Car Maintenance Tip for Winter

Car Maintenance Tip for Winter


In this blog, eZhire car rental is going to write some useful tips for car maintenance in winter season, Whether you are staying in Dubai for the winter months or going out of the country for cold weather it is important to know what you need to do to keep your car in great condition in all weather conditions. The weather can greatly influence how you maintain your car like which tires to use, the oil to pick and most importantly the precautions to do to avoid malfunction.


When You Are Spending Your Winter in the UAE

Car Maintenance Tips for Winte

If you are not planning to go on vacation outside of the country and still want to use your car for long road trips these are the things you need to prepare and do so that your car will be ready. The United Arab Emirates still has high temperatures during the day even during the winter months so its best to focus your attention on your radiator and coolant to avoid overheating.


1.    Car Batteries


Car Maintenance Tips for Winter

High temperatures can be tough to car batteries because they can evaporate the battery fluid causing irreparable damage. Buying batteries specifically designed for hot climates can mitigate the issue but does not totally prevent it especially for vehicles that are not used frequently or parked under the sun.

The car battery is an important component of your car because it helps you start the engine and also allows you to run your car’s climate controls and other important electronic like your headlights and brake lights. Having your battery fail in the middle of the road can be potentially dangerous as you are no longer able to use your amber lights.

Running your vehicle with worn-down batteries can also be bad for your car’s alternator because it requires more charging causing more load for your engine decreasing efficiency and leading to increased gas consumption.


2.    The Air Filter

Car Maintenance Tips for Winter

The air filter is the most overlooked car part in the entire engine bay and is often time ignored during regular maintenance check-ups. The Engine air filter helps filter out dust and other particles from entering the engine intake. Having a clogged air filter can decrease engine performance due to air starvation of the engine leading to increased fuel consumption. A damaged air filter can also cause permanent damage to the engine when not replaced right away because it can allow abrasive particles to enter the combustion chamber.


3.    The Brakes

Car Maintenance Tips for Winter

The brakes are one of the most important car components and it should be kept in optimum conditions at all times. High temperatures can cause premature wear to the brake pads so its best to have it checked by the dealership before going on a long driving trip.

Winter also brings increased temperatures between the day and night which can also cause the rubber hoses to flex causing leaks in your brake fluid lines so it is important to have this check as well.


4.    Climate Control Systems

Car Maintenance Tips for Winter

Winter in the United Arab Emirates is still relatively hot compared to other countries and the weather can be very uncomfortable especially when driving inside a car without airconditioning. Having malfunctioning airconditioning and climate control system can be potentially dangerous especially if you are planning on wrong drives and can potentially cause heat injury if you are exposed to the heat on prolong periods. The same is also true if you are driving a night because temperatures can plummet during the night.


5.    Radiator and Engine Coolant

Car Maintenance Tips for Winter

It is important to check if there are no leaks from the engine radiator or hoses. Having a damaged radiator or leaking hose can cause catastrophic engine trouble that can disable your car and permanently damage your engine which can lead to a hazardous situation for you and your passengers if you are stranded in the middle of no-where.

The engine coolant level can also affect the performance of the engine radiator causing your engine to run high and potentially damaging your engine especially in prolonged periods of operation. Refilling the radiator with tap water can also potentially cause long term damage to the radiator because it can cause rust to build up.



6.    The Engine Oil


The engine oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle, without it, your engine will literally grind to a halt. Having enough oil is not enough because oil tends to deteriorate with time and usage accumulating into sludge and gunk which can potentially block internal pipes inside the engine that can cause oil starvation which can lead to permanent engine damage. Always check your engine oil level and change the oil regularly.


If You Are Traveling And Will Not Use Your Car


If you are planning to spend your winter months outside of the country and will not be using your car for an extended period it is best that you store your vehicle properly to avoid damage and to ensure that it will start up right away when you return.


1.    The Car Battery


Unplug the battery terminals if you are planning to be gone for more than 3-days to avoid discharging the batteries. Even though your car is parked and turned off the battery can still be discharged because of various electronics like the key remote receiver which continuously hunts for a signal from your car remote.


2.    The Windows and Doors

Car Maintenance Tips for Winter

Always lock the doors and ensure that the windows are fully up to ensure that your car is secure while your away. Also, check if the baggage compartment is locked as well as the engine hood or bonnet to avoid theft.


3.    Deploy the Sun Shield

Car Maintenance Tips for Winter

To avoid damaging the dashboard from the glaring heat of the sun always deploy the sun shield especially when parked outdoors.


4.    Park Safely, Resposbily, and Securely


Whether you are parking your car in the airport long term parking, at home in a private garage or along the street always be mindful of your surroundings. Avoid low areas especially if it is prone to flash floods and dimly lit parking spaces. Have a trusted relative or friend to keep your keys so that your car can be safely moved in case of emergencies.


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