The Best High Tech Car Features of 2019

The Best High Tech Car Features of 2019

Automotive Technolgy has been advancing faster than ever. Cars are getting more safer thanks to the new active and passive safety features incorporated in the design of the vehicles. Cars are also increasing becoming intelligent thanks to the application of the advances of the tech industry.


The Automotive Market in 2019

The Best High Tech Car Features of 2019

Connectivity was the highlight of 2019. More and more cars are getting connected to the internet which brought a lot of benefits and useful new features but also a couple of issues along the way. Car connectivity with the internet has allowed seamless integration of mobile devices with the car entertainment systems reducing the driver’s need to pick up the phone when driving.  Connecting the car to the internet has also allowed for increased autonomy for the cars themselves and these include autonomous driving, self-diagnosis, and other smart functions.

Top 5 Tech in the Automotive Industry for 2019


1:Wireless Qi Phone Charging

The Best High Tech Car Features of 2019

It seemed only a couple of years ago that cars started getting USB ports for people to charge their mobile devices while driving. Some of us haven’t caught on the trend yet, especially those who are driving vehicles that are over 5 years old still need to buy a USB dongle to plug into the cars lighter/ aux power outlet to charge our phone.

Wireless Qi Chargers started as add-on accessories from third-party sellers but their popularity has caught the attention of car manufacturers resulting in Qi chargers being imbedded in the car dashboard. This feature was often found on high-end car brands and has since then trickled to the average family sedan. Wireless Qi Chargers definitely help clear the clutter by allowing people to store their cables away from being accidentally tangled on the gas pedal or worse the brakes. Going wireless also helps reduce distractions because drivers or passengers no longer need to fiddle with plugging thee cable to their phone.


2. Heated and Cooled Seats and Steering Wheel

The Best High Tech Car features of 2019

Forget about leather seats and steering wheel as the epitome of luxury and comfort. Ultra high-end cars, SUVs, and Vans are starting to have heated and cooled leather seats for a more pleasant experience for both the driver and passengers. High-end cars now also have built-in massage chairs as standard to help drivers relax especially during heavy traffic.

3. Smart Car Remote

The Best High Tech Car Features of 2019

Remote key-less entry was a sign that your vehicle was expensive, 5 years ago. Now, car remotes not only lock or unlock your car remotely they can now also remotely start the car engine, entertainment systems, and climate control. This new feature is especially for countries in warm climates like the UAE. Drivers can remotely start their vehicles ahead and turn on the climate control to cool the vehicle before they actually get in helping reduce heat injury.

Advance Smart Car remotes from a number of car brands can also allow drivers to remotely pilot the vehicles this means that people can now disembark from their vehicles and remotely park them from the outside minimizing accidents due to collision when parking. More advanced remotes and similarly equipped vehicles can also allow drivers to remotely summon their cars from the parking lot. This is extremely useful especially when parking in dimly lit areas.


4. Hybrid and Electric Car Tech

The Best High Tech Car Features of 2019

The advances in battery technology have allowed major car manufacturers to design and produce hybrids and electric cars with longer range and cheaper price tag compared to hybrids and electric cars from the last 5 years. This is definitely a step forward as hybrids and electric models are now working their way up from sedans to full-size SUVs.

All-electric ultra-cars are now in the spotlight indicating that major car manufacturers are taking a huge step towards sustainability. Consumer behavior has also helped the change in the trend as sales from hybrid models have now overtaken their conventionally powered counterparts.


5. Autopilot

The Best High Tech Car Features of 2019

Autopilot is one of the most talked-about and controversial techs in the automotive industry. Regulators, Car Manufacturers, and the general public are still undecided about the implications of going full autopilot when driving the vehicle. Laws governing the use of autopilot when driving still vary from country to country making it risky to use.Autopilot definitely brings a lot of advantages like reducing human error and improve safety when driving. However, too much comfort can lead to increased drowsiness which can be clearly seen from the number of viral videos where drivers can be seen sleeping while their vehicles are on autopilot. 2019 has definitely shown us that autopilot is feasible and only 2020 will tell if it is the way forward.




2019 was definitely a great year for the environment especially when more and more major car manufacturers are introducing hybrid variants to their model line up. Consumer confidence in all-electric vehicles and have staved away the negative stigma of electric cars through the introduction of new car models with increased endurance and performance at a lower price tag.


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