Advantages of car hire excess Insurance

car hire excess insurance

If you are planning for hiring a car, usually you will need some kind of excess insurance.  The standard car rental companies offer the basic insurance including in rental, It means if you have an accident that may cause any car damage, you will pay that amount upfront. This could end up very costly, buying excess insurance is the right decision. However, the full insurance that is offered by the car hire company if often very expensive but the eZhire rent a car offers the full insurance at a very low cost, you can avoid paying above and beyond in the situation of an accident by buying the car hire excess insurance.


Car hire excess insurance


The car hire excess insurance policy will save you from the extra charges. The excess insurance fee is a  deductible amount of money that one will pay to the rental company. In case of any damage in the rental car, there is to pay only the excess fee mentioned in the agreement with the rental company.


Why you should buy excess insurance?

Advantages of car hire excess Insurance

While you are planning for renting a car, you should consider that you will be responsible to pay all the expenses in case of an accident or any unexpected thing, May such type of incidents will demand a big amount from your end in the form of compensation money. When it comes to insurance and protection it is confusing because it is hard to know if it’s worth buying.

If you want to avoid fines or charges when you hire a car, you must have a car hire excess insurance with you. It will cover you for a much larger amount that you might need to pay to the rental company if you don’t have car hire excess insurance, it is beneficial for buying excess insurance, this policy reduces the fear of any unexpected incident.

Moreover, a liability insurance policy can bring you out of these kinds of situations. If your rental car makes a loss to someone’s property, personal accident insurance and also the security of the lines of their passengers hold a great significance along with the security of the higher cars.

It is mandatory to research thoroughly what is included in your rental car policy, there is need to read all the terms and conditions such as Collision Damage Waiver (normally included, however, is not comprehensive),  and Personal Accident Insurance(for injury to yourself or other passengers).

You should make sure you are entirely covered for any eventuality is by taking out an excess insurance policy. There are several companies that offer an excess of insurance and they usually provide a much greater level of cover. They provide including cover for damage caused to the roof, windscreen,  tyres, and more which car rental companies will often not offer protection for, it depends on the duration of your trip.

If you are renting a car, it’s very important to take a few minutes looking into an excess insurance policy, it will save your time and money.

eZhire car Hire Policy about excess Insurance


car hire excess insurance

eZhire car rental offers all cars with comprehensive insurance as per UAE law. In case of any type of accident or damage, a police report is mandatory by law. If the provided police report is Green, you will not be charged, If the police report is Red, there will be excess insurance charges which depend on the type of car and extent of damage caused.

In the term of an accident, you must notify the police immediately. You should not move the vehicle until the police issue a report or advise you to do so. Failure to submit a police report will render you liable for all costs incurred as a result of the accident and will result in no insurance coverage, If it’s your mistake and you are provided with Red Police Report – maximum liability will be charged.

If you decide to take full insurance for an extra charge, you will not be charged any excess for Red Report as long as a valid police report is provided. Punctures, tyre damage, wheel caps, aerials, and windscreens are not covered by insurance even after getting full insurance coverage. You can buy excess insurance through eZhire app there is an option to add full insurance on the app while booking the car which insures to save you from any extra charges in case of an accident.

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