Renault Zoe: Go-Anywhere Electric City Car
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Renault zoe ,reviewed by eZhire rent a car Dubai

The Renault Zoe is a five-door supermini electric car that is produced by Renault. Renault has been producing great cars since 1899 and is one of the oldest car brands in the world because it has been around for more than 121 years. The Renault Zoe is a product of years of innovation and experience thanks to the long history of the brand.

Renault Zoe Overview

The Renault Zoe was first introduced as a concept electric city car at the 2005 Geneva Motor Show. The first concept prototype featured a three-seater car that is 3.45 meters long which was designed to be a pure city-car vehicle. The next version of the Renault Zoe concept was unveiled in 2009 at the Frankfurt Motorshow, this time it is closely resembling the production model of the car in terms of its propulsion. The design featured a tear-dropped shaped body with a semi-transparent roof and gull-wing doors. The second concept prototype was fitted with a 71kw electric motor capable of generating 95 hp and had lithium-ion batteries that gave it a range of 160 kilometers.

A third Renault Zoe was again introduced at the 2010 Paris Motor Show and was named as the Zoe preview and closely resembled the final production model of the car. The previous features of the 2009 prototype like gullwing doors and the see-through roof were discontinued in favor of a more conventional hatchback design. In 2017, Renault unveiled the sport version of the Zoe and named it the Renault Zoe E-sport which had to electric motors that can generate 456 bhp combined. The first generation production variant of the Renault Zoe began sales in December 2012. Currently, the Renault Zoe is in its third generation and is sold in two variants, the Renault Zoe Life Q210 and the Renault Zoe Intent.

Exterior Design Overview

Renault Zoe,a detailed review by eZhire car rental Dubai

The first impression of the Renault Zoe is a minimalist, modern, and futuristic with its small front grill, sloping front bumper, sleek integrated headlights, and sloping roofline. The car is designed to express emotion with its compact but sculpted shape. The blue chrome diamond Renault badge proudly nested in a sleek front grille and slender wrapping headlights provides the Renault Zoe with a highly futuristic front fascia and minimalistic side profile.

Interior Design Overview

Renault Zoe,a detailed review by eZhire car hire Dubai and anywhere in uae

Despite its size, the Renault Zoe has plenty to offer in terms of comfort, space, and functionality. It is designed for comfort for all passengers inside the car with an automatic climate control system that is integrated with the eco computer to boost efficiency and range of the lithium-ion batteries. The car also includes the “Take Car by Renault” pack which includes a toxicity sensor, ionizer, and active fragrance functions to help boost the comfort within the car.

The Renault Zoe also has a complete multimedia suite with the Renault R-Link that allows you to connect and sync your smart devices with the onboard entertainment system for a more enjoyable journey. The R-Link entertainment system features a large information display at the center console and is connect ed to 3D sound by Arkamys enabled speakers for superior audio quality. The entertainment system can also act as a carphone or as an on-board navigation system.

Overall, the interior is crafted with high-grade resilient colors and the two-color palette is pleasing to the eyes. The interior design is inspired by nature which evokes natural elements and highlights the futuristic stance of the car. The car can accommodate up to 338 liters of cargo in the boot.

Engine and Transmission

Renault Zoe,a detailed review by eZhire rent a car Dubai and anywhere in uae

The Renault Zoe is 100 percent electric with 0 emissions and is designed to be a city but has the range to take you anywhere. The Renault Zoe is equipped with a 65-kilowatt engine that can generate up to 88 horsepower, 220 Nm of torque, and a maximum speed of 135 kilometers per hour. The overall range of the vehicle is at 210 Km based on the NEDC combined cycle.

The lithium-ion batteries can be charged using a home charging station, and a public charging station. It can also be charged using any domestic socket using the Flexi Charger cable. The standard charging station can fully charge the Renault Zoe in 8-10 hours. The accelerated charging station can charge the batter up to 80 percent within 2-4 hours.

The vehicle range is efficiently managed by the onboard computer and automatically adjusts the engine output depending on the driving conditions, typography, usage of air conditioning, driving styles to maximize range.

Safety Features

The Renault Zoe is a very safe car because of the built-in passive and active safety features designed into the car. This includes electronic stability control and anti-lock braking systems (ABS) to improve vehicle handling during adverse driving conditions. The car also has a protected battery module that ensures that there is no risk of fire in case of an accident or collision. The Renault Zoe was voted as the best supermini 2013 by Euro NCAP which is a great testament to its 5-star safety rating.


Take your next vacation in the UAE to the next level by renting the ultra-modern Renault Zoe. The electric car has zero-emission and has an impressive range that will allow you to visit even the most remote tourist sports. The Renault Zoe is also very compact which makes it easy to navigate in crowded city roads and also makes it easy to park in shopping malls. Hire a Renault Zoe in affordable rental rates on your phone directly from our eZhire app and enjoy your vacation.

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