Top Reasons to Rent a Car in Dubai

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Dubai and the rest of the UAE have a  fully developed transport infrastructure that tourists and visitors find it easy to travel between the UAE cities. However, for people who want convenience, safety, and peace of mind when renting a car in Dubai is a perfect choice. Renting a car may be expensive upfront compared to taking public transport but the long-term benefits of owning your time and convenience far outweigh the cost.


Renting a Car in Dubai


Dubai has a lot to offer as it transforms itself as the business and leisure hub of the UAE and the rest of the region. It is a gateway between Europe and Asia and millions of visitors flock to Dubai and the rest of the UAE to explore its natural beauty, marvel at the world’s tallest buildings, dine in the world’s largest restaurants and shop in the world’s largest malls.


Dubai and the rest of the UAE have also plenty to offer outside its bustling word-class cities like sprawling natural parks, idyllic towns full of history and other notable attractions like the many natural sights that dot the landscape.

Renting a car helps you to conveniently, and safely visit these numerous sights and attractions without having to worry about being late for the last bus trip home, or wasting your time in long queues for taxis every time you go out or go home after shopping in one of Dubai’s biggest malls.


The Top 5 Reasons for Renting a Car in Dubai


1. Freedom of Travel


eZhire Car Rental Blog

One of the best advantages of renting a car is the freedom to travel anywhere without having to worry about bus, train or public transportation routes. Having your own also allows you to control your time and itinerary giving you far greater convenience than regular tour groups. This also allows you to spend more time in popular sites and attractions compared to having a guided tour with other groups which tends to rush you from one place and the other.



2. More Control of Your Time


Another great advantage of renting your own vehicle in Dubai or UAE is you have greater control of your time, especially when visiting numerous sites and attractions in one day. You are able to choose which sites you want to spend more time on and which you want to have just a quick selfie picture.


3. Better Safety for the Whole Family


eZhire Rent a Car Blog

If you are traveling with family especially with kids then having your own car can considerably improve safety because you can control your road stops. This is especially helpful when you have multiple kids in tow. Renting your car especially when touring the city and other sites also helps decrease the risks in terms of safety especially for kids. You no longer have to worry about your kids getting lost on the bus or getting too unruly in public transport. You also don’t have to worry about your baggage especially when you’re bringing along baby strollers because they can be conveniently stowed in the cargo compartment of your rented car.


4. Saves you Money


Renting a car may be expensive upfront but the long term benefits of having your own car far outweigh the cost. Car rental companies like Ezhire provide flexible daily, weekly and monthly rates perfect for those looking for short term and long term rentals. If your planning into visiting a number of locations on your trip then you’ll definitely be able to save renting a car compared to taking the bus or taxi.


5. Convenience


Have the convenience of having your rental car delivered right to your doorstep. eZhire provides drop and pick-up services for your chosen vehicle for total convenience. All you need is to choose the vehicle you need and it will be delivered right to were you are staying giving you more time to enjoy your vacation. After you are done using your rental car Ezhire also has car pickup services where all you need to do is to leave your car in a designated parking lot of your choice and eZhire will take care of the rest, it is that easy.


Rent a car Dubai gives the convenience to easily visit the number of famous world-class sites in the city as well as reach attractions that are not normally visited by other tourists. Having a rental car also allows you to save time by avoiding queues in taxis, buses, and trains especially during rush hour. Many visitors often consider renting a car in Dubai because of the added convenience and safety especially those who are bringing along children.


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