Cadillac ATS: American Luxury and Power

Cadillac ATS: American Luxury and Power,eZhire car rental blog UAE

Cadillac is the premier luxury automobile brand in the United States of America. Cadillac has been producing ultra-luxury cars since 1902 and is one of the oldest car brands in the United States and the rest of the world.

The Cadillac ATS is one of the newest car models offered by Cadillac and was first introduced in 2012. Being just recently introduced, the badge is still in its first-generation model. Development of the Cadilac ATS first started on early 2009-2010 and it was envisioned to be a smaller alternative to its larger cousin the Cadillac CTS.


Cadillac ATS Overview


The Cadillac ATS was envisioned to compete in terms of size, performance and handling vehicles like the Legendary Euro performance sedans like the BMW M3 and the  Mercedes Benz C43 and at the same have the level of sophistication, futurism and luxuries like the Japanese Lexus IS and Audi A4.


The Cadillac ATS ultimately delivers its envisioned purpose and is one of the premier performance luxury vehicles in the market when it was released. Despite the Cadillac ATS discontinued in 2019 for a revamped vehicle line-up, the Cadillac ATS still retains its prestige and value thanks to its superior build and performance.


Cadillac ATS Exterior Design

Cadillac ATS: American Luxury and Power,eZhire car hire blog

The Cadillac ATS is designed to dominate the road with its oversized grille, fenders, and bumpers. Despite being classified as a compact executive car that Cadillac ATS looks like a full-sized executive sedan thanks to its aggressive stance and sleek integrated headlights. The Cadillac ATS is sculpted to exert its presence on the road and with its powerful sophisticated design, it is sure to grab attention.

The Cadillac is designed to be aerodynamic to improve is performance and handling stability. It is equipped with active aero grille shutters to minimize drag during highspeed. The Cadillac ATS undercarriage is also equipped with an underbody aero shield to maximize airflow and reduce its drag profile.

The sleek and stylish headlamps also feature high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps with adaptive forward lighting that moves and swivels as the vehicle turns improving driver visibility, especially during tight turns and corners. The side-profile of the Cadillac ATS looks longer because of its bold flowing belt lines and chrome accents the highlights the sedans sophistication and class. The roofline on the sedan variant is intricately designed to mimic the aerodynamics the coupe version making it sportier. The rear design of the Cadillac ATS is topped off with the iconic signature light blade LED taillamps that showcases the rear-profile of the vehicle. The LED centre brake lamps also double-up as a rear spoiler to help complete the look of the sporty sedan.


Cadillac ATS Interior Design

Cadillac ATS: American Luxury and Power,eZhire car rental blog

The interior design of the Cadillac ATS is design to provide a high level of comfort and convenience to the driver’s and passengers. The interior trim and finish are built with only the highest quality materials which highlight the level of craftsmanship built into the car. The instrument panel is hand-finished including the door trims, armrests, seats and the hand-stitched steering wheel to provide top of the line high-grade finish befitting its status as an executive sedan. The steering wheel also has audio controls, cruise controls, and DIC controls for a more focused driving experience. The steering wheel is tilt and telescopic adjustable.

The Cadillac’s instrument panel is also referred to as the Driver Information Center (DIC) which has a 5.7-inch screen with 3 window configuration to display important vehicle information like speed, engine revolutions, fuel level, temperature level and more.

The Cadillac ATS has also been integrated with the latest techs and gadgets to help make the driving experience for enjoyable, convenient, and safer. The Cadillac User experience information and media control is built-in and integrated with the vehicles’ instrument panel and multimedia centre. It has an 8 inch diagonal full-colour LCD capacitive multi-touchscreen with personalization for different users and is compatible with Apple Carplay, Siri Eyes Free and Andriod Auto.  The car is also equipped with 4g LTE Wifi Hotspot. Bluetooth. And wireless charging for seamless connectivity with mobile devices.



The car also features a high-tech climate and lighting controls with dual-zone automatic with individual settings for driver and passenger. The car is equipped with interior ambient lighting on the doors and centre controls as well as front and rear reading lams and stealth mode interior lighting systems.

The car also features front bucket leatherette seating with driver and front-passenger 6-way adjustable and 2-way lumbar adjustments. Front centre consoles with 2 cupholders and integrated storage with 60/40 split-folding for the rear seats.


Engine Performance, Transmission and Handling

The standard Cadillac ATS model is equipped with a sporty 2.0 Litre engine to help match its powerful and sporty exterior. The 2.0 Litre 4-cylinder turbo engine can produce 272 horsepower and 295 lbs per geet of torque. The powerful and efficient engine is coupled with a high-performance 8-speed automatic transmission to efficiently transfer power from the engine to the road. The Cadillac ATS features Brembo performance brakes for superior stopping power.

The Steering wheel is a rack and pinion type with ZF premium electric with a variable assist. The Cadillac ATS also features a 4-wheel independent suspension with double-pivot and 5-ling rear suspension. The suspension characteristics of the car can be changed directly from the driver’s controls.


Safety Features


The Cadillac ATS is equipped with the latest passive and active safety technology to help make driving safer for both people inside and outside the car. The car is equipped with dual frontal airbags, knee airbags, head curtain airbags for the front and rear seating positions. The car is also equipped with Cadillac’s StabiliTrak Electronic Stability control system for better control during inclement weather and unfavourable driving conditions. It is also equipped with traction control to help better manage breaking power and maintain control, especially during emergency braking.





The Cadillac ATS is a great car to drive with its powerful engine and stable handling. It also provides a high degree of sophistication and comfort thanks to its many features and amenities included in the car. The Cadillac ATS is one of the popular vehicles to drive and rent thanks to its reliability and great driving experience. eZhire offers Cadilac ATS rental in Dubai, in  Abu Dhabi and anywhere in UAE. Quickly rent the Cadillac ATS through the eZhire mobile  App and have it delivered to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah with no fuss.


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