Why You Need A Credit Card When Renting A Car

Why You Need A Credit Card When Renting A Car

There are plenty of advantages when renting a car in the United Arab Emirates. Having your own car means that you are able to freely travel to any of Dubai’s top attractions. There are plenty of things to consider when it comes to renting a car like what type of car rental company to choose, the type of car you need, and the requirements you need to rent a car.

Most companies like Ezhire often need requirements that you need to prepare and submit first before you can rent a car. eZhire has a stress free enrolment process from within the app that they can submit all the requirements they need straight from their smartphone.

What are the requirements for renting  a car with eZhire

Why You Need A Credit Card When Renting A Car

has a very straight forward car rental application process that customers can complete straight from their smartphones. All they need is a couple of travel papers and supporting documents and they can quickly book a car that can be delivered straight to their doorstep.

1. Passport

Why You Need A Credit Card When Renting A Car

A copy of your passport is needed to verify your identity and verify the other documents needed to complete the application process. Your passport also contains important information like your citizenship, birth date, and full name to ensure that you are legally allowed to drive in the United Arab Emirates.

2. Driver’s License

Why You Need A Credit Card When Renting A Car

Another important document needed when rent a car in Dubai is your valid driver’s license. This document is important because it is proof that you are legally able to drive in your home country. Your home country can determine if your local driver’s license is enough or if you need an international license to be able to drive legally in the United Arab Emirates.

Customers who are holding a resident or employment visa are required to present a UAE driver’s license that has been valid for at least a year. Customers who have less than one-year validity of their UAE license will need to present a driver’s license from their home country that is valid for at least a year together with their UAE driver’s license.

Customers from China, Japan, The Republic of Korea, Greece and Turkey are requested to have a translation of their driving license, which must be approved and certified by their embassy or consulate. Here is a guide on which licenses are valid and when you need an international license.

North America: Canada, USA

East Asia & Pacific: Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea

Europe: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom

Middle East: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar

Africa: International driving license needed

International customers also have to be in possession of an international driving license.

Customers must present a valid passport in the Roman alphabet at the time of rental as proof of identification.

3. Credit Card

Why You Need A Credit Card When Renting A Car ,eZhire rent a car blog

A credit card is needed to serve as security for your car rental. eZhire does not collect a security deposit but uses instead the credit card. Users can conveniently register their preferred credit card straight from the application in their smartphones securely. eZhire will never store your credit card information and abides by a strict privacy policy.

Why You Need Your Credit Card When Renting A Car


Why You Need A Credit Card When Renting A Car

eZhire offers a full range of car rental services where customers can choose a wide range of vehicles from compact cars, sedans, SUVs, and people carriers straight from their smartphones. The eZhire app has a surprisingly straightforward registration process and easy user interface that makes it easy to register, choose a car, and have it delivered to your doorstep in three easy steps. eZhire uses a cashless transaction straight from the app to ensure a fast transaction that is why eZhire needs your credit card details to process payments for your rental. eZhire also doest not need cash as security deposits for your car rental and instead we use your credit card as security.

Advantages of Using a Credit Card vs A Security Deposit

Most car companies often need a security deposit before they will give the keys to your rental car. The security deposit of your rental car is to ensure that any damages incurred while your driving the car can easily be paid with your security deposit. This also applies to fines that may be incurred while your driving the vehicle like speeding tickets and parking tickets. The security deposit can vary depending on what type of vehicle you rent and how many days you are renting and this could be tying up a large sum of your vacation money. Bringing large sums of money can also be a security issue for some.

Using a credit card helps alleviates the problem of bringing more cash than you actually need for the security deposit of your car this makes it much safer and more convenient for you. eZhire will be able to promptly return it to your credit balance once the car has been cleared and there has been no damage or fees to the car. This will also allow you to use your money for your vacation instead of tying it up for the security deposit. eZhire has transparent pricing and rates that can be viewed directly in the app or on the website so you can verify the cost of your car rental and plan your vacation ahead.


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