, a sedan based on the Fiat Tipo 3. Mitsubishi continued to become a car manufacturing powerhouse and at the beginning of the 1960s and 1970s already had a good relationship with bigger car brands like Chrysler in the United States.

In 1989 Mitsubishi introduced the legendary sports compact, the Mitsubishi Eclipse. The first generation Mitsubishi Eclipse was equipped with a four-cylinder 2-liter turbocharged gasoline engine capable of generating 195 horsepower. Despite its smaller displacement compared to other performance sports cars, the Mitsubishi Eclipse was able to compete well with the rest of the pack. The second-generation was a complete redesign of the platform with an upgraded Mitsubishi 4G63T turbocharged four-cylinder engine that was capable of producing 210 horsepower.

The 3rd generation Mitsubishi Eclipse was a more design and performance refinement of the second generation with a 6-cylinder V6- naturally aspirated engine that is capable of delivering up to 210 horsepower. The fourth-generation Mitsubishi Eclipse was the last version of the Mitsubishi Eclipse with the final year model ending in 2012.

The Mitsubishi Eclipse was then resurrected in 2017 under a new platform as a compact crossover SUV which was first released in the model year 2018.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Overview

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross still traces its origin from the sports-oriented Eclipse sports car due to its distinct sharp angles and flowing lines. The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross sits right in between the conventional Mitsubishi ASX compact SUV and the bigger Mitsubishi Outlander. The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is available in GLS and GLX variants in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with 2-types of Engine and a choice between 2WD and 4WD variants.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Exterior Overview

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross: Compact Performance SUV,rent a car in dubai ,rent a car with no security

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross definitely has a more aggressive stance compared to the already sports-oriented Mitsubishi ASX. The Compact SUV Crossover has bolder lines, flared fenders, and sharper angles. The crossover strikes the perfect balance between the agility, handling, stability, and performance of a sedan and retains the all-terrain capability of your standard compact SUV with a few tradeoffs in luggage space.

The intricately sculpted front fascia features a wedge shape design together with sharp dynamic flowing lines complete a strong impression that projects performance, and speed. The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is designed both for city urban driving and cross-country roads thanks to its higher ground clearance and improved handling over conventional sedans and compact SUVs.

The design features a 2-tiered front bumper with black mesh and a lower lip spoiler on the lower tier and the Mitsubishi logo flanked with chrome grilles. The dual-integrated low beam headlamp and high beam headlamp seamlessly completes the front design together with the sharp multifunction fog lamp and turn indicator lamps.

The side profile of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross also follows the same sharp lines that translate well with the overall design. The windows have sharper angles and the roofline has a slight edge the culminates in a unique two-tiered rear door and bumper. The compact SUV crossover features a unique two-tiered rear door glass panel design that is only found in a handful of vehicles. The unique rear design further highlights the bold design statement that the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is portraying.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Interior Overview

The interior design of the compact SUV crossover is the perfect balance between the comfortable seats found in most sedans, and the abundant legroom, headroom, and luggage space found in most compact SUV. It is the best of both worlds in terms of functionality and comfort. The compact SUV crossover can comfortably seat up to five adults with plenty of space to spare compared to traditional sedans thanks to the compact SUV layout.

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross features a sporty and meticulously crafted cockpit and instrument cluster that helps promote safer driving due to enhanced driving and reduce unnecessary distractions. The Eclipse Cross also features excellent information systems like the Multi-information display in the instrument cluster and a Heads Up Display (HUD) over the instrument cluster that provides important vehicle information like speed. The car is equipped with a tilt and telescopic steering wheel with paddle shifters, cruise control, audio controls, and hands-free voice control.
The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is equipped with automatic climate control air conditioning with dual-zone controls. It is also equipped with top of a line entertainment system and best in class audio with up to 9 premium speakers. The car is also equipped with the Mitsubishi Multi-Communication System (MMCS) which acts as both the entertainment and navigation console of the car.

Engine Performance and Transmission

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross has two engine options; the 1.5 direct-injection turbocharged gasoline engine, and the 2.0L MIVEC gasoline engine. Both engine options are paired with the Mitsubishi INVECS-III Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). Both engines incorporate the Mitsubishi Innovative Valve Timing Electronic Control System (MIVEC) technology.

1.5 L Direct-injection Turbocharged Gasoline Engine

The 1.5-liter Direct-injection MIVEC 16-valve turbocharged gasoline engine with Euro 4 certification is capable of producing up to 110 kW output at 5500 rpm and a max torque of 198 N.M at 3500 rpm.

2.0 L MIVEC Gasoline Engine

The 2.0 liter 16 valves DOHC MIVEC engine Euro 4 can produce a total output of 110 kW at 600 rpm and 198 N.m at 4200 rpm torque.


The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is equipped with best in class passive and active safety features that help make driving a safer experience. It has all-round safety features that help minimize risk and accidents and keep you and your passengers away from danger at all times.

It is equipped with a suite of the latest technology like the Forward Collision Mitigation (FCM) system, Lane Departure Warning (LDW) system, Blind Spot Warning (BSW), Automatic High Beam (AHB), Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA), Ultrasonic Misacceleration Mitigation System (UMS), Active Stability Control (ACS), Hills Start Assist, and a Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution (RISE) body. It is also equipped with industry-standard safety features like ABS, Airbags Systems, and more.


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