Mitsubishi Outlander

Mitsubishi outlander Reviewed by eZhire

In this blog eZhire rent a car Dubai is going to mention the overall performance of Mitsubishi Outlander, if you are planning to hire a Mitsubishi Outlander in Dubai or anywhere in UAE, Rent a car Mitsubishi Outlander or any other Rental car eZhire provides all categories of cars on affordable daily, weekly and Monthly rental without any security deposit.


The top-end models are available with a larger 8-inch screen for the infotainment placed on a glossy center console with well-arranged buttons logically. As well as it consists of the great backup camera, the piano black finished dashboard and the well-finished interiors.

The dashboard got soft-touch materials with some wooden inlays like with an SUV, one can get comfortable passenger seats with good space of the room.



Interior Design


Mitsubishi Outlander Reviewed by eZhire

In both types the five-seat and seven-seat versions have good space for first and second passengers row, Features on-board included power front seats, leather upholstery, gear lever, and leather-wrapped steering wheel headlights and automatic climate control, power tailgate, paddle shifters electric sunroof, cruise control, keyless entry & go, 18-inch alloys, electronic handbrake, a touchscreen navigation, infotainment display, and a premium sound system with 6 speakers. It consists of an electronic safety nanny with full options of standard airbags, along with a miscalculation prevention system.


Exterior Design


Mitsubishi Outlander Reviewed by eZhire

The limited-edition badge, stylish chrome design on the front bumper silver accents, chrome beltline molding, and chrome grille accents further augment the bold and edgy appeal of the vehicle.

The sleek LED headlamps have made the front fascia most attractive and the LED Daytime running lights to enhance the visibility of the Mitsubishi Outlander for other commuters.

Its front windshield, anti-trapping electric sunroof, and rain-sensing wipers provides the safety for all kinds of weather conditions. The aggressive rear of the 2020 Outlander features an electric tailgate,  parking sensors taillights, brake light, back camera,  and rear combination tail lamps.


Advanced Safety Features


The 2020  Mitsubishi Outlander has advanced safety features that make it a  stylish and versatile crossover to drive in the city as well as on off-road terrain. Here we will mention some advanced safety features.


1: Adaptive Cruise Control


It has an Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)   technology to observe the distances between you and the vehicle ahead, it helps you to maintain a safe driving distance. If the car moves out of your lane or goes beyond the set speed, this system will resume your set speed.


2: All-Wheel Control system


It helps the vehicle to keep on track and in control of various road conditions.


3: Rear Cross-Traffic Alert


The available Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)7 system helps to detect a vehicle approaching from either side while you’re backing up. The warning lights on both side mirrors will blink and a  buzzer will sound to alert you as well as a warning message will appear on the information screen.


4: Blind Spot Warning and Lane Change Assist


The Blind Spot Warning and Lane Change Assist systems will alert you when a vehicle is in or approaching your blind spot. If someone drives at the same speed or faster in the detection areas, a warning light illuminates in the corresponding side mirror. If someone’s turn signal is on, the warning light on the corresponding mirror blinks and the system beeps three times to alert you that it is not safe to change lanes.


5: RISE body construction


Mitsubishi outlander’s  Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution (RISE) body utilizes crumple zones that route and absorb energy during high-impact collisions.

Reinforcements at key body points complement its side-impact door beams, giving your Outlander a stable, secure base.


 Engine Performance


Mitsubishi Outlander Reviewed by eZhire

The 2020 Mitsubishi Outlander features two underwhelming gas engine options but does offer an impressive plug-in hybrid. The 2020 Outlander is equipped with 166 horsepower, dual 2.4L MIVEC (Mitsubishi Innovative Valve-timing Electronic Control) engines that balance the maximum power input with low fuel consumption. It has Upgraded the  GT for even more performance with the powerful 224 horsepower, 3.0L MIVEC V6 engine capacity.

The anemic engine is largely inadequate to move the 3,500-pound plus Outlander with any urgency, and the standard front-wheel drive and continuously variable transmission (CVT) is not much helpful. Top-tier GT models have got a 3.0-liter V-6 as standard with an improved 224 hp and 215 lb-ft. It offers an impressive fuel economy because of its two extra cylinders. eA plug-in hybrid model is unique among its competitive set and features 22 miles of electric-only range on a full charge.


Final words


The Mitsubishi  Outlander has all options for those who are looking for an SUV and whose driving involves more in urban trips. With its more crossover roots and petrol powertrains, the Mitsubishi Outlander has an aggressive and stylish look with long-listed advanced features and contemporary interiors. The Outlander has a set of two petrol engine options while the smaller 2.0-liter petrol motor produces 145 PS of power and 196 Nm of torque, the bigger 2.4-liter petrol motor generates 167 PS of power and 222 Nm of torque. Both these motors are paired to a common CVT gearbox as standard.

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